Lunchtime Surprise

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hey Everyone - Michele, Ruby's Mom here. Look what I found when I came home to check on Ruby at lunch...

Yep, that is her bed or should I say was...

I'm not sure if she did this out of sympathy for all of Suki's trials this week or because I left for work super early today. We've been 'dealing' with the bed issue for some time now (remember this post?), but usually during the day Ruby just sleeps in her bed with no incident. It's only when I have 'ignored' her (that is ignore to her, and doing chores to me) that she starts digging at her bed, so I'm not really sure what set her off.

Here she is in case any of her doggie friends think I set her up...there it is in living color, stuffing coming out of the corner of her mouth. Hopefully my dear little beast will not be sick tonight. And I'll have to figure out what I want to do about getting another bed for her...this was her 3rd. Right now the princess will have to settle for the carpet and some blankets.


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wally said... 1:45 PM

Ruby---You gotta learn to hide the evidence (or pin it on someone else!)


ps. I tear up my stuffies to let my ma ape know what I think about her "job." I'm her job!

Anonymous said... 1:49 PM


That was very naughty of you, now I am not sure I should send you your new toys.

Love ya


Juno said... 1:54 PM

I love your picture!!!! :)

Momo xoxo

Suki & Joey said... 3:14 PM

I know you were doing it out of sympathy for me, Ruby. That's what best friends are for! I totally appreciate it.

I can't believe you have to sleep on the carpet tonight. Doesn't your mom know that you'll wake up all bruised, like in "The Princess & The Pea"? How rude of her.

Puggy kisses

*Hey Michele- sorry about the rude post from Suki. I completely sympathize with you. The little darling will be fine with some blankets, I'm sure :)

Unknown said... 3:16 PM

Well Aunty dear I told you your day would come. I destroyed the what I do! Why then would my sister do other then that??? Mommy came home to fluff in my mouth so I was just as stupid as smart as us Bostons are! Stupid is as stupid does! Will my dear sister learn..Nahhhh I still rip stuff and love every minute of it! Be like my mom and buy cheap!!!

Unknown said... 3:55 PM

Oh Ruby, Oh Ruby... don't you look a little guilty there! hee hee hee niceeeee, like Christmas in May.


Anonymous said... 3:58 PM

Yeah Ruby... after I destroyed my 3rd dog bed, mom said no more. I hope you don't get that answer.

Duke said... 4:20 PM

Start out with the carpet and blankets and then when mom is asleep jump in bed with her! She'll be at the store buying you the biggest and bestest bed tomorrow first thing!

Love ya lots,

Peanut said... 4:46 PM

We rip up beds too so mom bought Flash one of these and just put blankets in it.

Anonymous said... 6:21 PM

Well I still think it could have been the same criminal that keeps ripping my stuffies to death!

Good job chasing the bandit away obviously almost had him by the looks of cotton hanging from your mouth!


Ferndoggle said... 6:58 PM

A fuzzy white explosion!

Michelle, I feel your pain. We went through the same thing with Penny solved the problem by folding up old blankets or comforters and letting her sleep on those. Not as pretty, but not as expensive either LOL! She outgrew the destructive phase by the time she was 2ish.


Boo Casanova said... 7:03 PM


i hope ruby is able to poo and be normal for the next few days. i wonder how much stuffies is in her stomach!

wet wet licks


Joe Stains said... 9:05 PM

ruby, this is SO TOTALLY AWESOME. I dont care what the Mom says, this RULES. good joB!

Ronin_The_Pug said... 10:18 PM

Oh Ruby!!!! Look at that! Your own bed! I think you were upset and you took revenge on your bed. No problem! I was upset and I destroyed my play house... my blue play house... I miss it now.

Amber-Mae said... 11:21 PM

Oh-oh Ruby, you're in BIG trouble? Why did your "murder" your bed? Was it out of boredom or what? Anyway whatever it is, you did a GREAT job!!! Haha!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Simba and Jazzi said... 12:56 AM

I had a bed once and the same thing happened. I think they explode sometimes. Now I have a sheep skin and I never chew that, it hasn't blown up either, oops.

