What does your dog say about you???

Friday, May 25, 2007

Hi Everyone & Everydoggie...
Michele, Ruby's Mom here just grabbing the keyboard away from my little beastie to say hi and share with you this article I found online...What Does Your Dog Say About You?

It's a fun little article which describes the breed of your pup and what it means about YOUR personality. Kind of interesting. Here's what it says about a Boston Terrier...

"Boston Terrier- Owners of Boston terriers are compassionate people that make lifelong good friends. They are very friendly and happy people. Friends consider them to be extroverts with a silly streak. They love practical jokes and making people laugh. They are kind and respectful of others and rarely have a negative thing to say. Favorite TV show: Punk'd."

Hmmm....ok, I'd like to think I'm a lifelong good friend and I'm relatively happy (mostly because of all of Ruby's antics). I definitely have a silly streak and like to make people laugh. I consider myself to be kind and respectful (most of the time), but rarely having a negative thing to say...well, I guess I can't be perfect!

Definitely check this article out...it's really fun. Have a great weekend!


17 Responses to "What does your dog say about you???"

Liza said... 7:52 AM

Ruby -

It was a great article - my humans have had Labs and Goldens and they are certainly outdoorsy, laidback social people.

We tagged you on our blog - sorry we couldn't help ourselves you are too cute.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend - stay safe!

Love, Dory

Boo Casanova said... 8:17 AM

so, if mom has 2 dogs, she'll have double personality. well, i just want a mom!

wet wet licks


Oscar's mummy and daddy said... 8:19 AM

Aw, no Airedales on the list, boo!

Happy weekend!

Oscar x

Lorenza said... 11:27 AM

Hi, Michele.
My mom read the article and started laughing pretty loud. It says that dachshund owners are stubborn! I suppose she agrees! (ha-ha!)
Have a nice weekend

Tadpole said... 11:32 AM

Well. I'm not on the list either. *huff*

My girl is not an extrovert, a can't tell a joke to save her life, so she must have more of my characteristics than Fig's....

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said... 12:29 PM

I'm not on the list either, harumpf. But my mum is stubborn and determined, so she must take after me.

xxx Asta

Simba and Jazzi said... 2:51 PM

My humans know what I say about them, Mummy doesn't give me enough treats and fat fat Daddy is...fat.

Simba xx

wally said... 3:20 PM

Ok, I'm totally going to check this out and tell my ma ape that the type of person she is is the type who needs to feed me more SNACKS.

Also--you're tagged! We're playing the 8 things about me tag game--see my blog for details.


Anonymous said... 6:05 PM

Hmmm, well I wasn't the class clown, as they say pug owners are, but they got my favorite show right? I LOVE Spongebob! I always watch it with the kids and usually laugh harder than they do! Hehehe!

Bella said... 10:38 PM

ooohh so how does this work when there are 4 dogs in the family from a 3.5 kg malteseX to a 40kg DaneX????

Simba and Jazzi said... 1:27 AM

Hi Ruby, I have tagged you for two games. Sorry if you have been tagged already.

Simba xx

Gwyn Valentine said... 6:09 AM

Hi Ruby!~

I'll be your lifelong good friend!
Guess what? I love Punk'd too! hehehe


Jessica said... 9:24 AM

I think that describes my Mom too. She's the greatest, mostly because she loves me so.

Love, Seadra

PreciOus said... 11:43 AM

Aww, there's no Silky Terrier too. But my sista and I are pretty alike in that we are both very lazy.


Anonymous said... 2:29 PM

This was very cool Ruby! I checked it out to see what it would say about my mom, and it was pretty much correct!!!

Anonymous said... 4:26 PM

I looked for my mom toooooo, and it said she was quiet & stoic......serious & intense, ROFB!! NOWAY!! But some of it was right...........I love her anyway.

My mom says she is putting that link on her doggie forum for others to enjoy.......Thanks Ruby!


Ferndoggle said... 10:32 AM

Cool...thanks for the link! Boxers pretty much describe Scott & I! Although he's more on the silly side! What fun!


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