Lunchtime Surprise

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hey Everyone - Michele, Ruby's Mom here. Look what I found when I came home to check on Ruby at lunch...

Yep, that is her bed or should I say was...

I'm not sure if she did this out of sympathy for all of Suki's trials this week or because I left for work super early today. We've been 'dealing' with the bed issue for some time now (remember this post?), but usually during the day Ruby just sleeps in her bed with no incident. It's only when I have 'ignored' her (that is ignore to her, and doing chores to me) that she starts digging at her bed, so I'm not really sure what set her off.

Here she is in case any of her doggie friends think I set her up...there it is in living color, stuffing coming out of the corner of her mouth. Hopefully my dear little beast will not be sick tonight. And I'll have to figure out what I want to do about getting another bed for her...this was her 3rd. Right now the princess will have to settle for the carpet and some blankets.

Ode to My Little Red Ball

by ruby

there are bones and chewies and bullies galore
but nothing beats the little red ball that I so adore

you may be sticky and icky - a slobbery matted mess
but if I ever lost you I'd be in major distress

cuz's are nice and stuffies are fun too
but little red ball I will always love only you

To Blog or Not to Blog...That, is the Question...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hi Everydoggie! I hope you all had a nice weekend. Mine was really great... a lot of park time and napping with my Mom...what could be better than that?!?!?

I really don't have much to report, but was very inspired by Tadpole's story this morning about why he and his girl blog. I hadn't really thought about it until I read Tad's story so I asked my Mom why and here's what she told me...

One day Mom was surfing around on some BT sites (probably doing it at work, instead of doing what she was supposed to be doing) and found Martha's blog. She thought Martha was really funny and that the pictures of her and Stewie and the hounds were pawsome. From Martha's blog, she found Ike's blog. Well, you guys already know how I feel about Ike. On Ike's blog, she saw all these other doggies had blogs the 'dales, the wirehairs, the pugs, the corgador's and the tadpole's. Well, Mom was just hooked. She sat me down and told me all about it.

I was intrigued, but thought, 'What do I have to say that hasn't already been said?'. 'What can I contribute to the blogsphere?' 'Am I good enough, smart enough and gosh darnit, will doggies like me?'. So I pondered...not knowing that my Mom was already setting me up a blog, gathering all these pictures and signing up with DWB. I had no idea! Sneaky Mom (I wonder what else she does and neglects to tell me about, hmmm). Then on my birthday she told me what she did...and well, the rest is history.

So that's the story. Not as inspiring as Tad's, of course. What's been the bestest about this whole blogging adventure is all the great friends I've made...I just love reading all about everydoggie....and I hope you feel the same about me too!

Now, back to bloggy business. Here are some random pictures my Mom took on her new cellphone. Unfortunately, she was too slow to catch me doing my little 'handstand maneuver' since you guys seem to want proof of my acrobatic peeing style.

Time to Nap...TTFN

Ruby Fun Facts...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I was tagged by Dory & Liza, Wally, Stanley & Simba to post 8 random facts/habits about myself. Hmmm....that's a lot of facts about me...

1- I do a handstand when I pee. I know, it's a modern marvel, a mystery. I haven't yet mastered doing that when I poop...but one day.
2- I have my own iTunes playlist that I listen to during the day when my Mom goes to work.
3- I think I've mentioned that I LOVE mud. I like to play in it, roll in it and eat it. What I haven't told you guys is that all that mud that I eat has to go somewhere so yes, I poop mud. I think it's Mom thinks it's gross (Ruby's Mom: You have NO idea!)
4- Back in Feburary I had to go to the Vet ER because I swallowed an Everlasting Treat (just the cookie part). It got stuck in my esloppygus (Ruby's Mom: Esophagus) and they had to stick this thingie down my throat to push it into my tummy. It really hurt. What's worse is that because my throat hurt from this, I didn't really want to drink any water so I got dehightraded (Ruby's Mom: dehydrated) and they had to give me this needle in my back that put this big bubble of water there...I looked like a camel.
5- My favorite TV show is Meerkat Manor. I LOVE to be in bed and sit and watch Flower and her family run and play. (Ruby's Mom: Seriously, this little dog just plants herself in front of the TV for the entire 30minutes!)
6- My favoritest toy in the whole wide world is my little red squeaky ball. I love it!
7- I like watermelon, baby carrots, cucumbers, white peaches, strawberries, blueberries and cherry tomatoes...Mom, pass me some fruit salad!!!
8-OK, you guys only get 7 facts...a girl needs to keep a little mystery about herself...

