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Thursday, August 28, 2008

As if pawtying around the globe wasn't enough, imagine my surprise when I got back to the Sac-of-Tomato aireport to find my Mom!!! For a minute there, I thought I was in trouble or something, but guess what pups???? My Mom was there to pick up my Auntie Kelly!!!! That's right, my Auntie Kelly came to visit me and see my new house - W00t!!!

So get this...in the last 2 weeks I've....

--- Had my best pal Bob spend the week at my house
--- Had the bestest pawty with all my bloggy friends
--- Got to seet Paris with 'my boys'

and now...

--- Mom is home from work for 5 whole days
--- And last but not least my Auntie Kelly is here!!!

I think that deserves a whole bunch of W00ts, don't you??? W00t - W00t - W00t - W00t - W00t!

We are going to have the bestest time...eating yummy snackies and lounging by the pool and going shopping. Ahhh the perfect girls weekend. I'm only sad about one little thing, well 3 little things...Auntie Kelly didn't bring her pups. I just LOVE that Jakey (and David and JJ too). Well, there is always next time and they don't like to get pawticures anyway - hee hee hee.

So if I'm not around for the next few days pups, don't worry...we're just doing some girl stuff!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wow...what a day! Dog am I tired. The snackies are getting low and the pawtini fountain is running dry...time to head home, but not before Mack and I stole a quiet moment at the Eiffel Tower. Paris is so bootiful...and Mack's sissy too - hee hee hee. I tried to find Stanny, but I think he was off with Asta taking a stroll down the Champs-Élysées. What a bootiful night and a great day. Thanks pups for making this such a pawsome cel-blogation. Until next year...or the next trip - W00t!

P(ee)S:Special thanks to Asta on helping with the pictures...don't forget to check out her bloggy - W00t!

We tried to make Gussie as comfortable as possible. Heck, he was treated like a king...crown and all! What a trooper one day home after surgery and he's flying around the world with us. Gussie...it wouldn't have been a pawty without you...thanks so much for coming.

Gussie was never alone for long...aside from the nursies, he had a constant stream of visitors...mainly because that is where all the snackies were - W00t! Teka was catching up with Willow, Tess and Lucy. Oh and Bella the Boxer - my diva gal pal - was there too. I really think she was digging those pawtinis a little too much. Pearl was really enjoying the lounge eating lots of snackies of course. Maggie & Mitch decided to take a day off of their vacation and served as a pawtenders...thanks pups! And finally getting some quality boy-talk was Noah and Gussie. Wonder what they were comparing notes on???? hmmmmm....

Oh wait...here come the nursies...Gus, better lay off of those pawtinis before you get in trouble!

We had a jolly good time in jolly old England. Here we are at Buckingham Palace...trying to visit the Queen for some tea. We patiently waited, but nothing...not sure what was up with that...Eric was so frustrated he climbed to the top of the palace to see if he could find her. Oh well, maybe next visit.

The Puppies (Opal, Maggie & Marshall) really enjoyed their time in London. George was a great host showing us around and telling us some great stories. Look at Kaci & Hershey just soaking it all in...they were just mesmerized! Doesn't Lola look like she should be wearing one of those fuzzy guard hats - hee hee hee. All Lorenza and Clover wanted to do was go to Harrod's to go shopping...you two!!!! Oh and there was Rocky just so excited to be there - W00t!

I really think we'll be coming back to England...hey, maybe in 4 years for the next Summer Paw-limpics!!!

Oh...and can you see what Scruffy did??? He's been practicing his flying skills...AND...his sky writing skills. You've come a long way Scruffy!!!! Thanks!!! Woot!

Ahhh, behold the beauty of the Grand Canyon. Joe & Tanner wanted us to see it. At this stop we had some pretty brave pups. First to jump off Aire Ruby was of course the crazy Dixie Bug!!! Crazy girl!!! Sophie was so worried, but all was well...of course Dixie is the super bug - hee hee hee!!! Some of the other puggies needed to check things out too...Emmitt, Winston and Clementine just loved it. Bob, being the great outdoorsdog wanted to catch the sites and he even found a dinosaur bone too - what luck! Oh and there is my sissy Sophia...I think she kinda has a bit of a crush on Bobbers. Who wouldn't!!!

Oh and don't forget to check out Asta's bloggy...she took some great pictures too - W00t!!!

On our way...

Get ready pups...look outside...do you see me???
Happy Anniversary Aire Ruby - Woot!!!!
It's gonna be a great day - W00t-W00t!!!

Check back often for pictures as the day unfolds. Also, Asta will be posting some pictures too so make sure to visit her bloggy.

