Stop! Police!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

How is it that Mom sees The Police and I get sent to prison???

We woke up Wednesday morning just like normal...except Mom didn't go to work. So you know what I was thinking...PARK TIME!!! But nope, no park...we did get in the car and start like we were going to the park, but kept on driving...until we got to this place called the Wag Hotel (aka prison).

And she just left me there! Can you believe that? Gone! Poof! Out the door she goes! The nerve of her! Oh and what did she do??? She went to see this Bumblebee guy...

Ruby's Mom: Honey, that's Sting!

OK, Sting...whatever, you left me woman!!! Anyhowl, She went and saw Sting and the other Policemen...

So she goes to see the Policemen playing their music and because she was going to be out partying ALL NIGHT she leaves me at this prison place overnight!!! I was supposed to be waiting at home by my computer to get an update on my dear friend Suki! Suki needed me! I didn't even know until this morning that she was ok! I was so worried! (Ruby's Mom: Stop being a Drama Queen...they said you had fun there!!!)

Alright, so maybe it was a little fun...I had my own pretty room with this really nice bed (which I didn't eat) and they played music for me. I also got to go to two (count 'em TWO) playgroups and everyone was really, really nice to me. Oh and I had a bath that I actually didn't mind (can you believe it!). The bath had these little hydrojetty things and they felt really good. OK, so maybe it was more than a little fun, it was a lot of fun. And ok, I'll go back again if I have to. But don't tell my Mom that...she needs to understand she shouldn't be able to have any fun without me! Ever!


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Anonymous said... 2:46 PM

Oh MYYYYYY, Ruby. She abandoned you. Without a second thought. What a MEAN mommy. *sigh*

On the bright side, at least it wasn't a pee-pee hotel. I stayed at one of those. We had to pee in our cages and sleep in it because they didn't take care of us.

Anonymous said... 3:15 PM

Ruby it sounds like a nice place and Mom is entitled to a night out without you, she adores Sting and always has see she was young teeny weeny.



Unknown said... 3:35 PM

I checked out the link to WAG Hotels, your Luxury SPA day sounded like fun. Did you meet any new friends?

I went to the same concert as your Mom last night, but I didn't see her (I might have heard her sing though). There were all lot of humans singing,dancing and jumping up and down.

Next time...maybe she'll take you

Stay cool in the heat-


Duke said... 3:53 PM

I think it's so unfair that you didn't get to go to the Sting concert too Ruby! Maybe next time!

Love ya lots,

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said... 3:56 PM

G'day Ruby,

My mum says she wemembers when Sting was young!

xxx Asta down under

Emily and Ike said... 4:36 PM

Sounds like it's better than being left alone in a hotel room like me. Ike

wally said... 5:00 PM

Oh my dog! Did you have to post bail? Did they handcuff her? If they did, did she enjoy it! Ha!


Lizzy said... 5:31 PM

That must have been awful, being dropped off at prison! Don't worry, I won't tell anyone you liked it. ;)


Lorenza said... 6:12 PM

Hi, Ruby.
I don't think it looks like a jail!
I am sure you enjoyed being there a lot! OK, I won't tell your mom that you liked it!
I hope your mom had great time at that concert!
Have a good night

Stanley said... 6:30 PM


Get off it! You know you totally loved your spa package! Stop being a drama pup and cut your mama some slack, girl!

Those Police, from what my girl says, are really loud for a bunch of old farts! You wouldn't have like it much. Trust me.

RUUUUUBY! At least you didn't have to turn on the red light... or walk the streets for money... you wouldn't care if it's wrong or if it's right! (If you don't get this last paragraph, ask your mama. She will).

Sorry for grouching at you, Roob (but you gotta try to understand the hoomans). I love ya like only a goob can,

Peanut said... 6:36 PM

Oh man Ruby that is awful. But my mom just told me she would put me in doggie prison to see sting and the other policemen too. What is wrong with these humans?

Boo Casanova said... 6:49 PM

oh ruby, at first i wanna ask why don't your mama let you at home while she went to the concert. oh, she was out pawting all night huh. glad you had fun at the wag hotels tho.

wet wet licks


Joe Stains said... 8:12 PM

Ruby that sounds SO totally fun! Mom likes those police too, especially the drummer!

