Catching you up...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hey Everypup!!!!

I usually look forward to quiet weekends with Mom snuggling, going for walks, maybe a visit to the doggie park. But 2 Saturday's ago (I know, I know)... I had lots going on - W00T!

For starters I had to go to the V.E.T.pire for my annual checkup. Normally visiting Dr. Marsha is ok...she really loves me (and gives me LOTS of treats), but this time around wasn't very fun at all. First, the nursie poked and prodded me. Then she weighed me and I gained 2lbs bringing me to 18lbs. The nursie said that wasn't good, but Dr. Marsha assured me I was perfect in the weight department (and everything else). Mean nursie! Next the mean nursie stuck the temperature thingy up my butt!!! Last few times she used the ear-thingy, but NOOOOOOOOOOOO...this nursie was really trying to torture me today! Fortunately, my temperature was OK. Next they stole some bloods to check for those icky heartwormies (OK), listened to my hearts (OK), checked my ears (OK), petted, patted and prodded (A-OK) except for one thing...actually 2....

MY EYES - :(

So, over the last year I've had this spot thing on the white portion of my right eye-ball...


So Dr. Marsha needed to investigate...she doesn't think it is anything...maybe just a spot on my 'scare-a' (Ruby's Mom: You mean sclera), but thought we should check it out. In addition while poking around my eyeballs she noticed that some of my eyelashes were growing the opposite way and poking me in my eyes!!!! Bad eyelashes!!! So NOW I need to go to the doggie eye dogtor!!!! Great! Just want I wanted to do. Well I went :( But I'll tell you all about that tomorrow (Mom needs to scan in the diagram the dogtor gave her ----- sheeeesh!!!)

Anyhowl...after that visit, I was in need of some much needed FUN and FUN I had...

See this handsome fella?


This is Remmy, he is a friend of mine from the doggy park...and his Dad and Mom are good friends with my Mom. Remmy came to spend the afternoon with me...probably to cheer me up!

Remmy and I play at the doggie park...we LOVE to chase each other, but this was the first time he has ever visited my house. He was a little nervous after his dad left...


So I kinda left him alone. Mom gave us bully sticks and I went and did a little chew-chew-chewing...

Remmy hung by Mom to get some loving...


I even let him sit on my special sofa!!!


I finally told him it was OK and to relax...


And he did and relaxed a little!!!


Then his Dad came back to get him and he went home. We had fun and hopefully next time Remmy comes to visit he won't be so nervous. Mom said I was a wonderful hostess (but of course) and very kind and helpful to Remmy!!!!


Well that's it...I'll be back tomorrow to talk about my doggie eye-dogtor appointment...



get it...'the end', actually Remmy's end...hee hee hee, I just crack myself up sometimes - W00T!


7 Responses to "Catching you up..."

Archie and Melissa said... 7:27 AM

hi ruby!
oh we are so glad your checkup was so good. we know your eye dr appt will be just fine.

your mom takes such good care of you!

:) m & e

Kelly said... 7:50 AM

Ruby, you've been a busy little girlie! I hope they got your eye all fixed up. I have to go to that eye doctor sometimes and it is NOT very fun!

Remmy is a handsome boy! What a pretty gray coat he wears!!

Gus said... 8:06 AM

OK. You better check out that eye dogtor before you go. You never can tell what Tan Torkelson will come up with next! Could be just another of his many disguises.

We hope that after you check the dogtor and his credential thingies and he checks your eyes, the verdict is PAWFECTION


Mack said... 4:46 PM

Well I guess I'm not TOO awful jellyish...if Remmy cheered you up well then I guess that's ok.

But my poor baby has a booboo on her eyebally? Oh no, I sure do wish I could be there and make it all better. But I just know the eyebally doctor will make everything ok.

I woof you,
Your Mack

Lorenza said... 8:12 PM

Hi, Ruby!
Your visit to the Vet sounds like torture!
Glad you are healthy!
I am sure your eye dogtor will help you to get better!
Remmi has a happy face!
And nice end too!
Kisses and hugs

Emily and Ike said... 9:30 PM

Hey - those things between Remmy's legs look familiar ...
I hope your eye is ok!!!!! I know about eye stuff, let me tell you!
My mom said she hopes you don't have to have eye surgery to correct the lashes and that the color on the sclera is just hyperpigmentation.

Mr. Puggle® said... 5:24 AM

cute post! love the end :)