Now Taking Reservations...

Thursday, November 29, 2007

My darling urbanista pupgirl pal Asta is throwing a Howliday Pawty - Woot!!! What better time to hit the Big Apple than Christmas...the Rockefeller Center skating, the giant Christmas tree and shopping at Barney's & Bloomie's, the windows at Saks..oops, I got a little carried away there...we're going to NYC for Asta's pawty. Yay!

Of course Aire Ruby will be flying for the big event. If you want to join the pre-pawty - pawty, leave me a comment and I'll reserve you a seat!

Such a cute bootie...

Monday, November 26, 2007

No, not THAT kind of bootie...
Still very cute, right Stanny?

THIS kind of bootie!!!
Mom and I have been feverishly knitting away at these cute little booties and a matching sweater that we are making for Bob and Cooper's soon to be borned people pup sister.
Hey Mom, where are the buttons? These little booties need some buttons!

Auntie Michele's baby shower is on Sunday and we have been working away to get everything done. Unfortunately I think Mom over estimated how much she could get finished. We may need to settle on giving her the booties which just need some cute little buttons (yet to be purchased) and give her the sweater when the little people pup gets borned. Hopefully Mom will get this done by then (in February) and not when she goes off to college - BOL!!!
I've been such a good helper...I'm very good at supervising and chasing down stray yarn balls. I am the Yarn Dog after all!
It will be cute...if Mom ever gets it done - hee, hee, hee!

Oy Vey

Saturday, November 24, 2007

So a friend of my Nanny's was invited to this...
A Bark Mitzvah???!!!??? Who knew? Check out the video...I mean even Dr. Ruth went. Elvis is a pretty important pup for Dr. Ruth to show up, don't ya think?

Now I know my Mom loves LOT, but this is a little OTT even for her!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Me and my Mom hope you have a great Thanksgiving.
Don't eat too much turkey, OK?
Lots of Licks, Ruby

Surprise Playdate...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What a pawsome morning I had. It started out like any other morning Mom goes to work, except when she got ready to leave she started to get some of my toys and snackies and than put on my leash. Well, you can only imagine what was going thru my mind...that's right, the Wag again. But NOOOOO...we headed to my Grannie E's house!!!

Who is Grannie E you ask? Well she is just the coolest person in the whole wide world is who she is!!! Grannie E is actually Bob and Cooper's Grannie and Uncle Mark is her people pup. Since my Nanny lives so far away, she's kinda my fill in nanny when I need some extra lovin'.

I just love to visit Grannie E, but usually it is with my Mom. Well today...I got to be with her all by myself while Mom went to work. OMD it was so much fun. OK, I was a little nervous at first, but than we went for a walkie and I met a little apricot poodle and played with him a little and than got back and helped Grannie E make some peanut brittle. What fun we had!!! Oh and than Papa Neal came home and I got to give him LOTS and LOTS of kisses! This was just the bestest time and sure beats hanging at home alone while Mom is working.

I did have one little accident...I am so embarrassed too. I peepeed on the floor. I guess I was just not used to being there and wasn't sure of how to let her know I needed to go. I really don't usually do that, but I barked I was sorry. And it was on the floor and not the carpet. I promise not to do that the next time I visit...or at least I will try my best.

Thanks so much Grannie E for a great morning. I hope we can spend more quality time together again real soon!!!

Lookie, Lookie, Lookie...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lookie what I got...
"This award is presented to a successful blogger, one who can “be the blog” - making it their own, staying with it, interacting with the readers, and just plain having fun."

How very zen, right? Being the blog...being one with the blog, ummmmmmm!!!! I want to thank Lorenza and Agatha & Archie for this great honor. I take my blogging pretty seriously and it really makes me happy when you pups visit AND when I can visit you. Although I may not always comment, I do check up on everypup! You pups, hammies and coyotes are the bestest. Thanks for sharing my little piece of the internets with me AND for letting me share yours too!

I'd like to pass this honor on to Wally, my Sista Diva Lola (and Sherman and Penny too), Ike, Ms. Sophina LaBrador and my BFF Suki and her bro Joey! Be the Blog pups, Be the Blog!

