Finally home...

Monday, August 31, 2009

Hi Everyone, Michele here. Ruby is finally home! The procedure went well and she just needs to take it easy for the next few days. Right now, she's trying to figure out how to lay down with her newly acquired 'Cone of Shame'. She asked I not share any pictures tonight...she's a little embarrassed by the cone...maybe tomorrow.

Thanks for all the wonderful healing vibes and love you all sent. Hopefully Ruby will be up to posting a bit tomorrow.

Sleep Sunday #33

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Sorry for being away again this week...NOT MY FAULT! Mom was off traveling...again...the nerve. Anyhowl, I'm resting up today...tomorrow I go get my eyeball frozen. Mom said she promises to let everypup know how it went tomorrow night. I barked that I'd take care of it (seeing how reliable she's been with blogging and all) but she said I might not be up to it (whatever that means). Cross your paws and think good thoughts for me, OK?

Why do I have this name???

Monday, August 24, 2009

So Ike started this great meme about how us pups gots our names. So I sat down with Mom and asked's what I learned...

Ruby: Mom, why did you name me Ruby?

Ruby's Mom: Well, Ruby, I thought it fit just kinda look like a Ruby to me!

Ruby: Mom, couldn't you have been a little more creative???

Ruby's Mom: Your name IS Ruby Bleu...I think that is mighty creative!

Ruby: Seriously woman, that is all you have to say for yourself? Did you put any thought into the whole naming process? When hooman pups are being borned their pawrents spend months and months thinking of names and all you have is that I "kinda look like a Ruby". You had to have gotten the idea somewhere??? Was there no process at all???

Ruby's Mom: Well OK, I did put a lot of thought into it. You can ask Auntie Yvette, Auntie Joey and Auntie Kathy. I even posted an online poll. I had names like Lola and Lucy and a whole bunch of others that I just can't remember anymore. But I couldn't find anything that I really liked.

Ruby: So then what happened to change your mind.

Ruby's Mom: I decided to just wait until I got a picture of you...but still couldn't decide. Then I got hooked on Grey's first (for like a whole 5 minutes) you were going to be an Izzie, short for Isabella. Thought that was nice and sounded very sophisticated just like your sister Sophia's name.

Ruby: Grey's Anatomy, really? This story is starting to get kinda boring...

Ruby's Mom: Well, like I said, I was hooked on Grey's Anatomy and got the soundtrack and there was this song called 'Ruby Blue' by Roisin Murphy. And well that was it...I guess I just liked it and thought it would be a cute name for you.

Ruby: Um, Mom, have you even listened to that song? It doesn't have very nice things to say about Ruby Blue. Sheesh...

Ruby's Mom: Well it was catchy...and sounded fun...heck, I don't listen to the words...I just like the beat.

Ruby: Boy your sound like your being interviewed on American Bandstand or something.

Ruby's Mom: Oh Ruby...

rubybleu now you know. That's how I got my name. And if you're interested, I pawsonally prefer the Kaiser Cheifs song, 'Ruby'!

So now I want to tag some of my girlie friends...Lacie, Asta, Clover, Maggie, did you gets your name???

Sleep Sunday #32

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Hey Pups and Kitties...that's for all the kind comments on my frozen eyeball situation. Mom and I will keep you posted on how things go. In the meantime, you know what I'll be doing today!

My Eye, My Eye...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

OK, let me start by saying in no way does my eye situation even come close to what sweet, handsome Ike went through, but when it come to anything related to the eyeball area me and my Mom should I bark, um, wusses!!!

So as I mentioned yesterday, I've gots this spot thingy on my right eye and Dr. Marsha noticed these wayward eyelashes so off to the eye dogter I go. I went to a place called the Animal Eye Center in Rocklin. Everyone there was very, very nice and they came very highly recommended. What I especially liked about everyone is I gots TONS OF TREATS!!! W00T! Well I gots tons of treats until they started poking and prodding and shining lights into my eyeballs!!! So annoying and uncomfortable. They also put the drops in my eyes and poked something right in my that doesn't seem right, does it??? But I was very well behaved and everyone really liked me...heck, if your giving me treats, I'm an angel - BOL!!!!

Anyhowl, I'm now going to turn this over to Mom to tell you about what they found.

Hey everyone, Michele here. So Ruby is not lying when she said I have issues when it comes to eye stuff. I knew before I got a Boston they are prone to eye issues, but thought I lucked out because Ruby's eyes weren't very 'buggy'. So when my regular vet (whom I trust very much) suggested I go get things checked out, I didn't hesitate. So here is what we found...