Good Luck Gussie

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Feel better soon my friend...I have a special spot (might even want to call it throne-like) all ready for you on Aire Ruby for tomorrow.

Lots of Licks, Ruby

UPDATE: Gussie is out of surgery - W00t! He'll be home soon. Rest up sweet boy...big day tomorrow!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Of you swimming in my pool

Yellow Bob-fur covered memories
Of the way we were

Scattered stuffies,
all through out the living room
Stuffies torn due to excitement
For the way we were

Can it be that it was only for just a week?
That you stayed here at my house...

If we had the chance to do it all again
Tell me, would we? could we?

Of Cooper hiding in the garage

Did he know what he was missing
Extra snackies and pats galore!

Here's to the barking
and all the playing

I will always remember...
The way we were...
The way we were...
I miss you already Bob (and Cooper)!

Sleepy Sunday #30...Guest Starring...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

ME!!!! Bob!!!


Oh, and here is my brother Cooper...in the garage...where he spent most of the week. Poor Coops...seriously dude, she's a little annoying, but really not that bad. I mean you're 4 times the size of her...dog up already!


So today is my last day with Ruby and Aunt Michele. I really had a lot of fun this week, but like any vacation, at some point you just want to go home. And I really want to go home because I miss my Maddy. Looks like she had fun on her vacation too...in fact, maybe a little too much fun...Maddy, what WAS in your bottle???


Thanks pups for letting me hang with you this week. I've enjoyed blogging and visiting your blogs. Hope I get to see you again...oh wait, Ruby said if I want I can come to the pawty this week, so I'll see you there. Oh and Ruby also said don't forget if YOU want to come to the pawty to leave a comment. Sounds like it is going to be a blast!!!

Not just another August day...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Do you remember what you were doing on August 27th, 2007? Well, for 19 DWB'ers who never shy away from an adventure or a pawty or to help out a pal, they were part of the maiden voyage of Aire Ruby! What started as a simple trip to celebrate the 1 year blogiversary of our special friend Marvin, the Scotsman (oh how I miss Marvin) has turned into a DWB phenomenon - W00t!

Here's the photo we took of that very special event...
And since that one trip Aire Ruby has helped celebrate barkdays and weddings and poker games and surprise pawties all around the globe. Who knew the many adventures we would have!!! W00t!

To celebrate the anniversary of this very special event I invite all of you to become part of Aire Ruby's frequent flyer program --- I give you the Aire Ruby Flyers (ARF)!

To celebrate the launch of this premier service, the Aire Ruby staff has created this cool ARF badge that you can proudly display on your bloggy - W00t!!!

If ARF isn't exciting enough, on August 27th (next Wednesday) Aire Ruby invites you to attend an in-aire cel-blogation. The round the world service will fly to where you are, pick you up to pawty-pawty-pawty!!! And we'll not stop pawty-ing until the pawtini fountain dries up and salmon cookies are all gone! We'll even make stops at some world-wide landmarks for some special photo-ops!!! Asta, how about the top of the Empire State Building? Or Joe, wanna meet us at the Grand Canyon? Simba...shall we look for the Queen at Buckingham Palace? Noah and crew...what's playing at the Sydney Opera House next week?

If you are interested in joining the pawty (and why wouldn't you?), just leave me a comment by Monday 8/25---we want to make sure we have enough drinks and snackies you know! You SO don't want to miss out on this special event!!! W00t!!!

Captain Ruby, over and out!

Meet Winnie the Wonder Lab...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hey Pups it me Ruby and also here is Bob. Say hi Bob.

Hi Bob - BOL

Bob, you are so silly. We thought we'd do a joint post today to introduce a new pup friend. This is Winnie...


Oh, Ruby, Winnie is just so bee-u-tee-ful. She's exactly my kinda pup if you know what I mean?

Right you are Bob, that is why I thought it would be fun for us to post together about her.

So, Ruby, what is that thing Winnie is wearing?

Glad you asked Bob, Winnie is wearing the latest in guide dog fashion because that's what she is...a guide dog in training! Isn't that excitering?

Wow, a working girl, I like that! My current girlfriend Daisy just stays at home all day and naps. BOL...hey, Ruby...

Yes, Bob.

Please don't tell Daisy I barked that, OK?

No worries Bob. It is just between you and me. OK, back to the marvelous Winnie. Winnie just had her first barkday and currently lives with a friend of my Mom's from work. This friend's family gots Winnie when she was a wee pup-girl and have been training her to be a guide doggie when she grows up. Isn't that just the coolerest?

OMD Ruby it is!!! Gosh, I bet I'd be pretty good at that job too, don't you think?

