New Edition to the Family...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

So because I did such a great job taking care of Bob & Cooper last know exercising them, feeding them, making them feel loved, Uncle Mark and Auntie Michele brought me a very special prezzie. Look it came in this very cool box with holes in it...

You know what they say about boxes with's a holey box - hee, hee, hee - that was for you Amber. Seriously, this box had holes AND made noises.

When Mom opened it up for me look what was inside...

A LITTLE SLEEPING PUPPY!!!!! Now I think it looks like my BFF Suki, but I think it is like Russell. Oh, it doesn't matter what it is...all that is important is that it is MINE!!! I always wanted a little brother or sister...look at this little guy, isn't he cute?

I did a complete once over of him..

Smelled his butt...

Gave him a kiss...

And what I found was that all he did was sleep! I tried to wake him up by nudging his back...

But no luck. I think he is just going to sleep all the time. Here, watch him sleep...

Can you hear him??? He even snores a what do you think? Should I keep him? He even comes with his own adoption certificate...

Oh, and I need a name? Can you pups help me come up with a name???
Thanks Uncle Mark and Auntie Michele...I woof him! I can't wait to introduce him to Bob & Cooper!!! I hope we can all play together soon!!!

Middle Name Game

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My pal down under Asta tagged me for the middle name game. I'm a little late with this tag (sorry Asta) but oh how I love to be tagged!!! Here are the rules...

1. Post the rules before you give the facts.
2. List one fact that is somehow relevant to you and your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.

3. When you are tagged you need to write your post using your middle name and facts about it.

4. At the end of your post, choose one dog (or more) to tag for each letter of your middle name. Be sure to let each puppy know she/he has been tagged. (It's okay if you don't do this... tag who you want to tag!)

So my middle name is Bleu. I like it! It sounds pretty. And I like the way my Mom spelled it too...very French! So here goes...

B = Bouncy, Boisterous, Bright

L = Lovable, Loyal, Loud-Barker

E = Energizer-Bunny-ish, Entertaining

U = Unique, Unbelievably-Cute
So that's me! What do ya think? Do those words describe me! I think so!!! So I know a bunch of you pups already been tagged, but I'm going to tag some pups and if you haven't been tagged yet tell us about your middle name...Bernard, Marvin, Martha and Texas.

Slumber Pawty!

Monday, August 27, 2007

I got a big surprise by spending the weekend with my pals Bob & Cooper. My Uncle Mark and Auntie Michele had to go out of town so Mom and I went to hang out with them.

I got over there on Friday night and we had a VERY extended chat session. Even though we live real close we don't always get to see each other so we had a lot to catch up on.

Greetings Bob...It's been a while!

I was soooooo excited it was really hard to settle down. Every time Bob tried to rest, I went and bugged him and every time I tried to rest he bugged me! It was fun, but tiring. When it was time to go to bed, well, I couldn't. I was just too even though I like to visit, I like my bed at home and couldn't get to sleep (which means Mom didn't sleep either - whoops).

So Saturday rolled around and I went home in the morning and had breakfast and than went to the park. Unfortunately I was so tired that I really didn't play very nice and I didn't stay that long...sometimes you just don't have a good day and Saturday wasn't a good day for me. So I went home and rested for the afternoon.

Now what was weird was that my Mom didn't rest with me...she just disappeared for the afternoon. I wondered where she went and here's what I found on her camera...

She hung out with Bob & Cooper without me!!! They went swimming and ate frosty paws and lounged by the pool! What's up with that??? Why couldn't I come??? Mind you I didn't find out until AFTER and Mom explained that the boyz were sad and missing their pawrents, so how could I be upset about that? Mom was just giving them some extra TLC. I know how it is when my Mom goes away, so I totally understand.

On Saturday night we each got a bully stick and spent a very enjoyable evening watching TV and chewing away. Being big boys, Bob & Cooper finished their bullies, and I just savored mine! This time I did get a little sleep, I must have been real tired. My Mom was real happy about that...I think she was a little tired too!

Sunday rolled around and I went to the park and hung out at home again...alone. I'm trying to be a big girl about it, but why does Mom have all the fun with Bob & Cooper. Look, Bob was working on his tan...

Well, even though I didn't get to hang by the pool OR go swimming I did get to hang out again in the evening. This time Bob and I played a mean game of bitey face...

