This is why we follow directions...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Recently, I've been looking forward to Saturdays. The park, napping with Mom and Mom trying out new treat recipes (thanks Joey & Tanner's mom for inspiring her!) was starting out NOT to disappoint. OK, so we didn't go to the park, but we did go to a very cool doggie store to buy me my Canidae and a barkday present for my friend LuLu. I got some treats from the nice man who owns the store and Mom also bought me some more bully sticks...yay! When we got home we napped for a little and than just like clockwork, Mom started to bake.

Mom went out a bought a cookbook by the same people who wrote the cook book Joey and Tanner's Mom bought. Here it is...
There are lots of really yummy recipes and the one we were going to try today was the 'Peanut Butter Training Bites'. It's a pretty simple recipe, only 5 ingredients so nothing to worry about, right? Well, noooooooooo...Mom has to do some experimenting of course...and it turned out to be a total disaster!!!

My Mom is normally an EXCELLENT cook, but for some reason, she decided to experiment with this. Instead of using the type of flour they called for, she decided to substitute it for brown rice flour...which she said is better for me. So I'm playing along and of course the batter doesn't come out right. Your supposed to roll it out into little logs and cut the cookies into pieces. Guess what...batter is too dry so Mom adds water...but I guess she added too much water and it looked like this...YUCKY!!!
OK, so she let me try it, and it wasn't so bad...but still...FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS WOMAN!!!
Instead of starting over...Mom is determined to soldier on...she goes ahead and plops some batter on the cookie sheet and puts the cookies in the oven. I say 'Bake well little cookies' and now we wait.
Before baking

The original recipe called for the cookies to bake for 30minutes...well, we only baked ours for about 20 minutes because they started to look like little rocks. So out of the oven they came. The don't really look any different than before we baked them, just a little browner.
After baking

So I wait some more until they cool.

So when they cooled I was a brave little girl and tried them....can we say YUCKO!!! OK, so I ate it...but not because I liked it, I didn't want to hurt my Mom's feelings even though this is all her fault. So we tossed the yucky cookies out and she promised we'd try again tommorow...this time I think she'll follow the directions!


17 Responses to "This is why we follow directions..."

Lorenza said... 9:00 PM

Hi, Ruby.
My mom did the same thing once. The cookies turned into rocks and I didn't like them. Since that time she has learnt what no to do with the recipes!
Have a nice weekend!

Duke said... 2:41 AM

OMG you threw away cookies??!! I couldn't ever let that happen at my house! Cookies are just my favorite - all kinds! How bad could they have been?

Love ya lots,

Suki & Joey said... 4:52 AM

Heeheehee! Rock cookies! You're too funny, Ruby.

I'm sorry they didn't turn out so great, though. I bet they'll be delish today. BTW, do you have any of that "Obey The Boston" stuff? I also have a link on my blog to that site (for Obey The Pug, obviously) but I was wondering if it's actually good quality merchandise or just, well...crap? Oh, well, Mom spends too much $ online anyway, maybe she shouldn't start buying more pug stuff!

Puggy kisses

Roxie, Sammy, Andy and Shermie said... 7:39 AM

Rock cookies? Sammy would eat them anyway. Sammy eats anything because he thinks he is starving. (Don't worry, he isn't starving.) Mom thought that cookbook looked interesting. She is thinking about getting some dog recipe cookbooks and making things for us. We guess she better follow the instructions!!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Boo Casanova said... 7:56 AM

ruby, i wanted to say look at those batter flour. i wonder if she bakes a lot coz she uses quite a lot of flour. i hope your mom gets it right tomorrow.

wet wet licks


Anonymous said... 10:13 AM

wow...baking fresh cookies, I think Mama want to go get a book as well.

Ferndoggle said... 10:49 AM

My Mom does the same thing. She usually just glops a whole bunch of stuff together & it comes out OK. But last week she tried making our FAVORITE salmon cookies & used buchwheat flour. Not only did they turn GREY (yuk!), but they were hard as little rocks. We still ate them...but we miss the old recipe (go back to OATS Mom!)

Sherman, Penny & Lola

Joe Stains said... 11:43 AM

oh boy, Mom always says you cant mess around with baking! that is why she doesnt bake much, she doesnt like to follow directions either!

Liza said... 2:50 PM

What is it with human mom's deviating from the recipe?? My mom does the same thing and totally ruined the first batch of Nanook Paws we made!

Mom says thanks for showing the book - she will look to see if we can get a copy!

Have a happy week Ruby!

Love Dory

Anonymous said... 3:25 PM

Ruby, I'm gonna come for a visit. My Mom never cooks like that for me!!

Oscar's mummy and daddy said... 4:11 PM

I have to confess I probably would have eaten them anyway, hehehe! Better luck with the next batch.

Oscar x

Urban Smoothie Read said... 9:31 PM

i alwiz love homemade food...
eventhough most of d time, my owner dissapoint me with her weird cooking style...but is still exciting experience for me to wait for d outcome...hahaha.......

Anonymous said... 10:41 PM

Hi Ruby, thanks for dropping by my blog. Your mommy is so brave to try out new way. My sista don't even dare to bake. She knows hers will end up in disaster. Hee.

p.s. Can i link you up to my blog? =)


Girl Girl Hamster said... 2:33 AM

Oh Ruby, I hope the next round of baking will be yummy for you

~ Girl girl

Peanut said... 9:34 AM

My mom so needs to start baking for us.

Tadpole said... 11:27 AM

AHA HA HA!!! At least your mom TRIED! That's more than I can say for my girl.... :-)

Jackson's J1 and J2 said... 9:46 AM

I think I would have still eaten them. But then I eat anything! J x

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