Um, yeah, sure you would Bob. But you would have to go to a lot of school to learn that stuff.

Oh, really, yeah, I think I'll pass than.

OK, back to Winnie. So Winnie has been working hard and is coming up on the time where she will have to leave her family to go to her furever home to help someone in need. I think that would be sad to have to leave, but it's for a good cause.

Oh that would be sad Ruby...as much as I'm having fun with you and Aunt Michele, I miss my people.

I know you do Bob. Would a snackie make you feel better?

YES! *munch, munch, munch* Hey, what were we barking about? *munch* Right, Winnie...OK, keep going.

So a few weeks ago, Winnie went to Mom's work and hung out and showed off all her mad skillz! She actually got to go into my Mom's work! I've never been able to do that!!!

REALLY, Ruby? You're kidding!!!

NO Bob, really! And it wasn't even 'Take your doggie to work day' either! She didn't stay all day, but Mom said she was the most well behaved and the prettiest Lab girl ever!

Ruby, did she actually say that, I mean I'm a Lab...I kinda thought she thought I was pretty?

Bob, you are handsome, not pretty and yes, she thinks you are the handsomest Lab boy ever!

Whew...I was a bit worried there. Now I'm better. Hey, Ruby, do you have anymore of those yummy snacks of yours?

Here ya go...Anyhowl...I just thought you pups would like to meet Winnie. She is a really special pup-girl and is doing a pawtastic job! Her family is also pretty pawsome for helping her grow up right so she can make a difference in someone's life who really needs her to help them! Go Winnie!!! W00t!

*munch munch munch* Go Winnie!!! *munch munch munch*

Prezzies and more...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Well, well, well, I see you met Bob. He's pretty cute, huh? He tends to exaggerate a bit tho', me not share?!?! I mean he was playing non-stop last night with my squeaky lipstick toy (you should have seen him!) and he got over 15 minutes of bootey scratches and snooter pets uninterrupted!

He really liked reading all your comments, so there may be another Bob post later this week. And I didn't bark at him for using my blogging machine...I would never do that! Oh and news on Cooper...he actually came out in the yard with me today! For about 10 whole seconds! I really don't know what his deal is...I was super sweet and didn't even bark. If he were a girl dog he would totally be part of the diva club that is for sure!

Now on to some super excitering things...PREZZIES! I got some super nice house-breaking, I mean house-warming prezzies from my handsome boyfriend Mack and my PA pals Lacie, Scruffy and Babystan - W00t! I didn't get too many photos, I was way too excitered for that, but here are a few...

Could we please get on with this...I smell something pawtastic in here!!!

I smell terrierests!!!

First up...sweetness from my sweetie...
I gots a lovely lamby to cuddle with from Mack, a stickie pad where Paris was the model (I gave that to Mom) and finally a homemade bone out of Tia Lilly's kitchen...yum. I just love everything...thank you all (especially my Mack) for everything.

Next up...Lacie, Scruffy and Babystan goodness...
This shot was really hard to stand still for because I got a bag 'o' terrierest fur! Unbelievable! Fantabulous! Lacie...where do you get your highlights? If that wasn't the bestest, I got a bag 'o' treats, and a new friend!!! You see I've barked on my blog that I was kinda lonely at the new house so my 3 terrierist pals sent me a new friend! She is so cute...I named her Misty (like Misty May-Trainor the beach volleyball goddess!). And we even have matching dresses too - W00t! Pups...you are so thoughtful! Thank you so so so so much - W00t!

OK, off for another round of bitey face! I promise to let Bob blog again before he goes home, oh, and Aire Ruby will have a special announcement this week!!!

It's me...Bob...

Monday, August 18, 2008

um...hello? Is this thing on? Oh, Hi! My name is Bob...I'm I'm staying here with Ruby and my Aunt Michele. How are you pups?


I've never blogged before, but this looks like it could be fun. I think I might need to keep this short...you see even though Ruby said I could blog, if she found me using her 'puter I think she'd start barking at me. That girl needs to learn how to share, but I'll tell you more about that later.

I'm really liking staying with Aunt Michele and Ruby...I get to do one of my most favorite things...swim!

Yeah, I'll admit, I'm no Michael Phelps, but I can do a mean doggie paddle. See Ruby in the video...little wimpy girl would rather bark at me than jump on in. She doesn't know what she is missing.

Aside from swimming and some major games of bitey face, things have been pretty chill for me. Here are a few more pictures for you to enjoy...