So, if you haven't already been tagged, I tag:
Lorenza, Bruin, Peanut, Asta-Up Over, Twix, Seadra & Zoe, and Porter

Here are the rules:
1- Each person tagged starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2- The person tagged blogs about each of these facts and posts the rules.
3- At the end of the blog entry, list eight people to get tagged.
4- Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged, and to read your blog.


I LOVE all these tag games. I've gotten tagged for two different games. Here the first one...

Suki & Simba tagged me to post pictures of me and another animal with a silly caption. OK, here goes...

Here's a picture of me and my pal Bob from Halloween last year...

Due to rennovations on the local phone booth, Wonder Ruby lends her paws to help Super Bob put on his cape.

Here's me and Dodger from a few weekends ago...

Fencing practice was temporarily postponed due to the team's foils being replaced with bully sticks...On Guard!

Finally, this is my friend Penelope...she used to live in my apartment complex, but moved away...

I like cute butts and I can not lie
The other doggies can't deny
That when a pup struts by with a stubby little tail
All the doggies will just sigh...
(by Sir Wag-A-Lot)

Now I know a bunch of other doggies have been tagged already, but in case they haven't been tagged yet I tag Sophie, Jackson and Orson...Find a funny picture of you and another animal and post it with a funny caption...ready, set, go....

What does your dog say about you???

Friday, May 25, 2007

Hi Everyone & Everydoggie...
Michele, Ruby's Mom here just grabbing the keyboard away from my little beastie to say hi and share with you this article I found online...What Does Your Dog Say About You?

It's a fun little article which describes the breed of your pup and what it means about YOUR personality. Kind of interesting. Here's what it says about a Boston Terrier...

"Boston Terrier- Owners of Boston terriers are compassionate people that make lifelong good friends. They are very friendly and happy people. Friends consider them to be extroverts with a silly streak. They love practical jokes and making people laugh. They are kind and respectful of others and rarely have a negative thing to say. Favorite TV show: Punk'd."

Hmmm....ok, I'd like to think I'm a lifelong good friend and I'm relatively happy (mostly because of all of Ruby's antics). I definitely have a silly streak and like to make people laugh. I consider myself to be kind and respectful (most of the time), but rarely having a negative thing to say...well, I guess I can't be perfect!

Definitely check this article's really fun. Have a great weekend!

Tag, Whalies and Other Stuff...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I can't believe how much fun I've been having checking out everydoggie's blogs on what celebrity they resemble. Everydoggie is spot on. A whole bunch of doggies have posted pictures...My mom and I are thinking up a creative way to showcase stay tuned for that.

I do have to say that after seeing Ike's photo, I am officially in love. I know, I know Ike is Martha's guy and Martha is my friend. But Ike, if you are ever interested in another girlfriend and Martha you don't mind sharing... I'm waiting. ***swoon***

Mom printed a picture for me and I have it hanging on the wall...I kiss it everytime I go by.

I figured I'd give a quick Whalie update...I know it has been making the news EVERYWHERE! Unfortunately, the news isn't very good. Momma whalie Delta and baby whalie Dawn, have been out of salty water for 11 days now...and that is way too long. The whalie vet says their skin doesn't look good now and their owies aren't healing the way they should. It looked for a little bit that they were making their way to the ocean, but I guess they just like Sacramento too much and turned around again over the weekend. Also yesterday, they started flipping around first it looked like they were playing or dancing, but the whalie vet says it's because they are stressed out about not getting home. Poor whalies...we all better pray for them.

It looks like they are dancing...but sadly they are just scared and want to go home.

Mom never got around to making any more cookies...she's been busy with work and other stuff, but she promised she'd try again (and follow the recipe correctly this time) over the long weekend - Yay- long weekend - 3 days to hang with Mom and go to the park!!!

