Awards and Angry Ears

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"You like me, you really like me!"

Sally Field, Academy Awards - 1985
Ruby Bleu, @Home - 2007

Wow! Thank you pups!!! What an honor to be Featured Blog for August and to share it with my beautiful doxie pal Luckie (Congrats - Luckie)! I had totally forgotten about the contest this weekend until Opy sent me a pee-mail! This is so exciting!!! Thanks to everyone who voted for me and for my buddies Nanook and Pooka for nominating me. Also - Congrats to Gussie for winning Awesome Blog and to Ronin for Photo of the Month - Woot!!!

Now on to something a little less pleasant...I have an ANGRY EAR!!! (Ruby's Mom: Ruby has an ear infection). It is all red and hurts and makes me shake my head a lot. Luckily I don't have the yeasties like Suki I still feel all clean and fresh but still this is SO not fun. Every night I have to get these..
Yes, this meant I had to go to the vet. I got to see Dr. Rebecca this time...she's very nice and fortunately I didn't get that thing stuck up my butt. But they did poke something in my ear and that's how they could tell it was ANGRY. So 7 days of this! YUCK!!!! (Ruby's Mom: 7 days of drops which trust me, hurt me more than they hurt you! Ruby: Oh, Mom!!!). Fortunately, I'm not shaking my head as much anymore, so I think it is getting better. I think that is how my Mom figured out I had an ANGRY EAR...I kept shaking my head. Actually, I think she was concerned I would shake so hard my brains would fall out...silly Mom, my brains are much too BIG to do that!!!
Can you see my right ear is a little droopy and not as perky as normal??? Can you? That's because my ear is ANGRY! Yeah, I know I have kinda floppy ears to begin with, but this is just not normal floppy!!!

New girl on the blog...

Monday, July 30, 2007

As tough as it has been for all of us the last few days, I wouldn't want Opy to get gruff with me! One of the greatest things about the DWB family is making new friends and that is what I will do today!

Allow me to introduce you to Oreo!!! She's new to DWB and I thought we should all give her a warm DWB welcome...

Oreo lives in Florida and loves her ice cream, toys, and back scratches. Oh Oreo, you are going to fit in with this crazy crew no problem! Everydoggie...make sure you go stop by and say hi!

Good Bye Sweet Friend...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

There are no words to describe how sad I am today to learn that my UK aire-pal Oscar has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. He was such a happy boy and brought lots of joy to everyone around him...especially his Mum and Dad. Oscar was one of the first DWB bloggers to become my friend and I will never forget it. I could always count on that witty Brit-dog humor to brighten up my day. Oscar you were a good pal and I'll never forget you. I know my Mom's aire-boy, A.D., from when she was a pup will take good care of you!

Thinking good thoughts for Oscar

Friday, July 27, 2007

UPDATE: I can't even find the words...but Oscar has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. His Mum and Dad just posted an update. I'm going to miss him so poor Mom is just beside herself right now. I'm going to go cuddle up with her...Ruby

I just got back from reading Oscar's blog and the poor guy is in the hospital!!! He's got a bum tummy and a had a horrible (for his Mum especially) scare with some meanie dogs. Swing by his blog to get all the details, his Mum Katy wrote all about it.

I'm thinking good thoughts and crossing my paws for you buddy! Get well soon!!!
Lots of Licks, Ruby

Ice Cream!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

OK, I'm so I think I'm over my 'moment' from the other day - thank you everypup for letting me know I don't need to be puporexic to be beautiful. Take that Auntie Yvette!!! (OK, just kidding Auntie Yvette...I still love you!!!)

To celebrate I had....

Oh, and not just any ice cream or frosty paws. We're talking the fancy-smancy kind of ice cream Bella the Boxer barked about...that gelato stuff.

What's this you say???

Stop teasing me woman!!!

OMdOG this is delicious! Hey, isn't that Stephen Colbert on the TV...I think it is!!! Colbert in '08 Woot!

Crazy eyes for Ice Cream!!!!

Finishing it off - Yummo!!!

And what's more, it was for a good cause. I'm down with that! It's for the Airechicks photo contest to raise money for the Airedale Rescue of North Texas. There's still time to enter which of course requires eating LOTS of ice cream!! Whoot! So glad I'm over that weight thing! Hey, when the contest is over does this still mean I can have more????

