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Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm just ranking 'em and the Sopranos! Guess what I got today from my Airegirl friend Maggie...yep another award. This time it is the Awesome Dog Blogger. Charlie's dad was very clever and created it...I think this is my favoritest award so far because it's only for us doggins (Sorry Tia and GirlGirl)!!!

So I'm passing it on to...
Suki of course, my BFF. We need to stick together and do everything the same. That's just the way it is!

Opy - well, because she is the original GruffPuppy AND Big Charlie didn't want to give her one and she really deserves it.

Butch & Snickers because the are wirey and wonderful AND it is almost Snickers barkday!

Penny (and Sherman & Lola too, but only if Penny is ok with it) She is cute and funny and a great blogger. Plus, she's feeling a little low today and I thought this might cheer her up

Sir Chance-Lot - I always learn so much when I visit his site. I love all the wonderful pictures of us doggins too - they are the bestest!!!

So congrats you pups! You all are really awesome dog bloggers!!! Go ahead, and pass it on!!!


27 Responses to "Another Award..."

Emily and Ike said... 5:39 PM

This is so boring, but my mom wants me to ask you to ask your mom if she's ever seen the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice because she said it's awesome. I just thought it was really, really long.
Congrats on the award!

Emily and Ike said... 5:42 PM

Hey Ruby - Ike's mom here - I just read your comment to BT. Are you flirting with him????

Frasier said... 6:39 PM

You deserve this award ,Ruby.
You are pawsome

Ferndoggle said... 7:04 PM

Ruby, you totally cheered me up!! I am NOT sharing this with Lola & Sherman...I have to share enough with them.

Lola is always telling me how FABULOUS you I know that little crazy white dog is RIGHT!!

Thanks for making my day!


Lizzy said... 7:22 PM

Wow, we bloggin' dogs really ROCK!

Lorenza said... 7:31 PM

Hi, Ruby.
Congratulations, you deserve it!
Take care

Suki & Joey said... 7:44 PM

Thanks, Ruby! You're the bestest EVER and I'm so glad you're my best friend :)

From one rockin' dog blogger to another...
Puggy kisses

Sir Chance-Lot said... 9:08 PM

Awww Thank Ruby~You are so awesome!!!

Stanley said... 9:11 PM

Ruby Buggins!

I just heard about this award from Putter and now two of my best girlpups are winners! Congratulations.

Couldn't help but over-read some of the comments by Ike. I'm afraid to even say this, but my girl owns the A&E version of Pride & Prejudice, and one of her English friends used to live across the street from Mr. Darcy in London (a few years ago). My girl is a bit of a fanatic!

Also, who is this BT? Ahhh. Now I see. You have a link to him on your page, well, I'll just go check out who you may have been flirting with. (No judgment from me - I'm just trying to stay "aware" of all your dogs!)

Extra goober lovin' to you,
Your Stanny

Kevin said... 9:29 PM

wow! more awards!

I want one tooooo!


Cairo The Boxer said... 11:25 PM

You are so nice to pass along the award!

Amber-Mae said... 12:06 AM

Oh, you definitely deserve it Ruby!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Oscar's mummy and daddy said... 1:31 AM

Wow, you're really racking up those awards girlie! Well deserved though!

Oscar x

Simba and Jazzi said... 2:06 AM

I love getting awards. This one is really cool.

Simba xx

Girl Girl Hamster said... 2:07 AM

That's a cool award you got Ruby. :)

~ girl girl

Molly the Airedale said... 2:57 AM

If anyone deserves this award, you do Ruby! You're one hard workin' doggy blogger!

Love ya lots,

umekotyan said... 5:57 AM

The processes are happier than prizes.
However, I want the prize. :)

Have a pleasant weekend.

from loved ume tyan

Lenny said... 6:18 AM

Hi Ruby! Nice to meet you and thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog is a lot of fun!

Your new friend, Lenny

Balboa said... 9:15 AM

I can't believe mommy didn't give you any chicken parm, doesn't she know doggies are supposed to get the first bite??!!??!!

Frenchie Snorts

MJ's doghouse said... 10:20 AM

wow you really are a rockin do there ....i have never come across your blog..but today i noticed your name on alot of faves are a cute little guy....and i like how you keep your mamma in to the paw...hahaha...i will be back...

coco said... 3:57 PM

it is so pawesome to know someone so highly acclaimed. thanks for setting the standard, ruby!! you deserve all the accolades for sure!

admiringly, coco

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said... 4:36 PM

Hey Ruby,

You have been nominated for Awesome Blog award over at the Bone Zone - head on over and cast your vote :-)


PS - thank you for my award :-)

Luckie Girl said... 7:42 PM

Hey Ruby,
Great list of well deserving doggies!! :)
I sure missed reading your blog!

Sir Chance-Lot said... 9:09 PM

Ruby Bleu~Stop by my blog and can you give us your email address again...I know I know, mamma is not good at saving things.
It is such a beautiful night here in CT. Cool, and breezy, almost like Norway, mamma said. We can't talk about Norway too much,cause mamma starts to cry!
Ahhh.talking about mamma she made a perfect place for you to nap!!!

Sophie Brador said... 10:55 PM

You must have perfected your acceptance speech by now. Don;t get a big head! I hear they are a lot of extra weight to drag around.

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said... 4:18 AM

You are the champion "Oscar" winner Ruby with all your awards!

When are you going to Bark your Thank you Speech and get all teary????

Well done! lotsaluv Marv xxxxxx

Peanut said... 6:37 PM

Ah you deserve the award and you deserve it more since you passed it on to my lovely penny.

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