And last but not least, today is my weimaraner friend Remmy's barkday. Remmy is 2 years old today. Remmy is really cool...we play at the park sometimes. Remmy has also won lots of prizes for being so handsome and hunting and stuff. I hope I can go to the park today and play with Remmy...but that depends on if my Mom has to go to jooory doody...what is that anyway???

Happy Barkday Remmy!!!

A new game of tag...who do you most look like?

Monday, May 21, 2007

UPDATE - 5/22/2007: Everydoggie seems to be really digging this game from the looks of the comments so I thought to spread it out a little more I'd tag a few more doggies...Ike, Oscar and Lorenza. Tag, your it, who do you look like???

A few weeks back, Jackson did a 'Separated at Birth' post on which famous British guy he most resembled. Of course I voted that he was much more handsome than either of them *wink*. Then in the comments of a few of my posts, some of you very gracious gentlemen doggies (and you know who you are) commented that I looked a lot like Audrey Hepburn.

I think that is a very nice comparison...she was very beautiful-just like me, looked great in pearls-just like me, and loved animals-just like me (Ruby's Mom: OK, Ruby, that's enough...a little modesty, please. Ruby: Oh Mom....).

What does everydoggie think?

So I thought this might be a fun new game of tag to try...Which Famous Celebrity Do You Most Closely Resemble??? It could be looks, personality or both!!! Here's what to do...find a picture of a famous (or infamous) person that you think you look like (you might need your Mom, human with computer, Massah or Ma Ape to help you Google for one) and post that along with a your best celebrity pose. So tag you're it...Suki, Fig and Lola (and Sherman and Penny if you want to play along too)---strike a pose girls.

This is why we follow directions...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Recently, I've been looking forward to Saturdays. The park, napping with Mom and Mom trying out new treat recipes (thanks Joey & Tanner's mom for inspiring her!) was starting out NOT to disappoint. OK, so we didn't go to the park, but we did go to a very cool doggie store to buy me my Canidae and a barkday present for my friend LuLu. I got some treats from the nice man who owns the store and Mom also bought me some more bully sticks...yay! When we got home we napped for a little and than just like clockwork, Mom started to bake.

Mom went out a bought a cookbook by the same people who wrote the cook book Joey and Tanner's Mom bought. Here it is...
There are lots of really yummy recipes and the one we were going to try today was the 'Peanut Butter Training Bites'. It's a pretty simple recipe, only 5 ingredients so nothing to worry about, right? Well, noooooooooo...Mom has to do some experimenting of course...and it turned out to be a total disaster!!!

My Mom is normally an EXCELLENT cook, but for some reason, she decided to experiment with this. Instead of using the type of flour they called for, she decided to substitute it for brown rice flour...which she said is better for me. So I'm playing along and of course the batter doesn't come out right. Your supposed to roll it out into little logs and cut the cookies into pieces. Guess what...batter is too dry so Mom adds water...but I guess she added too much water and it looked like this...YUCKY!!!
OK, so she let me try it, and it wasn't so bad...but still...FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS WOMAN!!!
Instead of starting over...Mom is determined to soldier on...she goes ahead and plops some batter on the cookie sheet and puts the cookies in the oven. I say 'Bake well little cookies' and now we wait.
Before baking

The original recipe called for the cookies to bake for 30minutes...well, we only baked ours for about 20 minutes because they started to look like little rocks. So out of the oven they came. The don't really look any different than before we baked them, just a little browner.
After baking

So I wait some more until they cool.

So when they cooled I was a brave little girl and tried them....can we say YUCKO!!! OK, so I ate it...but not because I liked it, I didn't want to hurt my Mom's feelings even though this is all her fault. So we tossed the yucky cookies out and she promised we'd try again tommorow...this time I think she'll follow the directions!

Things that go bark in the night...

Friday, May 18, 2007

So last night (Thursday) my Mom was way too wired after the season finales of Grey's Anatomy and ER to go to sleep that she decided to take me on a walk around our little neighborhood. We don't usually walk a lot at night...mostly because Mom is kinda lazy (Ruby's Mom: I am not!) and it's really dark. But I'm always up for a new adventure!