Simba xx

Oscar's mummy and daddy said... 1:22 AM

Nice work Ruby! My old bed did that too, weird. If you're like me, you probably didn't really eat much if any of it, so tell mum not to worry. Far more gun to fling it about!

Oscar x

Anonymous said... 3:07 AM's you who did that, look at that cotton or ?? on your mouth. Maybe your mama should get some super fabric for your bed bed...hehe..paw hugs!

Gwyn Valentine said... 4:05 AM

WOW Ruby!

I can see that you are determine to let your Mum knows that you mean business. And those FANGS of yours! They are super!


Cairo The Boxer said... 5:34 AM

I do the same thing!!! Finally my parents got me a dog blanket from Costco, it doesn't have stuffing.

I love the picture with the stuffing in your mouth. Priceless.

Anonymous said... 8:42 AM

WOOOOOOOOO RUBY!!!!! That's AWESOME!!!!! I used to do that too!!!!! That's GREAT!

Now I'm not allowed to have a bed... poor me. I've been banished to cushy pillows on the couch and warm blankets.

Jackson's J1 and J2 said... 8:52 AM

Poor Ruby! I hope you don't feel ill after eating the bed stuffing. J x

Asta said... 8:56 AM

Ruby is it just a vewy clever plan to not sleep on a doggie bed ,but on the hooman bed?
Hard to not get convicted ,when the evidence is all over you, but I'm sure you have a great explanation..and that "who me???" look is pwiceless
looks like all your doggie fwiends are cheering you on heheheheheh
smoochie kisses

Lizzy said... 9:18 AM

Goodness Ruby! I hope you didn't get into trouble. That actually looks like it might have been fun, tearing it all up!

Thanks for dropping by my blog. :)


Unknown said... 9:48 AM

Darling Ruby,

How could you do that to our love bed? You break my heart, you beauty. Why must you torment me? Ohh... but wait! I see, you want your Mommy to buy you a pink bed with satin sheets so we can finally be together in style. I'll wait patiently for you, my darling. Love the pearl necklace, you vixen.

Kisses and humps,


Katherine and Pippa said... 11:22 AM

Hi Ruby

Thanks for visiting.

An if you look up your name - you get two goes eh?

Hope at least one is as accurate as mine as Wally's.

Catch you later.


Anonymous said... 12:04 PM

AND YOU'RE ONLY 16 POUNDS?!?!?!?! I'm almost TWICE your size!!! Good thing my boyfriend Balboa doesn't mind big girls...!

Lorenza said... 12:35 PM

Hi, Ruby.
I did the same to my first (and only) bet and my mom said "No more". Luckie me I sleep in her bed! I hope you don't spend much time sleeping in the carpet. Be nice and ask you mom to buy you a new and stronger one!
Have a nice weekend

Manda Girl said... 1:56 PM

Oh goodness!! Our girls used to tear up their beds too ;)

We finally got one made of rip-stop and one made of cordaroy and so far so good. Although, Miko has learned how to undo the zippers too!!

Ruby is a doll!! I am going to add her to our list of friends. stop by and visit us sometime.

Bentley and Niko said... 2:19 PM

i do that to my beds sometimes too! I think there's treasure hidden in that stuffing!

Jessica said... 3:11 PM

Ruby...was that bed just not soft enough for you? Make sure Mom takes you with when she buys you a new bed so you can approve the next one.

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Luckie Girl said... 1:51 AM

Hey Ruby,
Great job with the made really nice snow all over the place..!!! Woo hoo...i'm feeling so hyped just looking at the wonderful job you did. Too bad my bed's a plastic one now...darn..

PreciOus said... 6:41 AM

Oh Ruby, Sista once read a fairy tale on a stuff rabbit wishing to become a real one. You aren't trying to be stuffed doggie, are u?


Billy (YES Casanova!!!) said... 4:45 AM

Ruby I guess the evidence was there on your face, plain as day! Next time, you have to be a little more subtle and HIDE the evidence haha:)

BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

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