Please excuse the TV volume and the low light. I'm not exactly sure what Mom was watching...but it seems a bit questionable if you ask me!

Bring it on Bob, bring it on!
Whew that was a fun game!!!

You'll notice that there weren't a lot of Cooper pictures...that's because he didn't hang out with me and Bob that much. I think I'm a little too much of a woman for him and he runs and hides in his bedroom...hee, hee, hee.

Well it was a very fun weekend!!! But I was happy to get home to my toys and my bed and to have my Mom all to myself!!! Oh and surprise, surprise...I was Monday's Boston on - woot. And guess who was Sunday's doggin...yep, my buddy Ike!!!

New Friend!!!

Hi Everypup, GG and Moosie...

Meet my new friend...this is Russell! Hi Russell...

Russell is a 10 month old Shar Pei and he just started a blog. He offers sage his own words he is "Serving as your personal puppy Budha"!!! Hee, hee, hee - that is funny. And who wouldn't want a personal puppy Budha, right?

Russell lives on the east coast with a friend of my Mom's from work. I let Russell know that he needs to sign up with DWB as soon as possible!!! When you have a chance go by and introduce yourself...he seems like a very smart and funny pup...just how we like 'em!!!

Oh, and I have lots to report from my weekend...I stayed with my pals Bob & Cooper (don't worry Stanny - totally platonic)! I have some playing to do now, but I'll post about it the meantime while you wait for me to post, go visit Russell! Hurry up and tell him I sent ya, ok?

Food Glorious Food

Saturday, August 25, 2007

So I've got a few tags pending (my middle name and Perfect Tosca's tagathon) but I'll start with me and my Mom's favorite foods since Marvin so graciously included me when I told him I liked to be tagged. Thanks Marvin!

So here's the deal, I'm supposed to list my 5 favorite foodie items to add to my doggie shopping basket and than my Mom can do the same. OK, here we go:

#1 - My kibble...I really do like it. It is Canidae Chicken and Rice
#2 - Ingredients for Frosty Paws - so that would be plain yogurt, honey, bananas, and peanut butter
#3 - Ingredients for Salmon Cookies - that would be salmon, eggs and oatmeal
#4 - Wallymelon!!! Actually fruits in general except for grapes, those are bad for me!
#5 - Bully sticks!

Do you like how I got away with more items than the just 5? Hee, hee, hee...sneaky I know! Otherwise peanut butter would have to be first on my list!!! OK, turning the blog over to my Mom for her list...

Hi pups, GG & Moosie...thanks for letting me take part in the's my list:
#1 - Fruits all kinds but especially mango, strawberries, white peaches and watermelon

Ruby: Uh Mom, don't you mean Wallymelon?
Ruby's Mom: Yes Ruby, ok, Wallymelon. Can I continue with my list now?
Ruby: Sure.

#2 - Anything, absolutely anything with peanut butter and chocolate. Oh and if a banana can be incorporated all the better.

Ruby: Hey, Mom, if you lose the chocolate we can share your snackie. How about it?
Ruby's Mom: That will so not happen.
Ruby: What about sharing? You're always telling me to share at the park. What do you say to like, um, practicing what you preach?
Ruby's Mom: Ruby, you will never be able to get in the way of me, my peanut butter and my chocolate. Just let it go.

#3 - Sushi

Ruby: Hey, that raw fish stuff sounds interesting, oh, and 'bout it
Ruby's Mom: No!
Ruby: OK, I can see I'm not getting anywhere with you this morning. I'm going to go over and chew on my bully stick, which I won't be sharing. Let me know when I can have my blog back, OK?

#4 - Cheese!!! Preferences would be a nice English cheddar, Stilton or fresh buffalo mozzarella

#5 - Veggies! Any and all, bring them on!

Ruby's Mom: Ruby! Oh Ruby! Hey, I'm done, you can take the blog back? Hello...little dog? Where are you?
Ruby: Oh, sorry, had to clean up a little after my bully stick, they can get a little messy you know.
Ruby's Mom: Oh, yes, I know.

So there you have it...our favorites. I'm getting really hungry after writing this, I may need to get a snack or something. Oh, before I forget I'm going to tag Suki Sumo, Stanley, Suki (of course), Sparky and Samantha. I want to thank Lorenza for the idea to tag people by first letters of their names!!! What a great idea!

