The Good, the Bad and the Gooberlicious

Saturday, August 11, 2007

OK Pups & GG I had that talk with my Mom, but I'll get to that in a second. Let's just say I gave her a piece of my mind!

So on to the GOOD...
I'm a VERY healthy girl! Woot! Dr. Chuck said I was pawfect albeit just a bit crazy, especially when Mom told him I like to eat mud. I just don't get what the big deal is. These hoomans just don't know what they are missing! Anyhowl, I weighed in at 17.01 lbs (7.71 kg), my angry ear is officially not angry any more and my eyes, skin and coat look bootiful (I really like Dr. Chuck *swoon*). Oh and he said I had an athletes body...pretty neat, huh? Must be all the running. Oh and the other good thing from the vet...I didn't get anything stuck up my butt!!! They have this new ear hots tester instead!!!

Also on the 'GOOD' front, Mom did keep her promise and we went to PetsMart and I got this...

A New Pink Cuz!!!

Now on to the BAD...
Remaining on the subject of the vet...I got 3, yes that's right 3 shots yesterday! Can you believe that? Out of nowhere...bam! So not fair. Oh and to make matters worse I got my nails trimmed too. Have they no mercy? When I got home from this experience I looked like this...


Now on to the Mom conversation. It seems that my girl's weekend with me, my Mom and my Auntie Kelly is kinda happening without the main attraction, the star, the glue that will bind this trio...ME!!! In the words of my BFF Suki, "WTF?" (Ruby's Mom: Ruby! Don't say that!)

So it seems that Auntie Kelly and Mom are going to San Fransisco overnight Sunday to Monday and are not coming to get me until Tuesday morning! So for two nights while they are partying I'll be at the Wag prison (Ruby's Mom: Ruby! You like the Wag. Stop being so dramatic. Ruby: Mom, quiet...were in a talking, 15 minutes!) OK, she did say she was going to some special store to buy me prezzies, but still I thought we were all going to all hang out together for the full 5 days and now I'm only getting 3 days with my Auntie Kelly. *sigh*

Moving on...

So you know what has made up for all the "BAD"...Gooberlicious Gifts from my aire-boy Stanny!
Yes, I got a giant box of prezzies from my bootiful boyfriend Stanny. He has such amazing taste and really knows me well. Just look at this haul...

There were so many wonderful things I just don't know where to begin. There was that cool green fish which is Stanny's signature to all his girl-pals...and it makes perfect is so much fun!!!

I got 2 bootiful scarves which Stanny's girl Lisa made (Thanks, Lisa, you are so talented). A really cool sticker of me and Suki, a Stanny magnet which is already on the frosty paws box, yummy treats, a very fun squeaky tennis ball, a really pretty heart charm, a 'on-the-go' water bowl in my signature pink and locks of my love's fur *swoon*. Oh and these pawsome toys...

It's a's a Ruby Bug - hee, hee, hee. Stanny has this nickname for me...he call's me Ruby Bug so he got me this really cute bug beanie. And my new favoritest toy...

It's a rope bug!!! I've been carrying her everywhere, her name is Rosie Bug! Oh and my Mom got this really cute lady bug paper clip. Aactually I think it's really for me, but she liked it so I gave it to her. Ruby's Mom: Does this mean we are not in a fight anymore? Ruby: Yes, Can I have one of the snackie's from Stanny? Ruby's Mom: *sigh*

Oh and I almost forgot...a love letter and a page full of Goober kisses!!! *swoon*

Stanny, you are the bestest boyfriend a girl could have. Thanks for all my prezzies. You and your girl are so generous!!! Thank YOU!!!

So that's it...the Good, the Bad and the Gooberlicious!!! Auntie Kelly is coming in a few hours. I'm really excited. Over the next few days I'll try and post some pictures of us hanging out and hopefully Mom will take some pictures of their visit to SF so I can see all the fun they had (without me!) and I'll share those too.


15 Responses to "The Good, the Bad and the Gooberlicious"

Anonymous said... 8:19 AM

Good Morning Ruby & Mom

Thanks for sending Suki my e-mail, no she does not have to worry I am not going to dog nap her, but, it is a thought, don't tel that to Suki though.