Dear Santa Paws...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hi! My name is Ruby, nice to meet you. But, um, you know that already don't you? Just like you also know when I've been good or bad and when I'm sleeping and awake. This frankly, is kinda creeping me out, but I'll go with it because everyone says you are a pretty cool guy.

I really don't remember much about Christmas last year because I was still a wee little pup. I mean we didn't have a special tree in the house (which sounds kinda fun) and I always get prezzies so actually to me, EVERYDAY seems like Christmas. I'm a lucky pup. I have a great Mom, a great family, lots of friends, a nice place to live, lots of food and toys and my very own blogging machine to talk to my many bloggy friends! What more could a pup ask for?

My Mom says it really isn't polite to ask for things...but said this one time it would be ok, so here goes...

1) World Pizza...Mom said my Auntie Joey always asked for that every year when she was a pup. Having pizza everyday would be fun, wouldn't it? And to have enough for the whole world, well, then no pup or hooman would ever go hungry. (Ruby's Mom: Um, Ruby, that was 'World Peace', not pizza. Ruby: Oh, I guess that makes more sense, huh?) OK scratch that Santa, I want 'World Peace'...and a little pizza every now then would be nice too.

2) Health and Happiness to everyone...especially my Mom. Sometimes Mom works WAY to hard and we don't get to spend as must time together and that doesn't make either of us too happy. AND when Mom works too hard, she doesn't take care of herself like she should. I know she wouldn't want me to say it, but it is true. So Santa, maybe knocking a little sense into my Mom for Christmas would be a good idea, is that possible?

3) You seem to be a pretty powerful guy, so is there something you can do about all those pups (hooman pups too) who don't have homes and families to love them? That would make me REAL happy. There shouldn't be anypup out there without someone to love and take care of them.

4) A bed...ok, I was trying not to be materialistic, but I made a mistake (but I guess you know that All Seeing One). I'm a big girl now and think I deserve a bed. I promise to try and not chew if you could work on that, that would be great.

and finally...

5) That all my friends and family have a very happy and safe holiday season.

OK, Santa, that's it. I hope you can take care of all this stuff and if there is a bill associated with it, just ask my Mom, she has this magic plastic card that takes care of stuff like that. Mom says you like cookies, let us know what kind you like and we'll leave you some...might I recommend the salmon cookies. They are just delicious. Thanks!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Tiny Tails

Friday, November 16, 2007

So, I had a sit down with Mom. And yes, she admitted that she is cheating on me, but she doesn't call it that, she's calling it a f*a*v*o*r whatever THAT is. She said that Miss Cindy asked her real nicely to help her out because Miss Cindy couldn't teach the class AND train Gypsy at the same time. Plus, Miss Cindy thinks Mom did such a great job training me (with Miss Cindy's help of course) that she couldn't think of anyone better to help her out with Gypsy. Who Miss Cindy should be asking to help with Gypsy is ME! Let's face it, I'm the one who trained my Mom - HELLO!!!

Mom apologized for not telling me, and that I am TOTALLY dog enough for her. I guess she's just being nice and I love Miss Cindy, so all is good. Do you think I'm going too easy on her???

Now about my tail...or should I say lack there of! All my friends are posting about their tails and they have GREAT's what I've got...

A Tiny Tail!!! A nub...and itty bitty nubbin of a tail!

And just in case you didn't see it in the first picture because it was so it is again...
Oh sure the picture is big, but trust me, the tail is tiny. So what can my tiny tail do? Well it kinda wags...real fast in fact but Mom never seems to catch it on camera. Oh and my tiny tail also does a great job of covering up my private parts, which I guess is good. But sometimes I wish I had a great big giant tail to's really hard to chase a tiny tail, you know. OK, here's one last look...
OK, maybe one more...
Let's see some other maybe some puggy tails which I love because they are so fun and curly. Hope all you pups, hammies and coyotes have a great weekend! Oh, and happy barkday Opy!!!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

OK, I'm ANGRY!!! Wanna know why??? This...
Oh sure she's cute, just don't know how to say this...MY MOM IS CHEATING ON ME!!! I know, hard to believe, but she is. OK, I don't know for sure she is...but here's what I've been observing:

1) Mom has been disappearing on Saturday afternoon for the last few weeks. She leaves for about 3 hours. (And Saturday is MY day to spend with her!)
2) She comes back all furry (NOT MY FUR!)
3) She smells of puppies (NOT MY SMELL!)
4) She's real tired...the tired like after we come home from when we go to training!