Asta said... 10:08 PM

Firstest I was feeling soo sowwy for you, poor little ruby left in jail, while Mommi get to go to the PliceWOW super unfair..then I keep weading and find out you went to a fabulous SPA
geez Ruby, only big time movie stars and twust fund kids usually get to go to those places...are you like super rich??I wanna go there too ..we could pway and get massages and belly rubs and order in dwinks and cookies. Sigh I'm dweaming
smoochie kisses

coco said... 11:26 PM

I'm sure you barked and howled and sang beautifully while she was gone. Much better than that policeman. And your mom missed it. Tsk tsk. ;)

Simba and Jazzi said... 1:17 AM

That doesn't sound like prison. Unless your name is Paris Hilton, then yer. My Mummy use to have a huge crush on sting long time ago. She's so old.

Simba xx

Oscar's mummy and daddy said... 1:45 AM

Your hotel looks really nice. I still think mum should have stayed there with you instead of seeing Mr Waspy man though.

Oscar x

Girl Girl Hamster said... 1:57 AM

Woh, your mum sure had fun at the concert. :)

~ girl girl

Amber-Mae said... 3:30 AM

Oh no, another abandon case here doggies! What's going on with our hoomans nowadays??? You're like the fourth dog so far to being abandoned by your hoomans. Tsk-tsk-tsk! We should abandon our hoomnas too one day. See how they feel! Ahahahahahaha! *grins evilly*

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Ferndoggle said... 5:16 AM

Ruby, your Spa Day had to be more fun than going to see some old guy and his friends work through their mid-life crisis!! They're like 942 in dog years! How fun could they possibly be???

(whose Mom is TOTALLY jealous because she would LOVE to see those old guys sing Don't Stand So Close To Me!)

Gwyn Valentine said... 5:55 AM

I will be really mad at my mum if she leaves me alone. But Mummy told me Sting is AWESOME and she lovesssssssss his songs. So Mummy said if she ever leave me for awhile to see Sting, i must understand.

UNDERSTAND? Seriously...


umekotyan said... 6:11 AM

Was it able to enjoy a wonderful concert?
I want also to go in it. :)

from loved ume tyan

Ume said... 6:14 AM

oh wow! Wag Hotel sounds great, Ruby! now dat your Mom found this fab place for u, is she gonna send u there more often?

Duke and Gidget said... 8:54 AM

That sounds like a nice place you stayed Ruby, but we still think your Mom should have taken you with her to the concert. We're sure our parents would take us with them if the went to a concert.....wouldn't they?

Sophie Brador said... 10:13 AM

That hotel sounds like heaven. Way better than what your mom did. Who wants to listen to policemen sing. All those guys ever do is give out tickets for being off=leash. Jerks!

Suki & Joey said... 11:06 AM

What a cool hotel, Ruby! I would LOVE to go to a place like that. I even love baths, so it sounds perfect.

Did you get into the mini-bar? I hear those things are expensive, but worth it! Hehehe :)

I'm glad your Mom had fun. Sometimes we all need a little time apart to know how much we need each other, right?

Puggy kisses
P.S. Your pressie went out today! I hope you like all the stuff I picked out for you :)

Tadpole said... 12:38 PM

Hmm.... a prison place doesn't sound very nice, but on the other hand... policemen around here just want to fine me for singing too loud when my girl's at work, so it's a toss up. You probably got the better end of the stick in the long run.

Unknown said... 3:26 PM

Oh man... what a rough life you there Ruby!! Next time, I will take your place :)


Juno said... 5:15 PM

Ruby, you stayed at Wag Hotel?? My mom checked this place out before her NYC trip back in January but this hotel is way too far from here!!

It's Friday. Maybe you spend lots of time with your mom??

Momo xoxo

Suki & Joey said... 5:22 PM

Oh, and your nana visited my blog! How cool! She said she wants a pug. That makes me so happy :) I bet she'll love having a pug - we rock. Hehehe!

Puggy kisses

Anonymous said... 5:25 PM

umm.. you should have been allowed to go with your mom!!! However, the Wag Hotel sounds fun...