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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I can't believe how much fun I've been having checking out everydoggie's blogs on what celebrity they resemble. Everydoggie is spot on. A whole bunch of doggies have posted pictures...My mom and I are thinking up a creative way to showcase them...so stay tuned for that.

I do have to say that after seeing Ike's photo, I am officially in love. I know, I know Ike is Martha's guy and Martha is my friend. But Ike, if you are ever interested in another girlfriend and Martha you don't mind sharing... I'm waiting. ***swoon***

Mom printed a picture for me and I have it hanging on the wall...I kiss it everytime I go by.

I figured I'd give a quick Whalie update...I know it has been making the news EVERYWHERE! Unfortunately, the news isn't very good. Momma whalie Delta and baby whalie Dawn, have been out of salty water for 11 days now...and that is way too long. The whalie vet says their skin doesn't look good now and their owies aren't healing the way they should. It looked for a little bit that they were making their way to the ocean, but I guess they just like Sacramento too much and turned around again over the weekend. Also yesterday, they started flipping around alot...at first it looked like they were playing or dancing, but the whalie vet says it's because they are stressed out about not getting home. Poor whalies...we all better pray for them.

It looks like they are dancing...but sadly they are just scared and want to go home.

Mom never got around to making any more cookies...she's been busy with work and other stuff, but she promised she'd try again (and follow the recipe correctly this time) over the long weekend - Yay- long weekend - 3 days to hang with Mom and go to the park!!!

And last but not least, today is my weimaraner friend Remmy's barkday. Remmy is 2 years old today. Remmy is really cool...we play at the park sometimes. Remmy has also won lots of prizes for being so handsome and hunting and stuff. I hope I can go to the park today and play with Remmy...but that depends on if my Mom has to go to jooory doody...what is that anyway???

Happy Barkday Remmy!!!


23 Responses to "Tag, Whalies and Other Stuff..."

Ferndoggle said... 8:18 AM

Thanks for starting the fun game! And thanks for the whalie update. We've been thinking about them a lot.


Anonymous said... 9:47 AM

Hopefully your mom will make more cookies!

And thanks for the whalie update!

PreciOus said... 9:58 AM

Ahhh... Love is in the air!

And poor whalies. Hope they do get home soon.


Anonymous said... 10:05 AM

I have a picture of my boyfriend up in my jail too! It makes the time pass by so much faster when you have someone lovely to look at!

Multiple person relationships are going around on DWB, so you might get lucky with Ike....

Tadpole said... 10:06 AM

Remmy is gorgeous! Maybe if the thing with Ike doesn't work out you can turn to him...?

Frasier said... 12:58 PM

I was sad about the whalies,poor thing.Looking forward to the celeb look alike pics of everyone-Frasier

Suki & Joey said... 12:59 PM

Mom says joory doody is when hoomans have to sit in a room for a really long time and they're really bored. Sounds dumb.

I am so sad for the whalies. I hope there's a chance they can still make it out to the ocean :(

Puggy kisses

FleasGang said... 1:33 PM

Those whaleys are gonna make us cry. I just know it :-(

The FleasGang

Simba and Jazzi said... 1:39 PM

ah young love so sweet.

Simba xx

Big_Ben said... 2:52 PM

Hi Ruby! Thanks for the comment! I like your pictures!

Peanut said... 4:37 PM

Those poor Whalies. That is so sad.

Billy (YES Casanova!!!) said... 5:20 PM

The poor whales...

Remmy is cute Ruby:)

BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

Boo Casanova said... 7:23 PM

gosh ruby you are in love!!! yeah i know ike is one handsome fellow. he's into one of my girlfriends too. :(

wet wet licks


Joe Stains said... 7:26 PM

oh ruby, so sad about the whales. I laughed about the doody because poop is funny.

Anonymous said... 8:09 PM

Poor whalies......I hope they get home to their mamas soon.

And WOW, my mommy is swooning over Remmy's picture, she loves weimaraners!!


Ronin_The_Pug said... 11:03 PM

Happy Birthday to Remmy! Oh poor whales! We hope that they will be better!
Your game is surely very cool and funny! Unfortunately I was not tagged... And I have no idea to whom I resemble… Kisses!

Oscar's mummy and daddy said... 2:03 AM

Oooh Ruby, hope Martha doesn't get mad at you for kissing Ike's photo!

Poor whales, it's so sad when this kind of thing happens. Maybe they were sick to start with and that's why they went up the river.

Oscar x

Asta said... 10:50 AM

Hi Ruby,
I'm so sad for the whalies..I wish they'd find their way out,but it sounds like it might be too late,if it is, I'm sure there's a rainbow bridge for them too..
Your true love is very handsome, no wonder you want to kiss him everytime you go by.
I wasn't tagged either, and that's probably a good thing, cause I have no idea who I look like.
Happy Birfday Remmy..what a great looking pal for you, lucky Ruby
kisses ASTA

Lorenza said... 11:08 AM

Hola Ruby. Its so sad to know that those wallies can't find the way to go to the ocean. I hope someone could do something!
Ike is a very handsome guy! I hope you don't get in trouble with Martha!
Have a nice day

wally said... 5:17 PM

You could sing Ike that ridiculous Pussycat Dolls song except they have cat in their names and then Ike would then you're a cat and chase you. You should just pounce on him!


The MOM said... 5:25 PM

Thanks for stopping by and wishing me a happy barkday!!

I'm sad about the whalies...I wish they could find their way home.

Harley & Hagen

Girl Girl Hamster said... 1:43 AM

Hee, Ike sure is handsome there..

~ Girl girl

Herbie said... 6:56 AM

Ruby! Thanks for stopping by my blog - what does IKE have that *I* don't have!!! ha ha ha
I'm so sad about the whales - it's hard to believe they can't think of SOMETHING .. like a whale rodeo -- to help the poor things.
Tell Remmy Happy BarkDay!
I'm going to add you to my blogroll and come back and see how Tails of Bark and Boneses goes with your infatuation with Ike

8=8 8=8 and ~~~~

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