I am a Material Girl

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Have you pups checked this out...Dogster has a "Which celebrity is your pet " quiz. It's a little test where you see who you are. Guess who I am? Well, at first I was not happy...well not until I actually read why AND found out that one of my best Diva Girlfriends Bella the Boxer got the same answer. So drum roll please...

What celebrity would your pet be? I'm Madonna! Find out at Dogster.com

Here's what they said...


American Queen

Come on, let's just face it: We are living in a material world, and RubyBleu is a material girl. So go ahead and thank your lucky stars—RubyBleu is the one and only Madonna!

Always desperately seeking attention (SO not true, ok, well maybe a little), RubyBleu is multi-talented (YES) and savvy (YES), not afraid to get her paws dirty (Very true, I do love mud) and experiment with new methods of getting into the groove (Oh yeah!) in order to reach her peeps (and I DO have lots of peeps - and no, not those little yellow ones either!). She commands respect everywhere she goes, a sophisticated traveler (I do have my own plane) who insists upon the best—and more often than not, she gets what she wants (Who, me?). Appearance is everything for your true-blue diva (well I am a diva and proud of it!) and while her look may change as often as the Pellegrino in her water bowl does, her commitment to exercise (I do like to run) is unwavering. RubyBleu's in tip-top shape, which makes her age in pet years a non-issue (EXACTLY). Despite the hard fur and the no-nonsense approach, she's a softy when it comes to her devoted owner. It's fair to say that RubyBleu is, yes, crazy for you (It's true, I woof you Mom).

OK, so maybe this isn't so far off - except for the fact that I don't have Madonna's million-zillion-quadrillion dollar fortune. Now how could I go about getting me some of that? Any ideas? I'm certainly NOT going to do what Tanner did...that's for sure. Wait, didn't Madonna do that too? Well I'm certainly NOT going to do THAT!!! No Way!!!

I do have to say though, I still prefer the first celebrity I was compared to better.

Sleepy Sunday #14

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Since I've not done a lot of sleeping, but LOTS of chatting, I thought I'd pull a shot from the Sleepy vaults...


This is me and my friend Clyde when I was just a wee pup-girl. Wonder whatever happened to Clyde???

Happy Barkday my Stanny!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Today is the bestest of days. In fact in the far off land of Gooberstan I believe it is a national holiday! I'm sure there will be a parade with lots of balloons and bully sticks...all for this guy, my guy, my Stanny...

Today, Stanny my manny is TWO! Yes, you didn't realize he was into older women, did you...ok, I'm not that much older.

Stanny, I wanted to write you a song, but nothing could compare to what I'm sure will be the Grammy (not that Grammie) nominated standard you wrote me. You'll just have to settle with a this...

You are one of the bestest boyfriends a girl could ever ask for. I hope you have the bestest day and that I have the honor and privilege of many more years of being one (the only cute Boston one) of your girlpups. Happy Barkday my sweet handsome boy!

Love Always, your Ruby Bug XXXOOOXXXOOO
I hope you pups can make your way over to the official blog of Gooberstan to wish their wonderful and handsome leader a very Happy Barkday! Also, bark ya at the chat pawty!!! W00t!

Chat Pawty is Tomorrow - W00T!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hey Pups...
I can't tell you how excitered I am about the DWB 2nd Anniversary Chat Pawty starting tomorrow! I have been thinking about it all week! The thought of getting to chat with all my blogging buddies is almost too much to handle!!! I can't hold it in...I just have to do it...ok here it comes - W00T!!!

Last year was soooo much fun!!! And that was when I was kinda new to DWB. I remember chatting with Sophie and Joe...in fact if memory serves me correctly Joe & Tanner had their video camera up and running too! I sure hope you all are going to be able to join the fun! And I hope my two handsome boyfriends will be my dates for the event...(don't worry Asta, of course I'll be sharing!)


Unfortunately I won't be able to chat until Friday evening CA time...Mom said no chatting without an adult present. I have no idea what she's getting at! Anyhowl...can't wait to bark at you all tomorrow! W00T!

Happy Earth Day 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So when have you known me to wear clothes and actually not mind it???


How about...NEVER! Well today is a little different. Today is Earth Day! W00T! And I am proud to wear my "Green is the New Pink" tee-shirt in honor of this special day!

How do I look in green? I still think I look better in pink!!!

Earth Day is the day designated each year where we are supposed to do extra stuff to protect our environment. That seems kinda silly because shouldn't we protect our environment EVERY day??? Well, I'm gonna think of everyday as Earth Day, but only today I will wear my tee-shirt!

