I blame my secretary...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So I blame my secretary, aka Mom. For what you ask? Well for being lazy and NOT posting about all the wonderful awards I've gotten the last few weeks and months! Months, I know it's been months. She used to keep track and all that good stuff but she's been so lazy about it!!! I guess she's busy (probably training Winnie). I'm very angry with her! I'm actually considering outsourcing her position or something!
So to all my wonderful friends who have given me awards...
Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I really love you all and am appreciative of you thinking of me! One day I'll convince my secretary (if I don't fire her first) to go back and post about them.

So not only does my secretary not post about bloggy awards she doesn't post about an important Gooberstanian recognition I received a few weeks back (yes, a few weeks!). I, like my diva girlfriend Asta, was awarded the Royal Order of the Pink Flamingo!!!


OMD...I just couldn't believe it when it arrived! Prime Minister Stanley and Crown Princess Stella presented it to me in a wonderful package that arrived from Gooberstan. The only thing better than receiving this prestigous honor would have been if it were presented to me by my handsome boyfriend Stanny in pawson.

Gentle kisses for this most highest of honors. I am just barkless!!!

Thank you my Stanny and Stella! You pups, your Girl and Merv are so sweet to think of me! I woof you all! Hopefully next time, my lazy secretary will not be so pokey about posting.

As you can see, I really, really, really love my flamingo!

Prison Break

Monday, September 29, 2008

Of course it would be a Boston Terrier...

I'm so proud!

Sleepy Sunday #31

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Mom is working on my Howloweenie costume...
after last year...I'm afraid, I'm very afraid!

The saga continues...

Friday, September 26, 2008

So Moco and Peanut were right...Mom said Winnie was visiting as part of her Guide Doggie training. Since Winnie is still learning stuff (she is after all still a pup-girl) it is good for her be at lots of different places and be in lots of different situations with lots of different peoples. So that is why she was at my Mom's work. At least that is what she said.


What I still don't understand is why was she hanging with my Mom all day? There's lots of other people where my Mom works! Apparently Winnie spent the day laying on Mom's feeties and going to meetings with her and barking on conference calls...I SO could do that!!! I'm thinking Joey might be on to something...maybe my Mom is cheating on me??? She said she was helping out...but I just don't know. I'm feeling very jellyfish!!! Should I be jellyfish???

Hey, maybe all I need is one of those cool green jackets and that way I could lay on Mom's feeties and go to meetings and bark on conference calls??? What do you think???

I know pink is my signature color, but I look good in green too, right?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

So I was looking at my blogging machine today and noticed that my Mom had uploaded some new pictures...

This is the door to my Mom's office...
This is my Mom's desk...
This is my Mom's computer...
of course, with a Starbucks cup!

Look... a picture of me...
oh, and is that tequilla I see??? Hmmm....and it's true, she doesn't usually play well with others - BOL!

And here is my calendar...

Wait...who's this in the corner...in my Mom's office...

Wait a minute...that's Winnie!!! What's Winnie doing in my Mom's office???
Is that a plastic water bottle? I never get to play with those!!!

What's this??? Winnie's napping? In my Mom's office...what is up with that???

Somebody - MOM - has some serious 'splaining to do!!! To be continued...

Happy Barkday Asta!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No, I didn't forget one of my bestest diva gal-pals barkday...no, no, no...Mom has just been hogging my blogging machine!!!

Happy Barkday sweet Asta girl!!!! 

Thank you so much for being my friend!!!  
Lots of Licks, Ruby

P(ee)S:  Happy Barkday to Peanut and Flash's Dad too...Come home soon!!!

Sleepy Sunday #30

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I stole Mom's reading nook...it's mine now...all mine!!! Happy Sunday!

Now this is just craziness...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

For those of you who visit Boston Buddies, you may have already seen this, but for everypup else, take a look...

THIS is wrong on so many different levels. First of all there were cables and big giant rocks and water and big scawie heights. Oh, and his people carried him around like a purse?!?! I feel an HBO-word coming on, right Tanner??? This is so very, very, very wrong. I don't think he looked happy, do you think he looked happy???

I have assurances from my Mom I will never be subjected to anything like this!!!

Finally taking the plunge...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Not literally of course...I don't like water, but after much consideration and consultation I have decided to take a 'Not of My Species Special Friend'. I did not take this decision lightly...and think I have chosen a good fit based on the fact that this fine feline has been able to co-exist with a pretty crazy pup (just like me). I give you my NOMSSF...Mica...

Mica is Petey's kitty brother and she is 17 years young. I figured any kitty who can put up with a terrierest is the right kind of NOMSSF for me! Also, I think I can learn a lot from such a wise soul as Mica. So thank you Mica for being my special friend.

While we are on the topic of kitties, I'd also like to say hi to my new kitty friend and name-twin Ruby! Welcome Ruby, you are really lucky to have picked such a great family and good luck tomorrow at the V.E.T.

And since this IS my DOG blog, here is a picture of me doing my bestet kitty impersonation...

Editor's Note: I clearly did not take my selection of a NOMSSF seriously enough and like some of our candidates for president, didn't do enough due-diligence when making my selection. I'm sorry Mica...you are a fine feline who is a fellow!!! I sure hope you still want to be my NOMSSF!

Sleepy Sunday #29

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm on a boxer kick I guess because this week's Sleepy Sunday guest star is none other than Peanut...
Isn't he so cute...awww!!! Me and my Mom are so happy that Peanut & Flash's family are ok after Ike and I'm thinking good thoughts for all the other pups in the storm's path particularly my Macky and his family.

