Sleepy Sunday #13

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Mom always says Sunday is a time for reflecting...not really sure what that means.
Hope you are all having a great weekend.


19 Responses to "Sleepy Sunday #13"

Anonymous said... 7:55 AM

I'm first, I'm first, Hiya Ruby
How are use, looks like use is having a beautiful west in the sun, tell Auntie Michele cool piktor.
Hugs, bellyrubs, smoochies

Molly the Airedale said... 8:04 AM

What a cool picture! Pleasant dreams, Ruby!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Myeo said... 9:35 AM

That is a pretty picture. We like the way it is takeb from the reflection. Nice!

Boy n Baby

Moco said... 10:20 AM

You reflect well. But why reflect when you can nap?

Cassidy said... 11:12 AM

Me has been to grooming class and done lots of playing, so me is about to have a big snooze.

Cassidy x

Stanley said... 11:41 AM

Ruby Bug!

Your mama is getting all artsy on us. As far as I'm concerned, ANY photo with you in it is a masterpiece!

Goober love & sleepy smooches,

Mack said... 12:27 PM

That pic is so cool!! But then again, how could it not be, with the world's most beautiful diva pup in it!

Joe Stains said... 1:08 PM

This our favorite so far! Have a great day Ruby!

Anonymous said... 2:37 PM

WOW! What an awesome photo!

Lorenza said... 3:15 PM

Hi, Ruby!
This Sleepy Sunday picture is very artistic!
Sure I hope you are enjoying a very nice sunday!
Kisses and hugs

Rudy said... 3:27 PM

I just came home from an agility trials and I'm catching up on MY Sleepy Sunday. I could sure use it!


Asta said... 3:42 PM

That photo should go in the pawmenent collection of Goobewstan's Museum of Awt!!! It's bootiful
Hope you had a peaceful sunday
smoochie kisses

the many Bs said... 4:22 PM

hey Ruby, we like that picture. it looks kind of dreamy cool.

we think sundays are for chillin'.


Anonymous said... 4:44 PM

Oh my heavens, that is one of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen! I LOVE it!

Tad and Fig's girl :-)

Emily and Ike said... 6:19 PM

Great pic!

Amber-Mae said... 9:27 PM

Oh, that's a nice shot...I bet the sun really feels good.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Dexter said... 4:45 AM

Good day for meditation.


Petra said... 12:06 PM

What a gorgeous picture of you, beautiful Ruby!

I can almost see your eyes rolling back in your head as you're reflecting and meditating on the simple pleasures in life.

Anonymous said... 4:16 PM

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