Ruby is one cool pup to hang out with, except when she doesn't let me play with any of her toys. She's got some real good ones too in her giant toy basket...some I KNOW she hasn't played with in a while, but every time I try and play with one she steals it! Oh and if Aunt Michele wants to pet me...she needs to weasel her way in and steal my pets and butt scratches. But you know, it is her house and she's nice enough to let me stay here, so I guess it is OK.

Oh and you'll notice who is NOT in the picture. Yep, my bro Cooper. He doesn't like Ruby...I think she is too much dog for him. Which is kinda funny because he's like got about 90 pounds on the little thing. Anyway, it was nice to meet you all...I better go before Ruby starts on me about hogging her 'puter. Later.

Sleepy Sunday #29

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Guess what? I have my first house guests! Ha-Ha Mom, I beat you! Yes, my cutie cuzin's Bob and Cooper are staying with me for the whole week! I'm so happy! I love hanging with them...especially Bob. I don't think Cooper likes me much...I think I'm too barky for him. He just hangs out in the garage...whatever! Anyhowl, this week is going to be great! I might even let Bob do a guest post!!! W00t!

I'm crushin'

Friday, August 15, 2008

OK, so my Mom has been obsessed with all that Olympic mumbo-jumbo. B*O*R*I*N*G! She's staying up late, yelling and screaming and carrying on like a crazy person. You know why...it's all because of this guy...

She thinks he's H*O*T!!! Whatever....you are WAY too old and lazy for him! But than I saw this...

Herman...oh Herman...*swoon*...I think I'm in love...I know you're a lazy boy, but I could make you run...I could chase you...we could play bitey face...we could wrassle...*swoon*...and when we are done...we could nap and be lazy together....snoring doesn't bother me...oh Herman...*swoon*

Don't worry Mack or Stanny...I'm still your pup-girl...always. But a girl can dream...I can have a crush, right? Oh Herman...

Special Mission...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We got the bestest news ever...Jackson will be home for his barkday! W00t! After consulting with Nurse Asta, it was decided that Jackson needs some rest before we visit, but that we should definitely do a barkday fly-by and circle Jackson's dogstar...so who's in??? Aire Ruby is ready and waiting!!!

dog star
Myspace Glitter Graphics

More Chillaxalympics happenings...

There is no better way to participate in the Chillaxympics than to have some Frosty Paws...W00t!

I haven't had any homemade in a real long time, but Mom got this new foodable toy that has made making Frosty Paws a breeze...check it out!

It truly is magic!

Mom mixed some yogurt and peanut butter and honey...yum. She finished it off by dropping a big, juicy blueberry right in the middle...ahhhh blueberries, I love me my anti-oxidants!

Little hearts...so cute!

No, the photo was not taken upside down! This is the torture I had to go through just to lick the spoon!!!

Peanut butter, what peanut butter?

Now I must be patient and wait for all that frosty goodness. I suppose while the frosty paws are getting frosty, I can participate in my preferred Chillaxympics event...napping.

Oh and before I forget...I'm so happy Jackson pulled through his op-paw-ration yesterday and is doing OK - W00t! But he still needs us to send him some healing vibes. So cross those paws while you are chillaxing today...I know that is what I will be doing!

P(ee)S: Petey came up with a really interesting idea about Jackson, it's his barkday on Friday. If he is home and it is OK with his nurses Lacie, Asta and Koobie, should we hop on Aire Ruby and pay him a surprise visit? Nurses, what is your medical opinion? Do you think the Js will mind?

My new house - Part 2

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yes, I have a...


Isn't it fine??? There is also a hottie tub...


and even a duckie!

So I'm really not a huge fan of the pool. I haven't gone in even when Mom is in there. I just kinda run back and forth and bark at her when she is in there trying to get her exercise. I much prefer to sun myself instead.


Mom got me THIS silly thing...
But she hasn't forced me to wear it yet...thank dOG! She said that if I'm not interested in the pool she wasn't going to force me in. But she doesn't ever let me outside without being watched, just in case. What she doesn't know is I will never jump in...there's water in there and that is too much like a bath!

But you know what DOES love the pool???

That's right, Aire Ruby is enjoying its new home too...you didn't know how easy it was to store Aire Ruby, did ya!

That leads me to a question...I should be planning a house warming pool pawty, shouldn't I? Who wants to help me???

OH, NO!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

So we woke up Saturday morning and it started out great. Ran around the yard for a bit, ate my breakie, had a surprise visit from Uncle Mark and Papa Neal. Could it get any better than that? Well, it could...or so I thought...

We grab my leash and we hop in the Ruby-mobile and I'm thinking...THE PARK - W00t!!! I hadn't been to the park in a while because of all this moving stuff so I'm getting really excitered. So we pull out of the garage and head on our way, but wait...we're not going to the park...we are going to the V.E.T!!!!! (dum, dum, dum...)