Pawty, Pawty, Pawty!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sorry this post is so late coming, but I was beat after all that international internet traveling! But, OMdOG what a fun pawty it was at Marvin's! Jeannie makes the bestest roast chicken and potatoes you could ever imagine. We all had a very fun time...can't you tell?

Let's see, we started out in Cali where Bernard met me at my place. Next we flew a little south to get Randi down in So Cal. Next we headed to AZ where we picked up Joey & Tanner. From there we flew east, to the mid-west (now that sounds kinda odd, doesn't it?) Where in IL we picked up Tad & Fig. Tad had never met Marvin, but you know Tad, he's not one to turn down a pawty, right? From Chi-town (aka Chicago) we headed into Canada to pick up sweet little Clover. Like Tad, Clover hadn't met Marvin, but who wouldn't love her, she's such a cutie! Then it was back into the US to Jackman Avenue where we were greeted by was late and I think Sherman and Penny were sleeping so they didn't join us. Oh and Koobie met us in Pittsburgh too. From the Keystone state we headed into GA to get Fraiser and than down to FL where we picked up my BFF Suki in her rocker-chick finest. All the while Joey and Tanner were entertaining us and there was a nice selection of kibble and snackies - Air Ruby, really does it up nice. Continuing on, we flew north to CT where we picked up Balboa and Sir Chance-Lot...and then Fig & Balboa snuck to a private corner of the plane to 'chat'. Lastly we crossed the border into Canada again and surprised Sophie la Brador. She wasn't expecting us, but it couldn't be a pawty for Marvin without the bootiful Sophie! After Montreal, it was finally off to Scotland to see the pup of the hour, Marvin! that's a long trip...but oh so worth it!

We got to Marvin's refreshed and ready to play. Now I know Marvin was a little concerned that we couldn't land the plane in his driveway, but it was fine because we landed at Glasgow International Aire-port and took a very luxurious limo off to Marvin's house...see Marvin, we spared no expense to visit you! Oh and guess who was there to greet us with Marvin & Jeannie...Simba! His Mum drove him from England and she and Jeannie were sharing some wine while we all ate and played!!!

Now there were a few of our Asian pups and hamsters who also wanted to come on Air Ruby (I mean, who wouldn't, right?), so while we were driving to Marvin's place from the aire-port, Air Ruby took off again, this time on super-sonic mode and picked up GirlGirl and Huskee in Singapore, Boo in Malaysia and finally Ume-Tyan in Japan. Whew...Air Ruby worked really hard on her maiden voyage!!!

Well, we partied into the wee hours of the any good Scottish fling. We ate some awesome food (fortunately no haggis, Mom said to stay away from that!) and just had the greatest time!!! Marvin, here's to your first blogiversary and many, many more to come!!!


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Well today is certainly a day to celebrate...why you ask? Well it's Marvin's 1 year blogaversay! I'm so happy for Marvin and Jeannie and to celebrate Marvin is having a pawty! Wow...I'm heading to the UK twice in one week!!! My Mom is so jellyfish because she LOVES Scotland too, but I told her she couldn't come because it is a 'school-night' (aka work tomorrow).

Now what to wear...Mom, help me decide...I want to look pretty for's his special day!
Is it the pink collar that I'm wearing...
Or the pearls?
Oh, I think the pearls!

So I've chartered a flight on Air own pawsonal airline!
I am planning on taking the eastern route so I can pick up all my US DWB friends on my way to Marvin's. Pups, I'm leaving really soon so let me know if you want me to pick you up! It's going to be a wild time and there is roast chicken and potatoes! Woo-hoo!!!

Marvin and Jeannie...congratulations and we'll see you soon!!! Lots of Licks, Ruby

Sleeping Ruby

Oh dawg have I been tired the last few days. Between going to the park both Saturday and Sunday and than my fun romp with Bernoober...well, just makes a girl tired. Lately, according to my Mom, I've been doing really well sleeping...I guess what that means is that I don't wake her up at 3:00am to go potty or play. In fact I've even been letting her sleep in a to say 5:30am instead of 4:30am. Am I generous or what?

I think one of the contributing factors (aside from chasing around that cute yellow doggin) is my new bed!

Ruby's Mom: Ruby, excuse me...but YOUR new bed?
Ruby: Yep, my new bed.
Ruby's Mom: Ruby, that's MY bed!
Ruby: Um, I don't think so Mom...I sleep in it, it's MINE!!!