Today is the last day to vote for the DWB Awesome Blog Award and Photo Contest. Yep, I'm nominated along with some of the bestest pups go vote!!! And if you voted for me - LOTS OF LICKS & Thanks!!!

Do I look fat to you?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

OK, be careful before you answer that...

So last Friday my Auntie Yvette came to dinner to have some of that yummy chicken paw-me-some from Balboa's Momma. Apparently it is very delicious, but I haven't tried any so I can't be sure. Anyhowl, here's what happened...

Ruby: Auntie Yvette, Auntie Yvette...I'm so happy you are here. I love you, I love you, I love you. *kiss, kiss, kiss* Please pick me up...
Auntie Yvette: Whoa...girlie you are heavy!

Can you believe that? Me, the running-jumping-never stop moving Ruby is heavy. Has my Mom been lying to me saying 'I'm all muscle'. What will Dr. Marcia say when I go visit her for my check up? Will I need to go on a diet?
OMDog --- I'm having a moment!!!

Let's here it for the toys...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Have you pups heard about this? There was this little teeny-tiny Chihuahua named Zoey who saved its people pup from a rattlesnake!!! I don't know if I'd be that brave...
Little Zoey was bitten by the snake and they thought she wouldn't make it...but she's better now. Woo Hoo!!! Let's hear it for Zoey!!! Woot!!!


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Thanks everydoggie for the warm wishes for my sister Sophia's barkday! I barked to my Nanny and she said Sophia had a great day! Woo Hoo!!!

This weekend was a wacky one...not necessarily a good wacky either. First off instead of going to the park like we normally do on Saturday I got dropped at that Wag Hotel place!!! So I wondered if my Mom was going to see that Bumblebee guy again, but nope. Not this time. She had to go to San Francisco to a wedding. My friend Remmy's dad was getting married and my Mom was invited. I guess it was a wild party and she was out really late so that's why I got stuck at the Wag again. It was ok. Here's what they said about me... (click to make it bigger so you can read it)

I think a few things bear some explanation...for instance, they said I had a small appetite. This worried my Mom a bit. But I was never know who you are going to meet at the Wag and I didn't want to look like a chow-hound, you know. Next, they said I had 'Medium-Energy'...they really must be mistaken on this because never in my life have I been of medium ANYTHING. Very strange.

I did get a special walkie before I went to bed...that was nice and I made 2 new friends...Max and Bailey. We hung out during the playgroups. It was an ok time, but I much prefer spending my Saturday at the park with Joey and Remmy.

So that was my Saturday now on Sunday I was expecting my Mom to be all 'Ruby, I'm so sorry for leaving's something special'...but I was abandoned for this guy...
Yep, while Mom was gone she got this book and so the second we got home she was parked herself on the couch (in my special corner no less) and started to read. And she just read and read and read and read...and she's still reading!!! Apparently this is a HUGE problem for Stanny and Bruin too. This must be stopped!!! Who else is dealing with this?

On a pawsitive note, something that was absolutely PAWSOME was this special surprise from Sir Chance-Lot and his Mom, Hanne...
Isn't it bootiful??? It's called 'Liquid Ice'. I think it's the bestest. You can get really cool stuff with this picture as well as all our other bloggy friends at Chance's Mom's Pressie Store. You should totally check it's really cool.

And last but not least I was nominated for DWB's Awesome Blog Award!!! I'm really excited to be nominated!!! Nanook and Pooka nominated me - thanks boys! They are nominated too! It's some pretty stiff competition this month (actually every month!!!) so it's important to go vote, ok? OK, I'm off to work on my entry for the 'Nook & Pook Challenge'. Don't forget, the contest ends on Wednesday so get going!!!

Happy Barkday Sis!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Today is my fur-sister Sophia's 2nd Barkday!!! Sophia, you may recall, lives with my Auntie Joey and Cousin Danny in New Jersey. Sophia and I have the same fur-parents!!! Today Sophia is spending the day with our Nanny and going to the spa!!! What a lucky girl!!!

Hey Sis...
I hope you have a great day and a VERY
special prezzie is in the mail to you!