It was my annual physical. Yuck! OK, I do get treats, but come on...the V.E.T? This is NOT what I had in mind. So we get there and I am subjected to the such indignities as getting weighed (perfect - 16.12 lbs) and getting my temperature taken...


It was normal...and fortunately taken in my ear and NOT the other way, whew! Than Dr. Marsha came in and checked the rest of me out. I might have heard something about being the most beautiful, perfect, well behaved Boston Terrier she has ever seen. Oh and everything checked out and she said my Mom was doing a great job with me (like she has anything to do with my perfection - ha!)

Than Dr. Marsha left and came back with another nursey, but before that I heard something most disturbing...


That's right pups, I had to get a needle to make sure no icky heartworms visit me. At least they weren't stealing my blood, right? Well, I was a brave girl and for all my troubles got some very tasty treats - W00t!

So that was that...I went home and was planning on spending a lazy day taking part in the Chillaxympics until the phone rang not 5 minutes after we got home (dum, dum, dum...). It was Dr. Marsha again and I guess the poopy sample my Mom brought in (I didn't see her do that - sneaky woman) showed that I had an evil hookworm inside me! YIKES!!!!

Isn't that thing yucky?? And it is squatting illegally in my small intestine! So Mom had to rush back to the V.E.T, get different flea/tick/heartworm prevention (since the one I was using didn't necessarily prevent hookworm) AND medicine to get that sucker out! Thanks for doing that Mom!!!

Oh and here's the crazy (kinda scawie) part...I haven't been to the doggie park in over a month! Dr. Marsha thinks that's how I got it, which means that it has been in me for quite possibly a long time - YIKES! I'm so upset, but Mom has been cuddling me and saying everything is going to be OK.

And one last thought on the V.E.T...I do love Dr. Marsha very much and she takes really good care of me. On that note, I'm sending lots of loving and healing vibes (and crossing my paws) that Jackson's V.E.T's will take very good care of him too and his surgery will go OK.

Sleepy Sunday #28 - Chillaxympics Edition

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Since I was unable to compete in the Paw-Limpics due to my lack of training, I am honored to have been chosen by the IOC (the International Order of Corgador) to be part of the Chillaxympics because of my superior napping skills.

There have been some shocking revelations about some of the other chillaxympic team members not chillaxing enough! Can you imagine??? I just want to publicly state that I will not dishonor my team and do nothing more than napping, chewing on my bully stick, eating wallymelon and frosty paws for the next 15 days - W00t!

Let the Games Begin!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

I am so very honored to have been chosen by the Paw-limpics Selection Committee to pawticpate in the Bone Relay. It is a great honor to not only represent the great state of sunny California, but also the DWB family - W00t!!! Look at how proud I am...

What no one has mentioned is that the bone was peanut butter flavored - double W00t!!!

I'm so excited for the Paw-limpics to get started. Lenny and his Mom have done a pawtasic job organizing the events. The only downside is that I didn't get enough training in due to my move and will not be pawticipating in any event. I know, I know, I'm a little sad, but you know what...I'm REALLY super exciting to be cheering on my pup friends to victory!!! Make sure you go and visit Lenny's blog to get the event schedule! This is going to be pawsome! W00t!

Let the Games Begin!

My new house - Part 1

Monday, August 04, 2008

And now for the moment you all have been waiting for, here are a few photos of my new house. Mom took this a few days before we moved in so you don't see any furniture. We'll need to take some more photos now that we have some furniture in the house and when we get NEW furniture - W00t!!! So here goes...

My new kitchen...
Mom will need to add a little color here...but I am VERY excited because we have double ovens. You know what THAT means, right? That means she can make even more snackies for me!!!

Living Room...
This will have all of Mom's Arts and Crafts (aka expensive, Ruby don't sit on it) furniture in it.

Family Room Fire Place...
Thank dog I still have a fireplace otherwise I wouldn't have agreed to move...I need me my cozy fire in the winter!!!

Dining Room...
Our table will go quite nicely in here! Out the window is a very pretty Japanese maple tree which is quite nice to leave peemail on!!!

My yard...
Well, this is only part of my yard. I really like it a lot...I can run all around the back side of the house...it is great!!!

Oh and last but not least...here's my resting spot in the kitchen...at least for now...
This is actually the breakfast nook which is awaiting the arrival of our new table...it's gonna be here in a few weeks.

So that's it...for now. I promise to make Mom take some more pix...especially outside and my bedroom too. Oh and there has been a lot of questions about where AireRuby is. Well, have no fear, AireRuby is very happy with her new accommodations!!!

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