It was after 11pm so Mom said I needed to be quiet (aka no barking) since it was bed time for all our neighbors. I figured that shouldn't be a problem...but than all these weird things started to happen...

First off, there was this dog following me! Can you imagine I have a stalker!!!! The doggie was kinda shaped like me, and sometimes was behind me and sometimes in front of me. It really freaked me out that I started to bark at it, but it didn't bark back. Mom said it's name was Shadow...but I thought Shadow was the doggie that lived in the house next door...the doggie that looks a lot like Thrawn, and the doggie that was following me didn't look anything like Thrawn. Hmmmm...than who is this Shadow I wonder????

The next weird thing was that there were all these cats...everywhere, like a million of them (Ruby's Mom: Ruby, there were only 3, the 3 we always see during the day). And the were evil looking. And they would hiss at me...I was really afraid they were going to hurt me and my Mom so I barked, um, again. (Ruby's Mom: Can you see a pattern yet?)

Then as we were turning the corner of one of our buildings - one that I always go by, I heard this horrible hissing noise. And these giant thingies came poking out of the ground and spitting water...a lot of water. It was so scarey and I just couldn't help myself...I just barked and barked and barked and barked. It was frightening. I go by this building everyday and there was never anything like this! I couldn't figure out what was going on.

By this point I think my Mom was really worried that our neighbors would be mad because I was we started back to our apartment. I was just trying to protect my Mom of all the scarey stalker dogs and evil cats and water spitting thingies...I guess that is why we don't walk much late at night.

Whale Watch...UPDATE

Thursday, May 17, 2007

UPDATE: Oh no, the whalies are hurt! Both the Momma whale and the baby whale have owies. The whale doctors are saying that they have gashes from propellers from a boat. Today they are starting to try and move them towards the ocean by using whale whalies eating. There isn't much food the whalies like in fresh water, so they need to hurry up back to the ocean soon so they don't starve. Poor whalies...

I'm not angry anymore at my Mom for not taking me to visit the whalies...she told me they need to focus on getting back to the ocean. If I came they would be distracted and the baby whalie would want to play with me...I want them to get home, so I'll just watch them on TV.

Here's some more info on the whalies: KCRA TV

Since Suki was talking about a very 'excited' dolphin today, I thought I'd chime in about some aquatic excitement going on here in Sacramento. It seems there is a humpback mommy whale and a humpback baby whale swimming in the Sacramento River (this IS very unusual). They were discovered on Tuesday and just keep swimming. They seem to be lost and everyone is afraid they are sick or something. I want to go to the river and visit them...but my Mom is a meany and says no. Poor whaley...

Meeting Miss Susan...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Remember a few weeks ago I told everydoggie I was going to have a visit from my Mom's friend Susan from Connecticut? Well, Mom FINALLY got around to downloading the pictures for me. YAY!

It was a GREAT visit. Miss Susan is so nice and got right on the floor to play with me and rub my belly! And what's best...she brought me LOTS and LOTS of prezzies!!!

I (Ruby's Mom: WE, Ruby. It was for both of us) got a GIANT gift bag filled with snackies, a beautiful pearl collar, some good smelling doggie wipes and a bunch of papery stuff which my Mom says were for her, but I think were really for me too. I (Ruby's Mom: WE, Ruby. ), oops I mean we, also got a goodie bag for Miss Susan and her doggie Phoebe. Phoebe is a really pretty mini-pinscher...I think if we lived close by each other we'd be really good friends and play all the time.

Here's the 'thank you' pee-mail from Phoebe to me and my Mom...Phoebe is so sweet...

Mom and Miss Susan took lots of pictures, so I decided to put a little album together. Take a look...

It really was such a fun visit. I hope Miss Susan comes to visit again real soon or better yet, I can go visit her and get to run and play with Phoebe!!!!

Bye Bye FuFu...