Congratulations Presley!

Friday, September 12, 2008

On Wednesday night, Presley (they really 'hot' boxer boy who I'd love to fix my diva gal-pal Bella up with) won the title of Greatest American Dog - W00t!
Say what you might about the show, I have to admit it was a guilty pleasure for me! Don't get me wrong there were some owners and pups who totally annoyed me, but throughout I really was a Presley fan. Oh sure there were more well-trained pups there, but Presley really came through with flying colors - W00t! Not only did he show determination and how much he learned, but he also showed that no pup is pawfect and that to me was really important. Plus he's brindle and just darn cute...I mean look at those jowls!!! Congrats Pres...you make all us adorable but crazy pups proud - W00t!!!

Oh and speaking of winners...I was the winner of Project Dogway Week 5 - check it out...I'm so honored!!!

Always Remember

Thursday, September 11, 2008

To all in NYC and everywhere else who was touched by this tragedy...
we will always remember...
Lots of Licks, Ruby

This one's for you Wally...

Monday, September 08, 2008

So Mom and I were watching the Ellen DeGeneres show today and one of the guests was Michelle Obama. We were really excitered because we saw Wally's future home...(skip ahead to 5:28 if you don't want to watch the whole clip)

Wally, I'd like to reserve the Lincoln bedroom for my visit - W00t!!!

Sleepy Sunday #28

Sunday, September 07, 2008


I am the great huntress!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

First off, thanks for the well wishes! I am feeling much better and milking all the 'bland diet' stuff for as long as possible - W00t!

OK, so after Mom and I watched that old dude give that boring speech, we went outside to hang out. I think Mom was checking the 'squishy-ness' factor again, but whatever. We were just about to go inside when we were attacked by this ginormous dragonfly. I mean it was HUGE...like the size of an eagle or something. Mom was totally freaking out...I mean squealing like a little people pup! She was trying to get us inside but guess who followed us in? Yup that extra-extra-extra large dragonfly!!! OMD!!!!

You know me, I'm there to protect and serve, right? So I'm trying to get that evil dragonfly away from my Mom and it's buzzing all around the room and I finally catch it!!! W00t!!! Than Mom freaked out even more and tried to distract me to get that silly fly away from me and so it escaped and flew right out of my mouth!!! Dratz!!!! Mom opens the door to get it out but I'm determined to finish off that gigantic-evil thing and I follow it outside. I don't think Mom was too happy.

So I'm chasing the evil monster-sized dragonfly, which I have partially maimed with my great hunting skills and I catch it again. W00t!!! So like a good girl, I come running back into the house to show my Mom how brave I am and recieve the much due accolades of my great battle. But for some reason, my Mom is not impressed...I just don't get it! I saved the woman for dogs sake!!!

Anyhowl, I retreat to my hiding place (under the big bed) and try to feast on the spoils of my great battle. Again my squealing-wimpy girlie-Mom is totally freaking out and has to crawl under the big bed with a broom to separate me and my bug!!! The horror!!! Finally Mom shoes the dragonfly out the door and you know what...I don't even get a thank you for saving her life!!! The nerve!!! All I hear is that I better go brush my teethies because she doesn't want any bug breath near her...how ungrateful is that?!?!?! I bet she is just jellyfish of what a great huntress I am and she's just a wimpy, wimp, wimp who needs a broom for protection!!!

Oh and because Mom was soooooo scared, she didn't even get a picture of me in battle protecting her, but here is what the evil dragonfly looked like:
Scary, huh? This guy really would have looked lovely mounted over our fireplace!!!

A bit under the weather...

Hey Pups...sorry I've been so quiet, but I've not been feeling too well. Oh don't worry, nothing too serious and actually I think Mom has made more out of it than it really is. Maybe it's all the excitement (the move, the icky hookie worms, the pawties, the visitors) but I've been a little, um, irregular if you know what I mean.

Mom finally got 'worried' when I wasn't drinking my water (why drink water when there are pawtinis?) and my poops were um, a bit squishy...well actually a LOT squishy. I guess Mom was worried I might become a little de-hi-treated. Anyhowl...of course you know what that means? Yup...off to the V.E.T. - I swear we should own stock in that place!

I was so violated at the V.E.T. Between the exam and the temperture thingy in my butt oh and the camel hump with fluids (can we say big giant needle) it was horrible. Than I'm subjected to my Mom singing...
Ruby's hump, Ruby's hump, Ruby's lovely lady lump...
How embarrassing....

Well I may still have the icky hookie worms...so I'm on more medicine and a bland diet (boiled chicken, cottage cheese, rice) until things are a little um, firmer. I actually don't mind the bland diet...I'm LOVING all the chicken, Woot!

So that's why I've been kinda quiet the last few days. I'm totally feeling better and promise I'll blog more soon. Oh, and no pix today...I'm wayyyyy to self-concious of my 'lady lump'.

Sleppy, um, Tuesday?

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Wow pups, it seems like I've been gone forever...so sorry, but all this girlie time has made me sleepy. I promise to post about the pawsome prezzies Auntie Kelly brought me and the visit from the itty, bitty people pups, but first I must rest!


I'm thinking very good thoughts for all those effected by that nasty Gustav guy and that the only Ike that we talk about is THIS Ike.