I love you!!!

bd sophia

Another Award...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm just ranking 'em and the Sopranos! Guess what I got today from my Airegirl friend Maggie...yep another award. This time it is the Awesome Dog Blogger. Charlie's dad was very clever and created it...I think this is my favoritest award so far because it's only for us doggins (Sorry Tia and GirlGirl)!!!

So I'm passing it on to...
Suki of course, my BFF. We need to stick together and do everything the same. That's just the way it is!

Opy - well, because she is the original GruffPuppy AND Big Charlie didn't want to give her one and she really deserves it.

Butch & Snickers because the are wirey and wonderful AND it is almost Snickers barkday!

Penny (and Sherman & Lola too, but only if Penny is ok with it) She is cute and funny and a great blogger. Plus, she's feeling a little low today and I thought this might cheer her up

Sir Chance-Lot - I always learn so much when I visit his site. I love all the wonderful pictures of us doggins too - they are the bestest!!!

So congrats you pups! You all are really awesome dog bloggers!!! Go ahead, and pass it on!!!

Reading is Fun'and'Mental

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

So one of my favorite airegirls, Maggie, tagged me today to tell you all about my favoritest books. Now since I'm still kinda a young doggin, I haven't done a lot of reading so I've asked my Mom to help me come up with a list of our 5 favoritest books. So here we go, Mom, hey, get over here...I need your help...puhlessseeee...

Hi Everydoggie & GirlGil, Michele here, here's the list of our top 5 favorite no particular order...

1 - Anything Harry Potter by JK Rowling
So that would actually count as 6 books(7 on Saturday - Yay!) but I'll just list as a single topic. I have just loved sinking into these books and being whisked away to Hogwarts and everything magical. I'm really going to miss Harry and the crew!

Ruby: Who's this Hairy guy? All I keep hearing about is Hairy, Hairy, Hairy...go to the groomers already if he's so Hairy!
Ruby's Mom:'s Harry not Hairy!
Ruby: What's so great about this guy? I hear no mention about any dogs and no dogs = no good!
Ruby's Mom: Well, there aren't any main characters that were dogs, but there is a dog named Fang and also a 3-headed dog named Fluffy!
Ruby: OK, that's so not real! There's no such this as a 3-headed dog! Silly hooman! What else do you have?

2 - Marley & Me by John Grogan
Great story about a very crazy lab. Story reminded me of my early trials & tribulations with Ruby.

Ruby: Hey, Marley kinda looks like Bob, doesn't he? And what trials & tri-blue-ate-tons???
Ruby's Mom: Well, yes, he does look like Bob and let's just say you were a bit of a handful when I first got you and so was this dog.
Ruby: Well, I, uh, I just don't know what to say to that? I'm offended!!!! We're in a fight now Mom - talking to me...I'm so hurt!
Ruby's Mom: Ruby!
Ruby: Talk to the paw!

3 - Kane & Abel by Jeffrey Archer
I read this so long ago, but I come back to it every few years. It's just a wonderful sweeping story. A great summer read.

Ruby: Sounds kinda boring if you ask me...
Ruby's Mom: I thought we were in a fight?
Ruby: I changed my mind.
Ruby's Mom: It's a great book, but I guess you are just too little to understand.
Ruby: I am not! It's just boring and again, doesn't sound like there are any doggins involved so I'll pass. And I am not too little! OK, back to being in a fight - 15 minutes - no talking.
Ruby's Mom: You were the one who asked for some help on this.
Ruby: Talk to the paw!

4 - Sense & Sensibility by Jane Austen
I love anything Jane Austen, but this one is my favorite. I just love all the crazy entanglements and the movie wasn't so bad either.

Ruby's Mom: What, nothing to say about this one?
Ruby: Are you talking to me? Did I hear something?
Ruby's Mom: OK, moving on.

5 -The Only Dog Tricks Book You'll Ever Need: Impress Friends, Family--and Other Dogs! by Gerilyn J. Bielakiewicz
OK, maybe not one of my favorites, but this was a great book in helping me do some trick training with Ruby. Remember her it from this book. Things are really explained clearly and made learning fun. It was a good bonding book for me and Ruby.

Ruby: Oh, I liked this book.
Ruby's Mom: Why?
Ruby: Because every time you looked at it and we started working, I got snackies!
Ruby's Mom: Oh I see, it's all about the snackies!
Ruby: Of course it is! That and spending time with you!
Ruby's Mom: Does this mean we aren't in a fight anymore.
Ruby: No more fight...can I have a snackie?