Since my Mom is such a trivia buff (more like nut) we did a little research on Earth Day. Here's what we found...

"Responding to widespread environmental degradation, Gaylord Nelson, a United States Senator from Wisconsin, called for an environmental teach-in, or Earth Day, to be held on April 22, 1970. Over 20 million people participated that year, and Earth Day is now observed each year on April 22 by more than 500 million people and national governments in 175 countries."

Also, one of the reasons the day was originally picked because people thought it was John Muir, the famous environmentalist and founder of the Sierra Club's barkday, but his barkday is actually the day before - hee, hee, hee.

To me Earth Day is just another day to make sure I'm doing my part for my planet. One of my New Year's Resolutions was to 'Be Green' and Mom and I have been trying really really hard. We've been doing lots of recycling and trying to buy local, organic fruits and veggies (which is also better for us anyway), and my poopy bags are bi-OH-de-grape-able too! Oh and we've changed all our lights bulbs to the CFL kind and wash all our laundry (including my favorite blankies and collars) in cold water. Let's see what else, oh, all of our cleaning stuffs and my sham-poop (hee hee hee get it, sham-poop) are all chemical free so not only good for the environment, but also for me too! And Mom is trying hard to only feed me organic doggie food and snackies...better yet, she's trying to make me my snackies at home which is better for me and cheaper!!! W00t!

One place that I go to get LOTS of great Green-dog info is on Johann's How to Raise a Green Dog blog. It's got great information and lots of advice on how you and your people can become Green and better to our planet.

So what do you say pups? Won't you join me in becoming Green too??? Are you with me???


More Prezzies and the V.E.T.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Well apparently it's still my barkday because I'm still getting prezzies - W00T! I gots some awesome treats, a squirrel and a bootiful purse from my Nanny and Auntie Pearl. Nanny gots the purse from her vacation to South Carolina. It is very stylish and pawfect for spring - hee, hee, hee. Thanks Nanny and Pearly-Girl!


Next up was a prezzie from that terrific trio of terriers - Scruffy, Lacie and the cutie, cute, cute Babystan! Look at all these snackies and there were some squeakies too. Mom was having such a hard time getting me to pose because everything smelled so pawsome!!! Thanks pups...it was so very thoughtful of you!


On Saturday, Mom took me back to the dogtor to check on my athlete's paw. They just love me at Hazel Ridge and I get LOTS of yummy treats. Dr. Rebecca said my paws are looking better, but that the icky yeasty was still there :( Also, they had to steal some of my blood to check to make sure that the medicine I was taking wasn't hurting my liver. So the vampire nurse stole my blood and I was a really, really good girl and gave her kisses even tho' she was stealing from me. Well, Dr. Rebecca said that my blood looked as good as I did - of course! So no more medicine just in case, Mom just has to use the other medicine to wash my paws. Oh well...I sure hope this yeasty leaves soon. It is totally overstaying its welcome!!!


Sleepy Sunday #13

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Mom always says Sunday is a time for reflecting...not really sure what that means.
Hope you are all having a great weekend.

Barkday Wrapup! (FINALLY)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hey pups! Sorry I've been a little pokey posting about my barkday. I've been a little down about Khomet and how sad Miss Susan and Hammer and poor little Charlemagne are. Miss Susan we love you!!! Hang in there.

OK, on to the big barkday...first off...thank you all for all the barkday wishes!!! They made me so very, very happy! I woof you guys! Oh and did you happen to see the song Stanny wrote for me...all I can say is WOW!

Well, you've all read about our pawty adventures...I was so surprised! Scruffy, Lacie and Babystan TOTALLY outdid themselves! WOW! I must admit that I did over do it just a bit...whatever Lacie put in that bottle totally hit me. Thank dogness Scruffy and Babystan were able to figure out how to fly Aire Ruby otherwise we would have had a problem. But rest assured for the next adventure I'll not be drinking anything that Lacie whips up (no offense Lacie).

So as you know, my mushy Mom was away on my barkday so aside from hanging with all you pups, kitties and hamsterriers, I stayed with my Auntie Yvette. We had SO much fun! We went and visited her Momma and Granny and sissies. I gots to play with her people pup Blake and I got TONS of these...


That's right I gots footie massages...my favorite! If I can be guaranteed non-stop footie massages Mom can go away anytime she wants! And you know what? Auntie Yvette taught her sissies Auntie Cheryl and Auntie Tricia to give me footie massages too! I am SO set! W00t! Thanks Auntie Yvette for letting me hang with you!!! I miss you already!

