My Fashion Emergency

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

OK, so I think Mom failed to distribute the memo to all my friends and family. Oh, and what memo am I talking about? Well, the one that says...
Please refrain from purchasing, making or otherwise procuring any kind of clothes for Ruby. She likes to be naked, au natural. She doesn't like to wear clothes. Save your money or if you insist on buying her something a snack, toy or collar would be acceptable.

Thank You, Management.
Now how hard is that to understand? Not hard at all. My Mom promised me that she would never make me wear clothes. In fact she has even refrained from knitting me something (and she loves to knit - that is when I let her). OK, you've seen me in a coat and a rain jacket...well I get cold in the winter and I hate to be wet so I suffer through that. So why am I bringing this up now of all times? Well, in the course of a week I got 2 outfits from individuals who shall remain nameless. Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate it and they are pretty (really they are)...I just DON'T LIKE WEARING CLOTHES!!!

OK, here is the first offender...a 'pleather', fur trimmed coat.
Doesn't it look like I have little CoCo Nut around my neck?

Do I look happy about this??? Plus it's like 7 zillion-million-trillion degrees out!

OK, so it is kinda cute and I do look good in it. Hmmm, maybe I'll wear this know, in the winter, when it's cold.

And here is the second offender...Marilyn Monroe-like, silky dress
So I don't even think Mom knew which way this should be put on!

Here's what I think of you dress!!!

OK, I'm better now...just had to get this off my chest...hey Tanner, there's my little secret...I HATE CLOTHES!!!

Note from Ruby's Mom:
Hi Everydoggie and Girl Girl...Ruby is a very lucky girl to have so many people who love her, think she is cute and want to buy her things. But no matter how many snacks or diversions she just won't go for wearing anything but the fur God gave her. She barks and whines and just runs and hides whenever I try this. Please don't think her ungrateful by any stretch of the word...she just knows what she likes and doesn't like! Oh, and it's only 97 degrees today...please excuse Little Miss Drama Queen. (Ruby: Mom - I AM NOT A DRAMA QUEEN!!!)


32 Responses to "My Fashion Emergency"

Boo Casanova said... 9:50 PM

ruby, the coco nut is not that bad what. suitable for howlloween costume. kekeke.

wet wet licks


Joe Stains said... 9:50 PM

You DID look good in that fur trim coat, really! I am against most clothes too but I have just given up and let Mom torture me.

Asta said... 10:27 PM

when someone looks as good naked as you do,I, Asta say, why cover such booty....and clothe in 97 degwees...geez even my Mommi dwouldn't wear anything, and twust me , you don't want to see that
smoochie kisses

Unknown said... 11:35 PM

Ok Ok Ok Miss Ruby Bleu... you are NOT a DRAMA QUEEN, but you gotta admit though, royalty like you should always have at least one CoCo-Nut pleater jacket!!! Very cute Ruby.


Ume said... 12:09 AM

dat coconut, erm, i meant the fur trimmed coat looks gorgeous on u, Ruby!
but i'm with u on the monroe dress.

Simba and Jazzi said... 12:43 AM

Well after the coat I can't say I blame you.

Simba xx

Toby said... 12:59 AM

OMD, the marilyn dress is SO funny!! I was secretly hoping you would have put it on for a snapshot...but I guess not.

The jacket looks very nice on you. Yes, I know you hate clothes. (I hate clothes too). But Mom doesn't seem to "get" it like how your mom "gets" it. Maybe you should get your mom to talk to mine. I think mine is not too bright.

Um, did you end up eating the dress?


Girl Girl Hamster said... 2:08 AM

Oh Ruby.. but you look really cute in those clothes.. But the fur made you itchy?

~ girl girl

Oscar's mummy and daddy said... 2:34 AM

You look so happy Ruby, hehehe! I don't mind my hoodie top and my bandannas too much. I am obviously a bit odd!

Oscar x

Duke said... 2:44 AM

I personally think you look very sophisticated in your stylish leather coat! I wish you would have modeled the dress for us but I totally understand about just not feeling right in it!

Love ya lots,

Amber-Mae said... 3:48 AM

Wow, you got to wear fur??? That's cool but I'd probably attack it & pull out all the fur if it was on me coz it looks like a kitty cat to me, heeeheee... Evil me! You look good in it by the way & I pitty you coz you had to wear it on a hot day. Tsk-tsk-tsk, hoomans!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Katherine and Pippa said... 4:26 AM

I'd never seen any dogs wearing clothes until I started blogging.