Issue 1) The 'spot' (pigment) on her sclera is least not now. We have to monitor it and if it starts to look raised or gets larger I need to come back in. OK, I'm good with that.

Issue 2) My vet noticed Ruby had what looked to be distichia. The eye-vet concurred with this and Ruby's diagnosis is mild distichia in both her eyes. Distichia are tiny hairs growing from the sweat glands at the eyelid margin. The hairs rub on her eye and causing squinting, irritation, tearing and discomfort (gee, I thought Ruby just had allergy issues!).

Issue 3) In Ruby's left eye, she has an ectopic cilia. Ectopic cilia are also hairs growing from the sweat glands, but the hair protrudes from the inner surface of the eyelid rubs right on the cornea. They tend to be very painful and can cause corneal ulcers - OUCH!!!! My poor baby!!! This is common in younger dogs and in Bostons (surprise, surprise)


Issue 4) Vitreous anterior chamber in the left eye. This is when the lens zonules break down and cause lens movement. This can either be an inherited thing or caused by head shaking...let me see, hmmm...I'm thinking it's caused by head shaking when she goes in for the stuffy kill! It's good that we caught this early...longer term on this, her lens could start moving around, come detached and ultimately cause glaucoma. The way this is tested is by checking lens position and her intraocular pressure which right now in her left eye is 9 (right eye is 10). The vet said this was good, but we need to check it every year...oh and I need to stop her from shaking her head - wish me luck on that!

So, although that all doesn't sound great...Ruby's in good shape overall, but I need to keep a close 'eye' on her eyes. They are recommending Cryoepiltion surgery to remove the distichia and the ectopic cilia. Cryoepilation is when they use a liquid nitrogen probe to freeze the hair follicle and remove the offending lashes. It's 90% effective...meaning there is only a small chance of regrowth. To do the procedure, they will need to put Ruby under anesthesia - which I'm not thrilled about and her poor little eyelids will be swollen for 3-5 days...and she's going to need to wear a cone too.

I was very happy with the eye-vet. She took her time to explain things to me and gave me very detailed information. I need to consult with my regular vet, but based on the research and talking to the eye-vet, I think I'm going to get it done (I tentatively scheduled the procedure for 8/31). I really want to do what is right and don't want to take any risks with my girl's big, beautiful brown eyes!

Any of you vet techs out there...any advice or experience would be most welcome. I'll turn this back over to Ruby.

Thanks Mom...can we bark TMI??? Anyhowl, that's the situation. So looks like I need to got get my eyeballs frozen or something to get rid of these rebel eyelashes. Asta, Lacie...I might need some nursie-ing soon. Oh, the eye-dogtor gave Mom some gooey ointment to put in my's no fun, but it has made by eyes feel better and Mom gives me a treat each time she does on that note, I'm off to get a treat!!!


Catching you up...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hey Everypup!!!!

I usually look forward to quiet weekends with Mom snuggling, going for walks, maybe a visit to the doggie park. But 2 Saturday's ago (I know, I know)... I had lots going on - W00T!

For starters I had to go to the V.E.T.pire for my annual checkup. Normally visiting Dr. Marsha is ok...she really loves me (and gives me LOTS of treats), but this time around wasn't very fun at all. First, the nursie poked and prodded me. Then she weighed me and I gained 2lbs bringing me to 18lbs. The nursie said that wasn't good, but Dr. Marsha assured me I was perfect in the weight department (and everything else). Mean nursie! Next the mean nursie stuck the temperature thingy up my butt!!! Last few times she used the ear-thingy, but NOOOOOOOOOOOO...this nursie was really trying to torture me today! Fortunately, my temperature was OK. Next they stole some bloods to check for those icky heartwormies (OK), listened to my hearts (OK), checked my ears (OK), petted, patted and prodded (A-OK) except for one thing...actually 2....

MY EYES - :(

So, over the last year I've had this spot thing on the white portion of my right eye-ball...


So Dr. Marsha needed to investigate...she doesn't think it is anything...maybe just a spot on my 'scare-a' (Ruby's Mom: You mean sclera), but thought we should check it out. In addition while poking around my eyeballs she noticed that some of my eyelashes were growing the opposite way and poking me in my eyes!!!! Bad eyelashes!!! So NOW I need to go to the doggie eye dogtor!!!! Great! Just want I wanted to do. Well I went :( But I'll tell you all about that tomorrow (Mom needs to scan in the diagram the dogtor gave her ----- sheeeesh!!!)

Anyhowl...after that visit, I was in need of some much needed FUN and FUN I had...

See this handsome fella?


This is Remmy, he is a friend of mine from the doggy park...and his Dad and Mom are good friends with my Mom. Remmy came to spend the afternoon with me...probably to cheer me up!

