What have I been doing for the last 9 months???

Tuesday, September 06, 2011


OK, maybe not nothing, but things are all about work for Mom which means I don't get to do anything fun anymore. OK maybe I get to go to playcare at The Local Bark, which is fun. OK, it's LOTS of fun.

Yes, this is me smiling because I'm having fun...but do you see that little white guy in the back? Yeah, this guy...
This is the little pest...this is my new brother...Speeeedy. Shocking, I know. I am the princess, the only dog, but now the little pest lives here too. Hogging up the bed at night and making me share my snackies AND my Mom. What is this world coming to????

It's been awhile...

Friday, September 02, 2011

Hello...is anypup out there? Hello???

Oh my dear friends...where has the time gone? Well I've hijacked the computer and I've fired my secretary (OK, I didn't fire her, I do need to eat afterall). Now that DWB 2.0 is back I need to be back too. So stay tuned...