Dogs round here are lucky if they get a collar.

Stick to your guns Ruby.


Ferndoggle said... 5:56 AM

I'm with you Ruby. I !!!HATE!!! wearing clothes too. I just lay down & refuse to move.

But I'm old, furry & a big boned. I don't need anything else to keep me warm.


umekotyan said... 6:03 AM

Clothes are suited well. As if, the coconut is managed. It is a unique dog.

from loved ume tyan

Balboa said... 6:15 AM

I hear you, I ONLY like to wear two jackets. One is my hoodie and the other is made to fit my handsome frenchie body. hee hee

It;s better to run around naked! Humans are jealous they can't do that.

Frenchie Snorts

Frasier said... 7:32 AM

You had my mommy rolling in laughter at the look on your face.I agree with you I hate clothes....if God meant us to wear clothes none of us would have fur on !

Billy (YES Casanova!!!) said... 7:37 AM

I liked that little coat on you, but personally, I don't like wearing things but mom insists that I'm cold in the winter when we go for our walks and the DREADED sweaters come out!! I did do a blog on this and I told every one how I felt about this...

But mom still looks at clothes for me when she's out shopping...what does SHE not get??

BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

Gwyn Valentine said... 7:47 AM

Well, i have to admit you look really chic in the jacket. I hope that is not real fur though...
I've got two tank tops. Sometimes to amuse my friends, sometimes to keep me warm in the airconditioned room.

Anonymous said... 8:44 AM


Tadpole said... 8:46 AM

I hate to say it Ruby, but you look really good in that jacket.... The last picture of you wearing it is another Hepburn-esque photo!

That wedding dress, on the other hand, hmmm.... I personally would have chewed it up too.

wally said... 8:53 AM

I understand your feelings. With a coat that beautiful (ie, your NATURAL coat) why would you want to cover it up? I'm ok with t-shirts but THAT'S IT. My sissy is a no-go on the clothing front. I think the apes just want to make us like them. I don't know WHY given our vast superiority.


Duke and Gidget said... 9:56 AM

Yeah, we hate clothes too, but sometimes you gotta make some scrifices to keep the ones who feed us happy. But you do look very pretty in your coat.

~Pug Hugs~

Jake of Florida said... 10:04 AM

Hello Ruby,

Gee whiz, we never spoke with a Boston Terrier before but you are definitely a cutie.

We always wear harnesses (our day-to-day "clothes" and sometimes have to wear bandanas and hats. Also, Mom bought us yellow slickers for the rainy season -- but other than that we like to go au natural!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Jake and Just Harry

Gus said... 10:18 AM

Ruby, I am on your side on the clothing thing, but I think Teka kind of likes stuff like that. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I will be a regular!

Anonymous said... 11:30 AM

Oh Ruby... I am right there with you sister... I like to be the way god intended - NO clothes, just my double coat of fur!!! I loved the not so happy face you made in the pictures of the fur jacket!

Anonymous said... 12:16 PM

I knew one of the Bostons would eventually get little Coco!!!

(hee hee!)

Peanut said... 12:47 PM

That coat will work well this fall what with the fur trim and all. Hmm I think the dress would have looked nice on you but what can you do if you don't want to wear it.

Unknown said... 12:54 PM

The only thing I like on you is Chanel No. 5 and red nail polish.

Au naturale, Baby.

Licks and Humps,


Lorenza said... 2:55 PM

Hi, Ruby.
Seems like I am the only one who like clothes! I start thinking that I am the weird one of the DWB!
Maybe you don't like it, but you have to admit that you look gorgeous with that jacket!

Sir Chance-Lot said... 4:30 PM

Well I have to bark that I 100% agree with you Ruby...clothes are not for me either, though I have been known to sport a hat once in while..hehe

Luckie Girl said... 6:36 PM

Hey Ruby,
I feel for you cos I don't really "get" what's up with clothes too. I just bear with them but most of the time, I try to bite them off. I actually did suceed in removing a t shirt on my own!
PS : That said and done, I think you look great in that fur trimmed coat.

Jackson's J1 and J2 said... 12:17 PM

Hey Ruby, you don't need clothes cos you look supercute without them! J x