I have tons more books I love that I could go on and on, but I'll leave it at this. And remember, Reading is Fundamental! I'll turn this back over to Ruby now...

OK, Ruby here. Thanks Mom for your help and for the snackie. I think I'll tag Suki, Balboa, my Stanny , Sitka, and Marvin...what are you and your hoomans 5 favoritest books?

Summer-ific Snackie

Monday, July 16, 2007

So guess what I had today???? Come on, be creative...look at that can do it...

Yep...I had Wallymelon!!!

Ruby's Mom: Honey, that's watermelon.
Ruby: But I like to call it Wallymelon, ok? Deal with it!

Ruby's Mom: You do know it isn't really made from Wally, right?
Ruby: Duh, of course I know it's not made from Wally, why would I want to eat Wally anyway? Silly woman!

Yep, the delicious summertime treat of Wallymelon! It is the yummiest thing in the world...
And you know what else? Thanks to Dave of the AO4, my Mom even shared with me the Wallymelon slushie she made for herself at lunch today! Today was just a Wallymelon-eriffic kinda day!!! Woo hoo!!!


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Eat, Park, Bath, Nap, Eat, Sleep, Eat, Park, Bath, Nap, Eat, Blog, and Torture.

That was my weekend. OK, there was some extra stuff in there like pee-peeing and pooping and some walking, but you get the idea.

Saturday was our monthly BT meeting. I'm not sure how many doggies were there, but there was a whole lotta Boston love going on...oh and mud. And when I say mud, I'm not talking just a little bit of mud I'm talking LOTS OF MUD!!! Now for me, that is a little slice of heaven but for my Mom and the other hoomans, they were less than amused. Here's what I'm talking about...

Now THAT'S a lotta mud. It was wonderful...and to think silly hoomans pay hundreds of dollars to get mud baths. All they need to do is go to the doggie park! As I said the hoomans weren't happy about all the mud (especially my Mom). I guess this park (not the one we usually go to) has major drainage problems. The ENTIRE park was like the pictures. Unfortunately, my Mom said we wouldn't be going back to this park anytime too soon. Mean Mommy!!!

When we got home I had to get a bath. I'm still not a huge fan of baths, but they aren't so bad anymore and my Mom got this very yummy smelling shampoop (Ruby's Mom: Ruby it's shampoo, not shampoop. Ruby: I like shampoop better - hee, hee, hee!) And then I did a whole lotta this...

I was sooooo tired after the park. Lots of running, lots of fetch! Mom was really happy about this because she got to work on her knitting project which believe it or not, she actually did finish!!! Luckie, I guess we were both wrong about her finishing. (Ruby's Mom: Gee thanks girls!)

So Sunday was pretty much the same, except no mud. Oh and I made a new friend! Another BT, her name was Henry (short for Henreitta) and she was such a cutie. And she was brown too...just like Ike and my other friend Joey. I'll try and post pictures of her next time we see her.

One thing that wasn't very fun today was this...the torture...

Don't get me wrong...this IS a cute sweater. And it was a prezzie from my BFF Suki, oh and Suki has one just like it so we could be twinnies...but it was 88 millibilliquaddrillie zillion degrees out. So I wouldn't let Mom put it on me all the way. I gave her the crazy eyes...

And she finally took it off! Neener, neener, neener Mom!!! Hey Suki, when it gets cooler out I promise to model it better, ok?

So that was my weekend...I hope all you pups had fun this weekend. Oh, one last REALLY important thing! Go check out Sir Chance-lot's Mom's store!!! It is so cool and guess who has her own line of stuff you can buy...can you guess? Come on...yep, that's right...ME!!! Thanks Chance & Hanne I am so honored. The store looks great! Oh and there's lots more stuff up there things with Joe and Nanook & Pooka and Butchy & Snickers and Fee and lots more!!! So get that magical plastic card from your hoomans and go shopping!!!

Randomness Friday...

Friday, July 13, 2007

Hi Everydoggie & Girl Girl...

Happy Friday the 13th...I hope nothing evil is happening to any pup!!!