Remmy and I play at the doggie park...we LOVE to chase each other, but this was the first time he has ever visited my house. He was a little nervous after his dad left...


So I kinda left him alone. Mom gave us bully sticks and I went and did a little chew-chew-chewing...

Remmy hung by Mom to get some loving...


I even let him sit on my special sofa!!!


I finally told him it was OK and to relax...


And he did and relaxed a little!!!


Then his Dad came back to get him and he went home. We had fun and hopefully next time Remmy comes to visit he won't be so nervous. Mom said I was a wonderful hostess (but of course) and very kind and helpful to Remmy!!!!


Well that's it...I'll be back tomorrow to talk about my doggie eye-dogtor appointment...



get it...'the end', actually Remmy's end...hee hee hee, I just crack myself up sometimes - W00T!

Sleep Sunday #31

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Out of the archives...
Tomorrow is my cousin Danny's 15th Barkday - W00T!!! Danny, I hope you have a great pawty today and pawsome day tomorrow - I woof you!!!

Sleep Sunday #30

Sunday, August 09, 2009

This weekend has been very busy so far...first the V.E.Tpire and then a playdate and I STILL haven't posted about the wonderful prezzies Asta sent me!!! But that will just have to wait until I finish doing this...


I hope everypup enjoys their Sleepy Sunday!

Please make da Bugg GooRoo a Star!!!

Friday, August 07, 2009

You know her, you love her and she gives pawsome advice! What better way to say thank you for all her sage insight than to get her on the Mutt Strut calendar - W00t!

Please visit Dixie's bloggy to get all the details. Today is the last day...Thanks!!!

Mom's Adventures...

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

By now you have probably read that not only did my Mom abandon me for 5 whole days, but that she visited with Asta AND with my family!!!! Thank dogness she left me in the loving and capable paws of Auntie Yvette otherwise I wouldn't be barking to her right now!!! Anyhowl, look at what I found on her picture taking device...

First stop...NYC

Here is the bootiful Miss Asta...Mom said she is even more bootiful in pawson than in her pictures!!!

Thanks Asta for laughing at my Mom's lame jokes!!!
asta laughing

Asta and her little bro-Duffy were there to greet Mom and play!!! Duffy was quick to snuggle up with Mom...which she loved. Mom also really liked Duffy's ears...they stand perfectly up - hee hee hee!!!

Being this cute is a lot of work, so Duffy needed to rest!

Mom also got to meet Myrna and babie Romy...she was very honored!!!

Mom was soooooooooooooooooo happy to visit with Asta, Duffy, Mommi, Daddi and Auntie Karen...she had such a wonderful time and can't wait to go back!!! But next time, I'm gonna make sure I gets to go too!!! Oh and Asta got me a wonderful prezzie...I'll post about that tomorrow - W00t!!!

Mom did some other stuff in NYC too, stayed at a swanky hotel, blah, blah, blah...but the rest of the fun came when she went to NJ...

This is my sissy Sophia...isn't she bootiful? You can totally see where I get my looks!!! Mom said that Sophia is a lot taller than me, but just as fast! Sophia spent some major snuggle time with Mom...I guess if I'm not there to keep Mom company, the next best thing is my sissy!!!

Here is Sophia's step-sister (and I guess by default my new step-sissy too!) Oreo. She is 8 years young and Mom says very fun!!!

Look at how Oreo sleeps...hee hee hee!!! Just like me!!! Mom says Oreo is about the same size as me...only a little 'rounder'.

This is Todd...he's Sophia's step-brother and Mom says is the 'referee'...everytime the girls start to go a little crazy!!!

Here's a great picture of the family...
Uncle Ed, Todd, Cousin Danny, Oreo, Auntie Joey and Sophia

Mom also got to see Nanny and Nanny's bestest friend Auntie Anne and also gots to meet my new step cousins Kayla, Abby and Gwen. Mom said she had a pawsome time meeting everyone and can't wait to visit again soon!!!

I'm so glad Mom is back...I missed her...and from the way we snuggled when she got home, I think she missed me too!!!

Sleepy Sunday #29

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Hey Pups...I'm back...or should I say Mom is back. We've been very sad around here and been cuddling a lot since she's gotten home. I want to dedicate this very special Sleepy Sunday to none other than the Big Dog himself, Charlie...and to his bootiful sissy Opy and his Mom and Dad.

Charlie we will miss you...Opy, Brooke and Greg...we love you and are here for you...always.
Sleep Well Big Guy...We'll see you again one day.

I hope everyone snuggles real close with all their peeoples today...I know I will.