Monday, May 14, 2007

I was so sad to hear that my hamsterrier friend FuFu has passed on. Mom read about it last night, but didn't tell me until this morning. I'm very sad today...FuFu, you were one of the first 'doggies' to visit my blog and leave me a comment. You made me feel so very welcome.

I know I didn't know you very long, but you were a good friend and I will miss you. I promise to be a good friend to your sister GirlGirl.

Lots of Sad Licks - Ruby

Weekend Recap and Being Nice to my Mom...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

It was a pretty quiet weekend for me and Mom...which was good because we've been busy the last few weekends. It was all about catching up on chores (my Mom) and napping (me)!

On Saturday, we went to the park...which was AWESOME!!! I hadn't been there in a whole week. I just ran and ran and ran...oh and played a little fetch. There weren't too many doggies around when we were there, but that was fine. I was just so happy to run. One day Mom will have to get around to getting a video camera and record me running...when I say I'm fast, I'm not joking!!!

We left the park when Mom's aljerkies (Ruby's Mom: That's allergies, Ruby) started to bug her and she was sneezing all over the was actually kind of embarrassing so it was ok that we left. I also have aljerkies, oops I mean allergies too but they weren't bugging me any. When we got home, we had a little snackie and took a nap...a nice lllooonnnggg nap. Mom also napped...I guess she was tired from sitting in meetings on her trip (not sure how that makes you tired). We napped almost all afternoon. It was great. I did catch up on some of my blogging, but that's about it for Saturday.

Today, Mother's Day, I actually let my Mom sleep in a little - 6:30am instead of 5:30am. Aren't I generous??? We had some breakfast and than I took her to the park. Again, I'm such a giver. I figured if we went to the park I would play and be so tired that I would nap all afternoon so she could relax. Sounded like a good plan to me.

When we got to the park I thought I was the only doggie there, but my friend Zeus (he's a Skipperkee) was there and we played and than a whole bunch of doggies also joined in the fun. There was one new doggie - Maggie and 6 month old pitbull puppy who took a liking to me. After a while I did get a little worried because she wouldn't leave me alone and I thought she was going to eat me (Ruby's Mom: She wasn't going to eat you), so I took Mom over to the other side of the park to play fetch.

We were at the park for a really long while that I was really tired and almost fell asleep in the car. When we got home I was too tired for even a snackie and just went to sleep. Mom only napped with me for a little while...which explains this picture.

I had already been tagged by Suki and posted my pictures, but I guess I was so tired that my Mom got this photo and she said I slept like this for over an hour! Wow...I don't even remember it. Now I'm going to get some dinner and hopefully just relax for the evening...or I'll try too. Mom wants to watch the Sopranos...and whatever my Mom wants she gets today because it is her special day.

Oh, and Auntie Kathy...thanks so much for going to the store for me and getting a Mother's Day card for my Mom. She really, really liked it!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day to Everydoggie's Momma!

Lots of Licks - Ruby

She's Back...Mom's Back!!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Hi Everydoggie! Gosh I missed you guys and it looks like I have a lot of catching up to do. Well, Mom is back and boy am I happy. I loved hanging with my Auntie Yvette, but nothing beats my Mom! You guys were totally right..she was really guilty about leaving me...I got a new Cuz (my first big Cuz too) and got to eat a Nanook Paws! Maybe she should go away more often?!?!

Here's me checking out my new Cuz...I've never seen one this big before!

Yummy Cuz!!!

The Nanook Paws made me a little chilly, mybutt started to shake...or maybe I was just excited Mom was home?

I really did have fun hanging with Auntie Yvette. She took VERY good care of me and if my Mom ever has to go away again (how dare she) I pick my Auntie Yvette to take care of me for sure! Let's see, what did we do...

Well, lots of walks...we walked so much that I drank a whole bowl of water when I got back to her was a really good work out. I also got to see a birdy that lived INSIDE Auntie Yvette's Momma's house...imagine that, a bird that lives inside! His name is Romeo and he is a lovebird...I got so excited about seeing him I had a little accident...oops! I also played with Auntie Yvette's people pup Blake...he let me come in his room and steal his stuffy slippers...but I eventually had to give them back. Sleeping was a bit hard...mainly because there was so much to explore at Auntie Yvette' I could sleep during the day when she brought me back to my house so why not stay up, right?