Remember how I said my Mom didn't buy me anything at that I*K*E*A place? Well, she bought me a new bed! (Ruby's Mom: Actually, I got new bedding, not a new bed. Ruby: Whatever!). It's so pretty and soft...I really like it! I mean I would like it more if it was say, um, pink (that's my favorite color, you know), but Mom likes blue and it matches everything else in the bedroom.

Oh and just because this is MY blog and this post is about ME sleeping here are a few more sleeping pictures...

OK, so I'm not actually least not yet because Mom keeps flashing that annoying light in my eyes.
Suki, you's my pink Octi...I like to snuggle up to her during the day! Oh and yes, that is the blankie you sent me too!

Here I am snuggling up in the pillows on the couch. I like pillows...both to snuggle and to chew...but don't tell Mom about the chewing part, ok?

OK, all this posting about sleep has well, made me sleepy! I'm off to take a nap...sweet dreams my pups!!!

Sunday = Funday

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Howdy Pups & GG...
What a pawsome day today! It started off with an early morning chat with my DWB pals which is always fun. Than off to the park to play with my BT friends and the bestest part of all...I got to go and visit Bernard and his Mom, Auntie Marianne!!!
I guess I'm too much woman for Bernard because he got tired really quickly...and I wasn't even as energetic as normal!!! Poor Bernard had to go inside and than into his bedroom to calm down a bit. He was real excited to see me I guess. I also got to play a bit with his cat brother Six. This was the first time I was ever off leash with a kitty. I have to say, it was a bit scawie for me...he's got pointy things on his paws!!!

Here's a video my Mom took of me and Bernard. I got Bernard this really cool toy that I was running around with and he was chasing me. Listen closely, you can hear how excited Bernard was...

After a little while us girls went out and did what we do best --- SHOPPING!!! We went to this really cool little shop called Fashion Fo Paws. It was so much fun...they had really nice doggie things and I even got a cool snowflake collar (Mom's getting prepped for Christmas pictures) and a toy chicken. Crystal, who owns the shop, was really nice and even invited my Meetup group to meet at the store one day. That will be so much fun!!!

When we were done shopping Mom and I went home because I was soooooo tired. I literally walked in the door and did this...

It was such a fun day!!! I can't wait to see Bernard again, but I think it will have to wait for a while until he rests up a bit!


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Are you tired of hearing about those silly lolcats? Are you sick of seeing them on tee-shirts or angry that they have their own Wikipedia entry! Well fear no more my doggie friends...

Introducing LOLBOSTONS!!!!

That's right lolcats, 'u pay for dis...'! Alrighty Joey & Tanner, Fig, Ike, Bruin, Seadra, Martha, Saidie, BT, Bentley & Niko, Winston, Oreo...time to get your Boston on and get out there!!!

Special Barkday Wishes

Friday, August 17, 2007

Today is my hooman cousin Danny's 13th Barkday!!! My Mom can hardly believe that he is so grown. Isn't he a handsome guy??? This is him with my fur-sister Sophia.


Have a great barkday Danny!!! I woof you!
Lots of Licks, Ruby

Rockin' Ruby

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My BFF Suki started this really rockin' tag to tell everydoggie which rock star they thought they were most like. It took a while for me to come up with someone. This person had to be hip and sophisticated and fun and cute and sassy and Beautiful and have a HUGE voice...just like me. So who did I come up with...

That's right Christina Aguilera!

What do you pups think?

Does it work?

Can you see it???

Remember, I'm a Fighter...and I like to get Dirrty, you know, from playing in the mud. I can sometimes be Impossible and I really love my Mother, which is totally Obvious. Sometimes my Mom tells me to Slow Down Baby, but when I'm at the park I just want to Soar because that is What a Girl Wants! Oh and Stanny, don't you ever worry...there Ain't No Other Man!

Kinda Sad...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Auntie Kelly is going home today...I'm really sad. I want her to stay longer...or go home with her. See, I'm trying to get in her suitcase...I even have the two toys I would take with me...

I know my Mom would be sad if I left...but I would get to play with her people pups and that would be so much fun. OK, we have to go to the aire-port's a funny my Mom found to try and cheer me up...

I left my dog, in Sacramento... Kelly's Visit Day 2 & 3

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hi everydoggie & GirlGirl, it's Michele, Ruby's Mom here. Ruby said the other day that I could 'borrow the keys to the blog' to post about my visit to San Francisco. I thought that was very kind of her. Ruby spent another enjoyable visit at the Wag---much as she might try and tell you otherwise while 'Auntie' Kelly and I headed into the 'city by the bay' San Francisco.

