Something strange is going on... Part II

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Thanks everydoggie for all your help in trying to figure this out. Mom's still not giving anything up, but here's what else I observed this morning...

What's this??? It's a big green box with wheels and a handle. I've never seen anything like this in my whole 1 year. What could this strange thing be???

After she brought it out of her messy closet (she never lets me in there, so it must be messy), she started to put some of her clothes in there but not her fun doggie park clothes, but what looks like grown up clothes. Hmmmmm..... Oh and none of my things that she packed yesterday went in there either, they are in a bag in the living room. Hmmmmm....the plot thickens.

Uh oh...I gotta go, Mom's ready to go to work and I need to get off the computer. I'll check back later...hopefully I can use my Wonder Ruby skills to figure this out soon!


19 Responses to "Something strange is going on... Part II"

Oscar's mummy and daddy said... 7:10 AM

Hmm Ruby, I think maybe mum is going one place on holidays & you are going to holiday with some other doggies. I have heard it's fun so don't be worried.

Oscar x

Simba and Jazzi said... 7:27 AM

In my experience if that thing appears you get left somewhere. Get in the green thing on wheels and hide so they don't leave you behind.

Simba xxx

Suki & Joey said... 8:06 AM

Ruby, are you going to NJ to meet your sister and your aunt? That would be AWESOME!

But, wait, you said your stuff isn't in mom's bag? Hmmm...then maybe you'll have to stay at a kennel or something. That would NOT be awesome. You can always come to Fl and stay with us! :)

Puggy kisses

Tadpole said... 8:38 AM

Ruby, I'm scared! Is she leaving you?! Somebody left me once, but then my girl found me so it turned out good. But your mom is too nice to do that to you, right?!

Anonymous said... 8:40 AM

Ruby I think you're going on vacation!!! I went on vacation once!!! It was awesome - so many new things to smell and eat!!!

Duke said... 8:48 AM

Quick Ruby! While mom is at work, get your things stuffed in that green box okay? Don't forget your toys and some treats!

Love ya lots,

Ferndoggle said... 10:25 AM

Maybe Mom is going on a trip to get you a new brother or sister!! That MUST be it!

Sherman, Penny & Lola

Duke and Gidget said... 10:48 AM

Hmmmmm.... Very perplexing. It sounds to us like she is up to no good. We think you should pee on that big green box!

Unknown said... 11:42 AM

I have one word for this mystery: RubyCam

Jessica said... 11:49 AM

Our Mom packed one of those boxes before and we got left at Grandma's house for a week. But we love our Grandma so that was ok.

Love, Seadra & Zoe

FleasGang said... 12:33 PM

Hmmm. The plot thickens. . .

Liza said... 4:54 PM

Run Ruby, run!! When they take out their fancy clothes 0 ti can only be bad news for dogs!!!

By the way - we LOVE your pink harness and collar! How cute!!

I saw on Joe's blog you use jello cups - my mom says thanks she's been having a hard time finding the right size containers!!

Have a happy day - Dory

Anonymous said... 5:41 PM

Ohhh someone's going on holiday!

Luckie Girl said... 5:58 PM

Hey Ruby,
I think your Mom may be going somewhere without you. I suggest you get into the green bag without her dad had one black bag with wheels too and he went off without me.

Joe Stains said... 6:08 PM

Ruby, would it help if I sent my detective coat for you to wear?

Boo Casanova said... 7:05 PM

uh-oh ruby. i wonder if you'll be sent away while your mom is going for a vacation!!! oh no! i hate to think that's the real story behind all the big luggage and stuff...

wet wet licks


Asta said... 9:32 PM

As you know, Asta is a special assistant to a detective and always helps figure stuff it seems to me, there's definately going to be a tripfor someone, maybe you get to go to a special doggie camp where you can play, and swim and snooze,and get lots of treats, and meet even more friends,and gather stories to tell us about..since your Wonder Ruby, I'm sure you'll figure it out..let us know, love and smoochie kisses

Fu Fu said... 12:09 AM

Oh Ruby, I think your mom is going for a holiday. Make sure you get yourself pack in that green bag too

~ fufu

Sophie Brador said... 4:46 AM

Hey Rubes, The dreaded suitcase can only mean two things. One is good and one is bad, depending on whether you are going on vacation or if your mom is. I just took my mom on a vacation. She seemed to enjoy it.

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