Something strange is going on...Mystery Solved!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

So I spent yesterday thinking about what everydoggie said...are me and my Mom going on a trip together? Am I going someplace different? Would it be fun? Was it just for the day or would it be longer? I started to worry a little bit. The only time I've been away from my Mom overnight was one night I had to spend at the vet's when I got my girly bits taken away and that was NOT very fun.

To get my mind off of things I started to plot on how I could make sure I got my stuff into the big green box with wheels...but that got to be too hard since I couldn't figure out a way to get out of my kitchen prison, up on the table to get my bag of stuff and than open the door to my Mom's room. I just napped.

The day progressed as normal, Mom can home at lunch just like normal. I got my walkie and a snackie and a kiss and she went back to work again just like normal. Sometime earlier than normal I heard keys at the front door and got so excited. Maybe it was my Mom coming home early to play? But it was my Auntie Yvette - one of me and my Mom's bestest friends!!! She comes by all the time and sometimes when my Mom is really busy at work she takes me for a walkie and plays with me. This was great!!!

One thing my Mom doesn't know is that Auntie Yvette and I play this special's called footie's played by me laying on my back and Auntie Yvette taking off her shoes and rubbing my belly with her footies. is the bestest thing in the whole world (well, except for my Mom and snackies of course). I just love when we play footie massage it feels sooooooo gooooood!!!!!

This is me and my Auntie Yvette playing footie massage.
Can you see how happy I am? I've got the crazy eyes!!!

The afternoon got even better when my Mom got home. So we all just hung out and than I heard the news...My Mom was going away for a few days - - - WITHOUT ME!!!!!! Oh no, what's going to happen to me...she can't leave me alone, I'm too little! I got very sad...but than she explained that I was going to stay with my Auntie Yvette...oh wait that means all the FOOTIE MASSAGES I want!!!

OK that's not going to be so bad at all. Actually I'll get to hang at home during the day since Auntie Yvette works close to where we live. She'll come visit me at lunch for a walkie and a snackie and a kiss. Then I'll go home at night with her and hang out at her house. I like her house, it is fun. I'll get to see her people pup Blake and visit with her Momma and Granny who I haven't see in a long time. It really will be so much fun.

OK sure, I'll miss my Mom, but heck, she'll be back on Friday. That's not so bad. I definitely think I've got the better deal since I won't have to sit in a boring meeting all day. Ha, ha, ha!!!

All the footie massages I want! WOO HOO!!!

Only thing that isn't so great is that I won't have access to the computer to keep everydoggie up to date on all the fun I'm having. Guess you guys will have to wait to hear from me over the weekend, but I'm sure I'll have many adventures to report!!!

Note from Michele - Ruby's Mom:
Yes, I've had Ruby almost a year and this really will be the first time we will be separated more than a just a night. Ruby is very well socialized and gets on with people really well and has spent lots of time away from me during the day (both alone and with friends), but never overnight. I know I've probably scarred her for life on this, but I guess that means I've really taken my responsibility as a pup parent seriously. I used to make fun of people who wouldn't go on vacation without their pets or just not go anywhere at all. I have become one of those people!!! I think this trip will be good for both of us, but I have a suspicion that it will be harder on me than on Ruby!


21 Responses to "Something strange is going on...Mystery Solved!"

Oscar's mummy and daddy said... 8:56 AM

You'll have a blast with auntie Yvette Ruby! It will soon be Friday & mum will be home again!

Oscar x

Simba and Jazzi said... 9:00 AM

You are going to be soooo spoilt when you Mummy gets back.They feel so guilty, you get cuddles and treats. Its almost worth it.

Simba xx

Peanut said... 9:02 AM

Oh those footie massages look really nice. You will have fun with auntie Yvette I am sure. Oh and maybe your mom will bring you treats and presents because she'll feel bad for leaving you.

Boo Casanova said... 9:06 AM

ruby, you should go for auntie yvette's socks! i go for daddy's socks alllllllllll the time. he has to hide it from me.

oh ruby, don't worry. when your mom comes back, she will shower you double the love she's giving you now.

wet wet licks


Duke said... 9:10 AM

You'll have a ball with Auntie Yvette and your mom is going to feel awful without you and she'll bring you heaps of pressies! Just you wait and see!

Love ya lots,

Unknown said... 9:27 AM


Emily and Ike said... 9:48 AM

Have a great time at the sitters!

Unknown said... 10:54 AM

sorry guys got a little excited and did not put in some words on my first posting :o).. but we are going to have so much fun together.

Anonymous said... 12:44 PM

As long as your with someone who takes good care of you and loves you until your mom comes back, you'll enjoy it. I'm sure you'll miss your mom, maybe you can tell your mom to bring home a treat for you :P

Jessica said... 3:57 PM

Footie Massages??? We want footie massages too!!!

Have fun at Auntie Yvette's

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Suki & Joey said... 4:12 PM

Aunt Yvette seems really cool! I bet you'll have a blast with her for a couple of days.

I'll miss you while you're gone, Ruby! Please try to remember all the fun stuff you did so you can tell us about it, k?

Puggy kisses

Fu Fu said... 7:11 PM

Hey Ruby, footie massages sure looks fun. Hope your mom comes back to you soon. I'll miss you

~ fufu

Ronin_The_Pug said... 4:02 AM

Oh Ruby! I want a footie massage! It looks so relaxing! Oh boy, oh boy! And your Auntie Yvette was so cool to give you a massage!

FleasGang said... 8:02 AM

when my dad went away on business trips, he always brought me home crummy t-shirts from the airport gift shops. So maybe you'll score a nifty new shirt!

wally said... 8:04 AM


Your Auntie looks AWESOME! I love the footie massages, too. The best part is that when your ma gets home you can make her feel all guilty and shower you with attention and food.


ps. My ma ape says it's good to get us dogs used to being away lest we get an, ahem, unhealthy attachment as she says SOMEONE (me) did in my first year with her. I'm ok now--it's harder on HER and she cries like a baby when we're apart. haha!

Balboa said... 8:16 AM

Oh man, forget the footsie rub, pull the socks off her feet and run! I LOVE SOCKS!

Hey, but that's cool that you get your own personal footsie rub all day.

Mom better bring you backs lots of treats and toys!

Frenchie Kisses,

Anonymous said... 4:29 PM

Oh no! My 'rents are leaving me this weekend too and I'm really mad. I'm going to pee on their suitcase to let them know - maybe you can do the same.

Lorenza said... 6:34 PM

Hi Ruby. I love footie massages. My grandama gives them to me everyday. I've never been apart from my mom at night so I don't know how is it. But sure you'll be great with your Auntie Yvette because she loves you like your mom. Have fun.

Joe Stains said... 7:48 PM

Ruby your Mom will be back in NO TIME, until then soak up all the attention from all those friends and aunts you mentioned!!

Bella said... 4:48 AM

Ruby - you lucky dog you - a holiday with auntie yvette & her family with lots of belly massage - sometime the HM's gotta be away - but what a great option you have !!!
Lucky Ruby look forward to hearing all about your holiday !!

Unknown said... 11:13 AM

Hello to all,

Just wanted to let everyone know that ruby is doing GREAT! this morning I took her home. She was a little shaken up for the first night and did'nt get any sleep :o( but she was a real trooper and sucked it up like a big girl. On thursday evening she slept great but was ready to see her mommy, I just wanted to thank all of you who wished us luck and to Michele for trusting me with her baby girl.

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