All in all it was a fun 2-days, but I really am glad Mom is home. Hopefully she won't need to go on another trip anytime least not one without me!

Something strange is going on...Mystery Solved!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

So I spent yesterday thinking about what everydoggie said...are me and my Mom going on a trip together? Am I going someplace different? Would it be fun? Was it just for the day or would it be longer? I started to worry a little bit. The only time I've been away from my Mom overnight was one night I had to spend at the vet's when I got my girly bits taken away and that was NOT very fun.

To get my mind off of things I started to plot on how I could make sure I got my stuff into the big green box with wheels...but that got to be too hard since I couldn't figure out a way to get out of my kitchen prison, up on the table to get my bag of stuff and than open the door to my Mom's room. I just napped.

The day progressed as normal, Mom can home at lunch just like normal. I got my walkie and a snackie and a kiss and she went back to work again just like normal. Sometime earlier than normal I heard keys at the front door and got so excited. Maybe it was my Mom coming home early to play? But it was my Auntie Yvette - one of me and my Mom's bestest friends!!! She comes by all the time and sometimes when my Mom is really busy at work she takes me for a walkie and plays with me. This was great!!!

One thing my Mom doesn't know is that Auntie Yvette and I play this special's called footie's played by me laying on my back and Auntie Yvette taking off her shoes and rubbing my belly with her footies. is the bestest thing in the whole world (well, except for my Mom and snackies of course). I just love when we play footie massage it feels sooooooo gooooood!!!!!

This is me and my Auntie Yvette playing footie massage.
Can you see how happy I am? I've got the crazy eyes!!!

The afternoon got even better when my Mom got home. So we all just hung out and than I heard the news...My Mom was going away for a few days - - - WITHOUT ME!!!!!! Oh no, what's going to happen to me...she can't leave me alone, I'm too little! I got very sad...but than she explained that I was going to stay with my Auntie Yvette...oh wait that means all the FOOTIE MASSAGES I want!!!

OK that's not going to be so bad at all. Actually I'll get to hang at home during the day since Auntie Yvette works close to where we live. She'll come visit me at lunch for a walkie and a snackie and a kiss. Then I'll go home at night with her and hang out at her house. I like her house, it is fun. I'll get to see her people pup Blake and visit with her Momma and Granny who I haven't see in a long time. It really will be so much fun.

OK sure, I'll miss my Mom, but heck, she'll be back on Friday. That's not so bad. I definitely think I've got the better deal since I won't have to sit in a boring meeting all day. Ha, ha, ha!!!

All the footie massages I want! WOO HOO!!!

Only thing that isn't so great is that I won't have access to the computer to keep everydoggie up to date on all the fun I'm having. Guess you guys will have to wait to hear from me over the weekend, but I'm sure I'll have many adventures to report!!!

Note from Michele - Ruby's Mom:
Yes, I've had Ruby almost a year and this really will be the first time we will be separated more than a just a night. Ruby is very well socialized and gets on with people really well and has spent lots of time away from me during the day (both alone and with friends), but never overnight. I know I've probably scarred her for life on this, but I guess that means I've really taken my responsibility as a pup parent seriously. I used to make fun of people who wouldn't go on vacation without their pets or just not go anywhere at all. I have become one of those people!!! I think this trip will be good for both of us, but I have a suspicion that it will be harder on me than on Ruby!

Something strange is going on... Part II

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Thanks everydoggie for all your help in trying to figure this out. Mom's still not giving anything up, but here's what else I observed this morning...

What's this??? It's a big green box with wheels and a handle. I've never seen anything like this in my whole 1 year. What could this strange thing be???

After she brought it out of her messy closet (she never lets me in there, so it must be messy), she started to put some of her clothes in there but not her fun doggie park clothes, but what looks like grown up clothes. Hmmmmm..... Oh and none of my things that she packed yesterday went in there either, they are in a bag in the living room. Hmmmmm....the plot thickens.

Uh oh...I gotta go, Mom's ready to go to work and I need to get off the computer. I'll check back later...hopefully I can use my Wonder Ruby skills to figure this out soon!