When Mom got home I FINALLY gots to open up my barkday pressies! W00t! Mom says I made out like a bandit...whatever THAT means. Look what my Mack gots me....


So many toys, so many treats...I'm set till my next barkday I think!!! W00t! Thank you so much my Mack!!!! I woof everything!

And this is what I gots from my Stanny...

Oh and yes, I am Goober Girl and proud of it!

He gots me my first snozzle...I haven't tried it yet, but I can't wait! Mom even got a pressie (why I'm not sure) from Stanny's girl Lisa...it was a bootiful blue bracelet with a little 'me' charm. She needs to take a picture of it so you can all see. At first I thought it was a new collar for me...but NOOOOOOOOOO!!! I tried to take it from Mom, but she was not happy about that. Whose barkday is it anyway??? Thank you so much my Stanny, Princess Stella and Mom sends a big TY to your Girl!

Last, but certainly not least, I got some yummy treats AND a corn shank, I mean cob, from Maggie & Mitch...yummo!!!


Oh and check this out...


My Mom gots this spoony-spoon-spoon with ME on it! Maggie & Mitch's Mom made this...she is so talented. Again, I thought it was my barkday, but I'll let it go. Thanks M&M&Mom!!!! W00t!

So...all and all, even with Mom gone, I had a pretty pawsome barkday! Thank you all so much! Thanks especially for being my friend...that's that's the bestest pressie I could ever wish for - W00t!

Sleepy Sunday #12

Sunday, April 13, 2008

April Special Sleepy Guest Star...
That's right...none other than Ms. la Brador! She's sooooo bootiful, isn't she Joe? I can't wait for next month's special guest pup...I could give you a hint, but I won't!!!!

Oh and I promise to post about all my barkday adventures, but not today...I'm going to follow my guest pup pal and nap! Hope you have a nice Sleepy Sunday!

OMD I'm famerous!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Hey Pups...
I'm back home from my mini-vacay with Auntie Yvette. I have a lot to post about later this weekend, but I just had to do a quick post about the fact that I am famerous!!! - W00t!

My hooman pal Blue found one of my Sleepy Sunday pictures here. Thanks Blue for finding this and letting me know. I'm just so excited!!! It's a great way to end my barkday week!!!

So check back this weekend...I can't wait to tell you all about my visit with Auntie Yvette, and my Surprise Pawty (not that I remember all that much - but shhhhh, don't let Mom know) and of course my prezzies! Oh and speaking of my Mom...I have to say I just read her 'tribute' to me...WOW, even tough little me got a little misty over it, but again...shhhhh, don't let her know...I don't want to ruin my image!

My Baby is 2!!!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hello every pup, it's Michele, Ruby's Mom...

I wanted to take this opportunity to wish my beautiful girl a very happy 2nd birthday! I'm so sad that I can't be with her today, but she is is very good 'paws' with her Auntie Yvette. Oh and going to parties in NYC! She leads such an exciting life!

It seems like only yesterday when Auntie Yvette and I traveled to San Francisco to pick Ruby up. I don't think I've ever been so nervous in all my life. I had no idea at the time that this little 4lb bundle of energy would bring so much joy (and some times frustration ;) to my life.

My family and friends tease me that I have 'commitment' issues...well, bringing Ruby into my life was a huge change for me. It took me a really long time to commit to getting a dog. I always had so many excuses, but any time I was with any of my friends pups I just lit up, was so relaxed and happy (yes, I'm a much better around dogs than people - guess that's why I'm still single - LOL). When I finally took the plunge and got Ruby it was amazing how my life changed. I was suddenly responsible for more than myself! It was such a foreign concept to me. It really changed the way I structured my day, how much I worked, how I spent my money. And now when I look back, I just can't imagine my life without her! I know this all sounds corny...but for me, getting this crazy little pup was truly life altering! I just love her so!!!

Not only is today Ruby's day, but it is also our 1 year blogiversary! If you would have asked me a year ago if I still would be blogging I would have said "probably not". But just like with Ruby, I made a commitment and what started as 'something fun to do' has really impacted my life. It has brought me closer to my Mom (she now has a blog with her pup too!) and it has helped me (and Ruby of course) make some very special and what I hope lasting friendships around the world. It is so nice to know I'm not the only crazy dog person out there!!!