So how is Auntie Kelly? Your stay at the Wag will be awesome you know you like the place.

Tell Mom I checked a couple of rescues but they are really not what I am looking for, I guess I will have to dognap Sophia for a few days.

Your loot is cool I am saving mine to bring to Calforni myself.

Love, hugs & belly rubs


pee-ess nice of you to share me with Suki

Luckie Girl said... 9:17 AM

Hey Ruby,
I'm glad your visit to the vet went ok! :) I checked out the WAG hotel from your link. It sure looks like a posh place for you....have FUN!!! :)

Stanley said... 10:21 AM

Ruby Bug!

Couldn't wait to see you "buggin" with that rope bug! You're a natural.

As I said before, I am very *pleased* you like your pressies. You are such a good pupgirl to me and I WOOF YOU TOO!

Have fun at the Wag (you so know you WILL), and give some goober lovin' to your mama & Auntie Kelly.

Your Goober Boy,

Pee Ess
Do I need to be worried about this Chuck guy? Sounds like it could be serious (though, you obviously are free to love whomever you love - I won't stand in your way - just remember me fondly...hehehe).

Duke said... 12:57 PM

Hey you did pretty good in the pressies department Ruby! Awesome stuff from Stanley, but we're not surprised! He has excellent and perfect taste and even a Cuz from your mom!
Sorry about WAG prison but it sounds like it'll be a short stay! Take your new toys to pass the time!

Love ya lots,

Suki & Joey said... 12:58 PM

Oh my gosh, Ruby! You got cool stuff, just like me! That Stanley is so sweet, isn't he?

Sooo, this Dr. Chuck seems pretty cool. Maybe you should set up a date for your Mom with him! You know, just pretend you're sick or something so your Mom will bring you in and then whip out a bowl of spaghetti like in "Lady & The Tramp" and they can both say "Oh, hey! Look at that! I'm hungry!" and they'll start eating and meet in the middle! LOL!

Have fun at the Wag. I'm so jealous.

Puggy kisses

Anonymous said... 5:04 PM

Wooo Ruby! Glad you got a good checkup with the vet! Sorry you get to go to the Wag prision while your mom and all go party it up in SF! Totally not fair. Humm.. Maybe we all should get together, go somewhere, and put the humans in some kind of prison. Give them a taste of their own medicine, ha rooo!

Jessica said... 7:17 PM

Hi Ruby...great vet visit. You must really have an athletic body at 17 pounds. I'm 25 pounds and that means I'm NOT athletic.

Those are great gift you got. Enjoy...

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Koobuss said... 7:50 PM

Congratulations on such a good report from the vet! That is great news. Now you won't have to go back there for a long time. And you got to go to Petsmart, too! That is one of my favorite places!!

I guess your bath wasn't wasted afterall.

Lots of Koobuss Kisses,

Lorenza said... 8:22 PM

Hi, Ruby.
I am so glad that your visit to the vet went very well!
All those presents from Stan are great! I like the bug.
Sorry about the Wag prision!
Take care

Joe Stains said... 8:32 PM

Another cuz with NO feet, its terrible. We are glad you had a good visit to the vet and that you didn't get stuck up your butt!

Toby said... 8:40 PM

Hey Ruby! Great to hear that you're in great shape!!! Sorry 'bout the jabs though. I have no idea what it is with humans and those sharp evil things.

Look at the loot you got!! Woo Hoo Bingo! You hit the jackpot!!!


Anonymous said... 3:41 AM

What awesome, awesome presents you got - you are sooo lucky Ruby!!

I hope you don't mind going to Wags too much - just make sure you give your humans strict instructions to buy LOTS of presents for you when they come back to make up for it.


Kien said... 6:11 AM

Hi, Ruby.
Am glad that your visit to the vet went well!

And u are so lucky to have so many pawsome pressie...

Golden Rossi

Bernard Hinault Lilje said... 8:39 AM

k, make sure you charge of lots of massagies on your mom's card while at the WAG..I'd even go for an extra 2 for $25-- that could add up quickly.


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said... 6:22 AM

I like that word, Gooobilicious.....a new one for my vocabulary....ha ha ha!