Oh and last but not least...
5) I found this picture on Mom's computer!

So I have met this Gypsy...she is the new English Shepard puppy that owns my trainer Miss Cindy. I played with her a little at the Fair Oaks Dog Walk last month. She was nice enough, but still this is all very suspicious, don't you think??? What could my Mom be doing with her??? Am I not dog enough for her??? What should I do??? Joe, maybe you could put on your detective coat and help me get to the bottom of this?

Sunday in the Park with Suki...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hey...a few more pictures. As you can see, we are having fun and behaving ourselves...
As you can see, we were joined by the happy couple, hot off their honeymoon. Also, it was so great to have Peanut and Flash with us...we've missed you guys!!! Oh and Toby and Suki Sumo were also taking a spin!!!
Small World...what a pawsome ride THAT was...GirlGirl really enjoyed it as did Charlie the Coyote on his first trip with us. Sir Chance-Lot was really taking great care of him. Sophie was there too and so were Pugsley, Buster, Cricket and Daisy.
And look at us all on Space Mountain! I wasn't sure I wanted to go on it, but my BFF Suki really wanted to so how could I deny her on her big barkday, right? It was a little scawie, but WAY fun!!!

What a day...I'm hoping tomorrow the last picture will be has ALL of us in front of the castle!!!

The Castle

Hey Pups & Hammies...
Quick post...we arrived at Disney World safe and sound and were ready to pawty for my BFF Suki's First Barkday - Woot! Here area a few pictures from our luxury rooms at Cinderella's Castle.

Here's some of us girls in our room...isn't it bootiful???

Oh and Stanny and some of the boys decided to take a tubby before dinner...I'm not into baths, but look at this bathtub...
And here are a few more of our friends resting up in the palor...poor Cassidy and Clover were just beat and needed to rest.
OK...gotta run...there's so much to do! Hopefully I'll have some more pictures to post either later today or tomorrow with the rest of the crew! Oh and...

So THAT'S where he's been hiding...

Friday, November 09, 2007

So one of my best buddies has been MIA from bloggyland for over a month now. I know you pups have been wondering too...Where's Bernard? Well I think I finally tracked him down...
He's a spokesmodel for Petco!!! I mean doesn't that look like him? I'm sure he's just been really busy. Plus he's probably very shy on telling us about all his fame and fortune. He doesn't want us all to be jellyfish. I'm sure that's it.

Bernard...we still love you...please come back. We know you can't help how handsome you are that Petco would want you on the cover of their latest flyer. Oh Bernard...come out, come out wherever you are!

Brother can you spare a dollar?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

So, I'm kinda in trouble. I'm not exactly sure why. Here's my rule...if it isn't put away from prying puppy paws, it's fair game. Seems like a pretty straight forward rule, right? Well I guess not...

I guess you are not supposed to eat this stuff. It's kind of like the magic plastic card that buys me toys and treats. It sure tasted good. And in the Ruby Rulebook it was left just laying on the nightstand by the bed which I totally have access to. So hello...fair's mine...snackie time!

Now my Mom is telling me not only do I have to pay her back, but that it is a Federal offense and I could be going to prison!!!
"Whoever mutilates, cuts, defaces, disfigures, or perforates, or unites or cements together, or does any other thing to any bank bill, draft, note, or other evidence of debt issued by any national banking association, or Federal Reserve bank, or the Federal Reserve System, with intent to render such bank bill, draft, note, or other evidence of debt unfit to be reissued, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both."
OMD...what am I going to do? I don't want to go to prison...unless it's like the Wag, which really isn't a prison (I just say it is because anytime I can't be with my Mom feels like prison to me...or at least what I would imagine it would be). If I would have known that eating this stuff would cause so much grief I wouldn't have done it. Plus, how am I going to pay Mom back? I don't have a job and although I have achieved a certain amount of fame (in no small part because of all of you pups and hammies and nannies who read my blog) I have not achieved the fortune to go along with the fame. Help!!!!


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Deep Thoughts by Ruby Bleu...

