This is how I help Mom knit...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

'Nuf said...
Do you like my handy work???

This is what happens when you don't come home for lunch...hee, hee, hee


30 Responses to "This is how I help Mom knit..."

umekotyan said... 6:44 AM

Ruby like a cat.
The cat makes the string confused like this. :)

from loved ume tyan

Suki & Joey said... 7:40 AM

That's right, Ruby! You show Mom who's boss around there!

Puggy kisses

Simba and Jazzi said... 8:47 AM

Thats good, but its not going to keep anyone very warm. Or is it a scarf?

Simba xx

Ben & Darling said... 8:48 AM

Good job Ruby. We dog have to teach the hooman a lesson. They need to know their responsibility !!

Asta said... 8:52 AM

Ruby, you could make millions , just call it an art performance piece, and sell it in a gallery to some gillionaire, then you can buy all the sweaters you want and not have to work at it. heheheheheh
I'd love to have you move back here, we could all go out together
smoochie kisses

Anonymous said... 8:58 AM

Good job Ruby! I like it!

Toby said... 9:03 AM

You rock Ruby!! There's no better way to show Mom who's boss!! I'm sure your Mom was very very proud of your lil project.


Jackson's J1 and J2 said... 9:34 AM

Is it finished yet, or is it a work in progress? J x

Anonymous said... 9:45 AM

Woot! Awesome job, Ruby Bleu Cube!

(that's my new nickname for you - it just kinda came out and it kinda rhymes, no?)

Anonymous said... 9:47 AM

I think you are doing a very fine job! When you are done with that, I need some new socks for this winter..........I prefer pink if you don't mind :)


Peanut said... 9:50 AM

Hmm why didn't you eat it?

Molly the Airedale said... 12:18 PM

I sure hope that wasn't a gift for you Ruby! You've ruined the surprise!

Love ya lots,

Katherine and Pippa said... 12:21 PM

That looks cool.

I can live with that.

And someone else clears it up.


L said... 12:22 PM

Haha, I'd like to picture that as a sweater of some sort...or perhaps a hat?

Anonymous said... 12:42 PM

Good Job Ruby! I love helping mom too!

Balboa said... 1:57 PM

You did an awesome job, I bet mommy was soooo proud of you.

Frenchie Snorts

Unknown said... 2:45 PM

Oh yeah... NICEEEEE! What color tommorrow?


Frasier said... 3:47 PM

Oh My Goodness Ruby....
I bet you mom was mad.Mine does not let me near her basket to avoid situations like this!!I would give anything to see your moms reaction

Anonymous said... 4:42 PM

Ruby that was very naughty of you to do that I bet mom was making you a sweater from the doggie knitting book she has, now you are going to be chilly come winter, especially if mom brings you to see me in NJ, which I think you should tell her you need to come East to meet your sister Sophia, Aunt Joey and Danny.

Love & Hugs


Luckie Girl said... 6:00 PM

Hey Ruby,
I can't quite figure out what you are trying to knit. Issit a new cap? Or a sweater? But great job with those strings.....

Joe Stains said... 7:23 PM

fantastic job there! you are the jackson pollack of the knitting world!

Lorenza said... 8:08 PM

Hi, Ruby.
Nice job, but what did your mom say about it?? Did she like it??
Have a good night

Oscar's mummy and daddy said... 1:53 AM

Woah Ruby, you really tangled up that wool, hehehe! At least if I did that I could blame it one the cat!

Oscar x

Amber-Mae said... 5:08 AM

Ruby, you did a FABOOOOOOOOLOUS job!!!! I'm proud of you...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Ferndoggle said... 5:26 AM

Nice! Are you making a sweater for yourself? You'd look lovely in green but your Mom needs to get you some pink yarn. Pink is totally your color!


Gwyn Valentine said... 5:49 AM

Are u a spider? That looks like a cobweb!

Liza said... 8:49 AM


We love dropping by your blog but mom says this post gave her the shivers and she told me never, never never to play with her yarn!! I just don't get it, I mean obviously you were assisting!!!

Have a great day - sending wet nose smooches - Dory

wally said... 2:47 PM

Good job! Sometimes we have to discipline the apes when they've been bad.


Billy (YES Casanova!!!) said... 7:39 AM

Oh my DOG that's funny! Mom wouldn't be too impressed with me if I did that:)

BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

Bella said... 6:48 AM

great work Ruby - it's art !!