So on behalf of Miss Ruby Bleu- the birthday girl, I thank all of you for being part of our lives. It truly brightens my day to read your comments. And thank you for letting us share in your lives too! We are truly honored.

I'm sure Ruby will blog later this week about her birthday adventures! I know from a very reliable source there will be some surprise celebrating for her...plus I do need to make it up to her since I'm away.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite pictures of her...Happy Birthday my Happy Girl! I woof you!!!

Taking off...

Monday, April 07, 2008

Well, aside from sleeping yesterday which you all know I did, I also spent the day plotting our course. There are lots of pups to pick up today - whew. Aire Ruby is ready and raring to go - W00t! We are going to have so much fun and I know Asta will be SOOOO surprised too!

By the way, this is my last post before I am officially TWO! Can you believe it? I don't feel a day over ONE - hee hee hee. What with all the traveling and Mom abandoning me tonight I won't be able to post until Friday. I know you pups won't forget me because I'll be with you for part of the time...the other part I'll be hanging with my home-girl Auntie Yvette.

So keep a look out...I'm on my way...

Sleepy Sunday #11

Sunday, April 06, 2008



Friday, April 04, 2008

Hello pups...need to keep this brief but I have a few important things to tells you pups about...

1. Scruffy and Babystan are throwing a surprise 'Welcome Home' Asta pawty on April 7th & 8th. It's going to be in NYC at Asta's place. Shhhhh....it's a big surprise. Even from Lacie, and all our hoomans. If you want to go, please leave me a comment and I'll reserve you a spot on Aire Ruby.

2. Opal is having a Welcome Rollerskating pawty in New Joisey for my Auntie Pearl. This is not until May 26th, but you pups, hammies, kitties and wheelies should mark your calendars on that one too. Again leave a comment for me so I can save you a seat on Aire Ruby.

3. I had a surprise slumber pawty the other night with Auntie Yvette!!! We had a lot of fun! You see next week my Mom is abandoning me to go to the Land of Bogart for work for 4 whole days!!! And yes, one of those days happens to be on my 2nd barkday AND my 1 year blogiversary. I really don't want to talk about it right now. Anyhowl, Auntie Yvette said I could come stay with her and that she would spend my barkday with me. It's been almost a whole year since I stayed overnight with Auntie Yvette so she thought it would be fun to do a 'trial-run' (whatever that means). It was fun!!! I got to go on a nice long walkie and play with her peeople pup Blake!!! Auntie Yvette does work all those long hours that my Mom does so I actually think this will be tons of fun!!! W00t!!!

So that's it...don't forget to register for all the pawties. I'll be posting the reservation lists this weekend, ok. Oh and doesn't anyone want to play Paw it Forward with me??? It's ok if you don't, but I'd really like it if you would...

UPDATE: I have 3 pals to pay it forward too---W00t! Butchy & Snickers, Lola, and Peanut & Flash!!! I'm so excitered!!!

What a nice surprise...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Today was a day filled with pawsome surprises. The first surprise was a special lunchtime visit from none other than Auntie Yvette. I haven't seen Auntie Yvette in a couple of weeks so even though it meant Mom didn't come home at lunch, it meant quality time with one of my most favoritest peeople in the whole wide world!!! W00t!!! Thanks Auntie Yvette for hanging with me!!!

The next surprise was from my very special puggy pal Clover...It was my Paw (oops Pay) it Forward prezzie - W00t! I gots some VERY special things, take a look...


Yes, Clover yes...we are absolutely friends fur-ever! Look at this pawsome stuffy...I woof it!!! I also gots some very tasty treats too. But the bestest gift ever...take a look at THIS...


Do you know who that cute little puppy is? Do you? That's me!!!! OMdog I am totally barkless over this...so is my Mom. This is just amazing, isn't it? Clover's Dad made it...isn't he talented??? Oh this made me so happy!!! I'm going to make Mom buy a frame this weekend and hang in our living room! W00t!

Thank you so much Clover...I just loved everything...I'm soooooo happy!!!

So now it's my turn to Paw, I mean Pay it Forward. Here's the deal...

I'll send a pawmade gift to the first three dogs/cats/humans who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this 'Paw It Forward' exchange! I think I have to promise to get the gifts out within 30 days, but I know based on Mom's crazy schedule that probably won't happen. But we are going to try our harderest to get it out as soon as possible! The only thing you have to do in return is "paw it forward" by making the same promise on your blog once you get my get my special gift! I already have some pawsome ideas in mind...this is going to be soooo much fun!