Something strange is going on...

Monday, May 07, 2007

So Mom got home from work today and had this piece of paper in her hand with a bunch of words on it. She kept holding on to the piece of paper and running around the house gathering things up...MY THINGS. Toys, food, snackies, blankies. She put them all together on the table and starting marking off the piece of paper.

Wonder what THAT is all about...To Be Continued...

This is my 'huh?' face...I guess I need to wait and see what Mom is up to...

Let's Play Tag...

Sunday, May 06, 2007

It took a while, but Mom was finally able to get a picture of me upside down. Suki tagged me last week and she was tagged by Ronin. The tag game is played by posting a picture, in this round, in an upside down position and than you tag 3 other pups. So Joe Stains (and Doofus, if you want Joe) , Asta (Up Over) and Tadpole - Tag Your It (and in Taddy's case, he really is It!)

Here I am, in all my glory...not sure if I'm scratching my back or waiting for a belly rub...probably waiting for a belly rub.

While Dodger was visiting I tagged him too. But the frog wasn't interested.

My Pal Dodger

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Seems the last few Saturday's have been really busy. Today was the same...Mom and I were up at 6, went for a walk, did laundry, went shopping (actually Mom went shopping) and cooked. And that was all before 9am!!!

So what did we cook? Well, ALL DOGGIE SNACKIES - WHOO HOOO!!! Let's see, we made some more of those Banana Mutt Cookies (still very yummy), tried a new recipe...Peanut Brindle (appropriate as I'm a brindle Boston) and some ice cream from the recipe Nanook posted. Here, take a look...

I couldn't quite figure out why all the snackies...well because my pal Dodger was coming to hang out with us for the day!!! Yay!!! I love Dodger, he's my best buddy.

Isn't Dodger a handsome boy???

Dodger is a Beagle. He's 2 years old and the very first doggie I met when I came to live with my Mom. We've been pals ever since. I'm so lucky because I get to see Dodger almost every day...he lives right downstairs.

Here's a picture of me and Dodger from last summer...when I was still a little pup.

I was just so excited to see him. I had to give him a little hello kiss...

Dodger is really easy going. He lets me jump on him and box with him and chase him and bite him...and he still is my friend. How great is that?!?!?

On Guard!

Today we hung out at home and ate snackies, took walks and chewed on our bully sticks. I also chased him...a lot. I don't think he's used to all that exercise, but it was soooo muuuuchhhh funnnnn!

It was really windy today and at one point we lost power. No matter. We were protecting Mom and all our neighbors...

Hark! Who goes there?

All in all a really fun day filled with friends and snackies...what more could a girl ask for??? A nap...

Lounging with Louie

Friday, May 04, 2007

As all you know, Mom's been working really hard lately and been really busy. I had a bit of a 'moment' the other night, but Mom and I are good now. I decided as an early Mother's Day gift (and to make up for being kind of beasty the other night) I'd give Mom an afternoon of beauty...of course she had to pay since I don't have a job except to be very cute.

So Mom took the afternoon off to go to San Francisco to visit Uncle Armando who makes my Mom's hairs look beautiful. I stayed home (I was ok with that) and got a surprise visit from my Auntie Yvette which was VERY cool. Anyhowl, back to Uncle Armando...

Uncle Armando cuts hairs at a place called the Barber Lounge. I've of course never been because I don't need to have my hairs cut, but Mom says it's a very cool place. And every time my Mom comes home she looks beautiful (which is good because she was looking a bit scraggly these last few days).

What my Mom didn't tell me until today was that there was a Frenchie named Louie who worked there! His job was being cute and licking the customers. Now that's a job I could do. Here are a few pictures from my Mom's cell phone of Louie. I guess he took a liking to my Mom because he kept coming by her to visit while she was getting her hairs cut.

This is Louie greeting my Mom. He kinda looks a little like Balboa, but not as handsome. (Don't worry Fig, I know Balboa is your man)

I guess Louie took his lunch break at the park because he had a little grass stain in between his eyes. Can you see it? Or maybe it was a color job gone bad???