If dogs can play with other dogs and dogs can live with cats and coyotes can be best friends with cats and also hang out with hoomans and ALL get along peacefully ... why can't hoomans get along with each other?

Congrats to Butchy for getting an Honorable Mention for the PetsMart online Howl-o-Ween costume contest - Woot! Oh you might also recognize another tortured pup up there too!

Finally, and this is the last time I'll post about is the last full day of voting for the 2007 Weblog Awards...that horse is out of control! And so are those silly LOL Cats and how much cuteness can one take, huh? We have enough cuteness for everyone between Boo, Butchy & Snickers and me, right? Let's give it one last DWB push, ok? On a brighter note, it did open up our world to finding a new friend like Charlie, the Coyote. Thanks everypup and hammie for your support!

Only 5 more days...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Till my BFF Suki's first barkday - Woot!!! OMD...I'm just so excited. I know we've been doing a lot of traveling lately, but dog, this is going to be the bestest pawty!!! So I asked my girl Suki how she wanted to celebrate...

Well, she didn't exactly say that...she said something like why don't we all come to Florida, blah, blah, blah...but you can't go to Florida without going to the Happiest Place on Earth, right? I mean why else would anyone want to leave the Five Happy Hounds at home if it wasn't for a place like Disney World, right? Why after winning Super Bowls and Olympics and other things like that would you not just go take a they all do to Disney World. So that is where we are going...are you ready pups???

Here is where we are staying...
Yep, only the best for my BFF! We're staying at Cinderella's Castle. I've reserved the whole thing for us! They started this new thing where you can stay in the castle so that's what we are doing. Only the finest accommodations will do for my BFF and all our DWB friends.

We'll be leaving on Saturday morning and arrive on Saturday night for a stay in the castle with a big feast at Cinderella's Royal Table. For those brave pups (not me) you can catch the fireworks and than we'll be off for a good night's sleep so we can be up early and enjoy the park and all the fun rides. Oh and did I mention cake...yes, yes...there will be cake! LOTS of it! Gluten-free of course since Suki has al-jerkys to wheat. Finally, we'll depart for home late on Sunday night and sleep on Aire Ruby because will we need it!

If you interested in a reservation...the more the merrier, please let me know by leaving a comment!!! It is going to be a blast - you won't want to miss it!!! Woot!!!

Can you believe Boo, Butchy & Snickers and I are getting trounced by a horse and those silly LOL Cats...I mean come on pups, we can do better than that! Tell all your family and friends that a DWB'r needs to win...or at least come in 2nd or 3rd (or both). Only two more days to vote so get out there and Bark the Vote!!!

The 2007 Weblog Awards

Bark the Vote - A little shameless self-promotion...

Friday, November 02, 2007

We interrupt this blog for an important commercial break...
How could you NOT vote for this face???

I couldn't believe it, I'm a finalist for a 2007 Weblog Award for Best Pet Blog!!! And for the first time, my stage-Mom (Ruby's Mom: Ruby!) didn't even nominate me! I'm so honored, I'm so shocked and I'm so very very happy!!! Thanks!!!

What's really cool is I am a finalist along with three of my most favorite blogging buddies - Butchy & Snickers and Boo Casanova!!! Is that not the most exciting thing!!! Woot!!!

So here's the started today and goes thru next Wednesday. Winners are announced next Thursday - November 8th. You can vote once per day, per computer. You know what THAT means??? You can vote for all of us - no need to worry about playing favorites!!!! So get out there and vote...and vote often!!!

The 2007 Weblog Awards

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog...

Ike & Martha's Big Day

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Oh my what a bootiful event. Go to Ike's Blog to see some of the photos...I'll have some posted soon!!!

Well, just wanted to leave a brief let you know Aire Ruby is on her way to get everypup for Ike & Martha's wedding. I'm so very excited...

I finally decided I didn't want to upstage the bride, so I kept it simple...just some pearls...
Oh and Mom let me borrow the shawl she made for the wedding she went to this summer. How do I look in blue???
Air Ruby is stocked with the finest snackies you can imagine...chicken liver pate, cavier biscuits (my Mom baked them), a carob fountain with luscious fruitables and the new signature drink of Aire Ruby...the Rubytini! Oh and of course there is lots and lots of champagne! I'll see you all soon!!!