I don't spend that much time in San Francisco, so when a friend visits, I always tend to's a great excuse to people watch, shop and eat great food. Now both Kelly and I lived in the Bay area for a long time...but like most people, because of work and life, didn't spend a huge amount of time in 'the City'. When visitors would come into town, the typical spot to visit was Fisherman's Wharf, so we decided to mix it up a bit and spend time shopping in Union Square. It was a quick visit (only 1 night) but we had a lot of fun!

We started our visit at the San Francisco Ferry Marketplace. There are some great little cafes and a farmer's market. All the food looked amazing!!! Wally, I took LOTS of pictures of 'eatables' for you. After a fun afternoon we checked into the Hotel Adagio, grabbed the magic plastic card as Ruby calls it and did some shopping. We then had some dinner at a restaurant called Cortez which was amazing and I'm so sorry I didn't snap any pictures of your food because it was so beautiful AND delicious! We finished the evening by catching a movie. Yes, we are exciting, aren't we...but Ruby says I'm boring all the time so this shouldn't come as a surprise ;)

On Monday we ventured out early and we checked out two local pet shops which was very fun and than did some more shopping which of course included the Apple Store and a visit to Citizen Cupcake! We then headed home and picked up Ruby. So a VERY quick visit, but just fun to get away. Here are a few pictures from our visit...

I'm going to turn the blog back over to Ruby now because she has something important to tell you all...

Thanks is she boring...I would have been painting the town red and dancing at that Ruby Skye club she took a picture of. I'm so sorry you had to endure are good friends to read it. Oh the important thing...this is my 100th post!!! Can you believe it?!?!?! It's very exciting for me since I really didn't know if I was going to dig doing this blogging thing...but I do and I love all you pups so thanks for making me want to keep blogging!!!

Auntie Kelly's Visit - Day 1

Sunday, August 12, 2007

So Auntie Kelly is finally here - YAY!!!! OMdOG I never thought she would arrive. Her flight was over 2 hours late...some kind of mackerel issues. I'm not sure what fish have to do with flying since I thought only birds could fly, but whatever --- she's here. The last time I saw Auntie Kelly was almost a year ago when I was still a wee pup, so imagine her surprise at what a bootiful grown-up girl I am!!!

It was so good to see her...the first thing she did when she got in the door was this...


And dog does she give good belly rubs!!! So after some belly rubs and a quick walkie she gave me a prezzie...WOW 2 prezzies in 2 days...I'm such a lucky girl (not to be confused with Luckie Girl of course). Here's what I got...


So I got these really yummy cookie from this barkery in Colorado. Interestingly enough it is call the 'Wagz'...hmmm. There were these great homemade cookies, plus 3 Buddy Biscuits. I think the 3 biscuits are supposed to remind me of her 3 people pups David, Jake and JJ. Here they are...

Aren't they cute people pups??? I bet that little one, JJ, is especially, not to eat, but to lick!!! Oh, and check out his says 'Ladies Man'...hee, hee, hee that's funny!

So the last prezzie Auntie Kelly gave me was this great new chicken Cuz!!!

He makes the bestest noise!!! I've name him Charlie the Chicken Cuz or C3 for short! Oh and you know how I figured out how to name him Charlie and not Charlotte. can see his boy bits...

After the prezzie exchange (yes, I got Auntie Kelly something too), Mom and Auntie Kelly did some shopping and went to have Sushi. After that they came back and got me and we went and spent the evening chatting at Starbucks. Here I am looking at what they are snacking on and not sharing...

Meany Mom wouldn't give me any cookie, but Auntie tossed me a few crumbs...but shhhhhhh...don't tell my Mom.

After Starbucks we came home and hung out and chatted some more and Auntie Kelly and I played a mean game of bitey face. I was sooooooo tired after that, here's what I did...


Well, that was day one of our visit. I'm off to the Wag today...I'm ok with it, I guess. I really wished I was going to San Francisco...maybe I could have hung out with Kaui, but NOOOOOO. I told my Mom she could have the keys to the blog while she's in SF...maybe she will post or maybe she'll wait till she gets back. Either way I'll catch you pups on Tuesday with a full report.