So if you are ever in the San Francisco area and need to have your hairs cut, you should go visit my Uncle Armando...he'll make you look pretty ---but not as pretty as my Mom.

They don't call me a Boston Terrorist for nothing...

Thursday, May 03, 2007

So I think I'm in trouble? (Ruby's Mom: You bet your are!) Last night my Mom was really mad at me because I wouldn't go to sleep. (Ruby's Mom: That's right!) All I wanted to do was play, but she just wanted to sleep...lazy Momma (Ruby's Mom: RUBY - that's not very nice!) I'm not exactly sure what she expected...heck, I sleep most of the day so all I'm looking for is a little fun and excitement when she gets home, ok?

Well Mom has been working a whole lot lately...going into the office super early and not getting home until after 6:00PM. OK, OK she does come and see me at lunch just about everyday for a little walkie and a little snackie...and kisses of course. But we haven't been going to the park and I need quality park time! (Ruby's Mom: I'm only working so hard so I can keep you in all those collars you like so much! Ruby: Oh MOM!!!)

And this week, well...she was just busy, busy, busy!!! Usually when Mom comes home from work we take a quick walk, visit with my doggie friends in the neighborhood or go to the park. I come back into the house and eat my dinner and than PLAY, PLAY, PLAY with my Mom. (Ruby's Mom: More like terrorize, terrorize, terrorize! Ruby: MOM!!!!) Well, everynight this week my Mom had something to do...Monday night shopping, Tuesday night out with Auntie Yvette, Wednesday night visiting with Miss Susan...WHAT ABOUT RUBY???? So because she's been ignoring me (Ruby's Mom: I haven't been ignoring you) I decided I was going to stay up ALL NIGHT - hee, hee, hee!

So I acted all sleepy but then after about 30minutes I'd be up...scratching on the door, or nibbling on her toes, or licking her face, or chewing on my dino cuz (that was really fun because it made lots of noise!). So Mom would get up and take me all the way outside thinking I needed to go potty and HA...I didn't (hee, hee, hee). One time she decided I could just play in the living room...well, I didn't want to play alone so I started to pull the stuffy-stuff out of my bed in the kitchen. Yeah, that kinda got her a little upset (Ruby's Mom: A little? You looked like Santa Claus with all that white fluff on your face. Oh, and it was 3:30am!!!) Fortunately for me Mom didn't catch that on camera - whew!

I just figured if I was going to be sleeping all day again and NOT go to the park I could stay up at night, and who really wants to stay up and play alone????

Who could stay angry at a face like this???
I woof you Mom!

Note from Ruby's Mom, Michele: Ruby, I'm not really angry at you. It's been a busy week...but it may just be that full moon...the full moon does crazy things to you!
Ruby: Oh MOM!!!!

Tuesday Randomness...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What a great Pawty this weekend! I had a lot of fun, ate too much cheese, didn't drink any wine (Why Mom, why?) and met the nicest doggies EVER! It was so much fun chatting with everyone and I hope we can do it again soon.

A few of you have commented about my crazy ears...they are great, aren't they? With Bostons, either their ears naturally get pointy or you have to pin them up (using bobby pins I guess). Well my Mom, being a little odd herself thought is was SOOOOOO cute that my ears pointed in opposite directions that she just hoped, from when I was a wee little puppy, that they stayed that way...and guess what, they did!!! I think it makes me really special because we haven't seen any other Bostons have ears like that.

Tomorrow, my Mom's friend Susan is coming to visit from Connecticut. I'm so excited to meet her. Mom says she asks about me all the time and the last time she visited (even though I didn't get to meet her --- Why Mom, why?) she got me this really cool shirt. I was too little when I first got it, but it fits me fine now. I think all I need is Ike's skull and crossbones bandanna and I'll be a real Rockstar Chick!

Are you ready to rock 'n' roll???

Oh, and I almost forgot - the hesosigh-sompthin-sompthin (Ruby's Mom: Histiocytoma, Ruby. Ruby: I know, I know) on my leg is almost all gone!!! YAY!!! No more owie bracelet at the park, actually I can go back to the park...I'm so excited!!!

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