I'm really looking forward to the weekend! What a week...Mom worked entirely too much and than came home and what did she do? Knit. That's it. Hardly any playing, just knitting. She's trying to finish something for a wedding next week...somehow I don't think she's going to do it, but I'll let her live in her little fantasy world a few more days.

Anyhowl, just some random things for this fine Friday...

OK, I wasn't tagged by anyone to show my smile...but that's OK because I'll just tag myself. I hardly ever smile in pictures...not really sure why, maybe it's my little crooked teethies. But last night for some reason I decided to show my pearly whites...

Not to bad for a girl who doesn't smile. I know a bunch of you have already been tagged so I won't tag anyone else...but be a free spirit like me and just post a smile picture, ok?

I've seen this a few blogs (most recently on Sitka's) that you can plug in a name or word and than get a random advertising slogan. Here are mine:

1. Ruby - The appetizer! an appetizer. Nu Uh...I will gladly eat appetizers, but I will not be one thank you very much!

2. I'm a secret Ruby drinker.
What's with all the food and drinks? I am not a food or a drink. Deal with it.

3. The Real Smell of Ruby.
Now we're talking. I won't go into details of my smell, but it is wonderful...especially after a nice romp at the park and rolling in who knows what. Unfortunately my Mom for some reason doesn't appreciate the Real Smell of Ruby. I wonder why????

4. Gee, Your Ruby Smells Terrific.
This is true, see above. According to my Mom this is only when I come home from my visit with Tanya at PetsMart, and only for about an hour. Whatever.

5. The Sweet You Can't Eat Without Ruby.
That's what I always say! NOTHING can be eaten without me. Try as she will to sneak something without me seeing it...but there will be no eating of the salty or the sweet without the Ruby, got it Mom!

I figured I'd get on the bandwagon with Nanook, Wally, Tadpole and Joe and share a Google search or two that lead people to my site. I don't think they are as funny as what I've seen on Nanook's site...but here goes:

1. Eye Fetch
Now I love a good game of fetch, really I do, but with an eye? And whose eye would that be, certainly not mine. Ewww!!!

2. Because you loved ├╣me
Wasn't that a Celine Dion song? Personally, not a fan. But I do love Ume & Ume-Tyan. Maybe that's it.

3. Mutt Cookies
I like cookies, actually love is more like it. In fact, all kinds of cookies, but I don't think I'll be eating anything made from a mutt. That's cannibalism, isn't it?

OK, I think that's about it for today...tomorrow is my monthly BT hopefully I'll have some pictures to post after that, and I'm sure some stories to tell. Oh and don't forget about Nook and Pook's contest! I've got an idea, but I'll need some mo-dales? Any airefriends that are interested please let me know!
And Stanny, you don't have a choice!

I've been had...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Duped. Tricked. Fooled. Bamboozled. Misled. Outfoxed. Outdogged and Outcatted.

Why you ask...well tonight Mom came home with a surprise. She said...

Ruby's Mom: Ruby, I have a surprise for you!
Ruby: You do! Woo Hoo...what is it? Huh, come on, show me...
Ruby's Mom: It's corn!
Ruby: Corn?
Ruby's Mom: Yep, corn!

So I started thinking...corn...
Corn like this?
Or corn like this?

You see a long time ago my Mom stopped giving me stuff (aka my kibble) with corn in it because she said it made me crazy. (Ruby's Mom: Corn = Sugar = Crazy Ruby! Ruby: Thanks for that odd math lesson Mom)

Anyhowl, imagine my surprise when all of a sudden she said I'm getting some corn. But instead of this corn...I get this corn...

This doesn't smell anything like corn! *Snif, snif, snif*...I know that smell, what is it, um it's *snif*...B*A*C*O*N!!!! OMdOG it's bacon corn...this smells wonderful. Let me try it out...
Ahhhh...a nice smokey bacony corny flavor all rolled into one. Hey wait a minute, this looks familiar...where have I seen this before...
That's right, Joe! That's his special corn. The one he hides from Tanner with...oh,, Mom...did you take Joe's corn? Oh, he won't like's bad enough Tanner takes it. What's that's MY corn. Yay, my very own smokey bacony cornycob that I can have all to myself??? Yipee!!! OK, sometimes it's ok to be fooled by an imitation.

I love my corn...

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