Gifts from the East...Part 2

Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Nanny Edition

Look what I got today...another prezzie!!! This time it was from my Nanny in New Jersey.

So this is what Nanny & New Jersey smell like...ahhh....

Um, some help here please...remember, no thumbs.
Oh and Nanny, try and use less tape next time, ok? It was really hard for wimpy Mom to open (Ruby's Mom: Ruby! Be nice!)
Look what I got!!!! My very own Loofah Dog! I've never had one of those before!!! Yay, I think I will call him Clifford!!! Oh and a fuzzy guy called Lil Buddy! Yay!!! What awesome prezzies!!!

Here's me playing with my new prezzies...

Thank you so much for my great prezzies Nanny! I love you and can't wait to finally meet you in September!!! Lots of Licks!!!


20 Responses to "Gifts from the East...Part 2"

Suki & Joey said... 9:27 AM

Loofah Dogs are the BESTEST toys EVER! Oh my gosh, I can't believe you've never had one before. I would have sent you one had I known that!

Your Nanny seems really sweet, is she going to Cali to see you or are you going to NJ?

Puggy kisses

Oh, and my Mom says your "Summer's Eve" comment was soooo funny and she was laughing a lot but I don't know why ;)

Molly the Airedale said... 9:34 AM

How nice of your Nanny! Nice gifts Ruby!

Love ya lots,

Joe Stains said... 10:42 AM

It looked like you were trying to perform an operation on the loofah dog, like maybe squeaky-ectomy?

Lizzy said... 12:28 PM

Cool present! You must be so excited!


kfinkler said... 12:56 PM

good job ruby -- you really showed that loofah dog. And we need to find a way through all that tape -- I like to chew thru the packages that show up on our step, I never thought to look for prezzies inside!


Peanut said... 1:07 PM

I've never had a loofah dog either. Are they lots of fun. They look like lots of fun.

Anonymous said... 1:44 PM

Glad you liked your toys.
Your sister Sophia ripped her loofa up in one day, from the looks of your video it may not last that long.
Let Nanny know what to bring you in September, don't tell Mom, I will smuggle some more toys on the plane.
Love Nanny

Emily and Ike said... 2:39 PM

Tell Nanny to bring a Wubba!

Balboa said... 2:56 PM

Wow, what wonderful presents, I bet the insides taste even better, hmmmm.

Frenchie Snorts

Anonymous said... 3:16 PM


What is a Wubba?


Pugsley, Buster, Cricket & Daisy said... 4:10 PM

You sure be hauling in the loot!! Glads you had fun playing with your loofah. We enjoyed your video.

xoxoPugsley, Buster and Cricket

Asta said... 8:38 PM

those were gweat toys fwom Nanny!
I think I especcially like Clifford.

The weather in New Hamster was super! cool in the mownings and evenings(good for jammies),and wawm in the day, but never nasty hot like here.
If Stanley has enough goober love for all thfree of us it's fine wif me to shawe..but I need a lot of goober kissies and love
smoochie kisses

Lorenza said... 9:19 PM

Hi, Ruby.
I like your video. The shaking part is great!!
So glad you enjoyed the presents from your Nanny!
Have a good night

Amber-Mae said... 5:04 AM

Oh Ruby, you sure love your new toys from your nanny! You looked kind of surprised when lil buddy squeaked when you stepped on it, ouch! I think that was his scream or yelp. LOL! Oh well too bad. Step on it more! Hahahaha! I know I sound sooooo mean...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

wally said... 5:12 AM

Ooooh--that looks like great fun! I especially like at the end where you seem to be unable to decide which toy to play with. Been there, done that.


Stanley said... 6:30 AM


Your Nanny *must* be cool if she knows how to by for her Rubinator! Loved watching your video footage - just to pick up on some of your Ruby quirks and to watch you shake the stuffin' out of your new stuffies.

Too bad you haven't met your Nanny yet. (She must be very busy if she has a granddogter and hasn't met her yet). I bet you're counting down til you get to see her.

BTW, I'm new at all this, but I think there's more than enough Goober love to go around. Fear not, Ruby girl, I'll do right by you!

Goober love, kisses & hugs,
Your Stanny Boy

Frasier said... 2:29 PM

Grammas are the best.Mine lives far,far away.
I want a loofah dog too.They are so cute.

Luckie Girl said... 6:06 PM

Hey Ruby,
Oh gosh, that's a cute toy. I have never seen one of those before. I can tell you really like it huh? :) How long will you take to complete your opawration on him?

Liza said... 6:33 PM

Grammas are great aren't they!! Oh and Ruby - why won't our humans be quiet when we are starring in these films?? It's a puzzlement!!


Oscar's mummy and daddy said... 2:46 AM

Aw, what a sweet nanny you have. I bet you can't wait to meet her in September!

Oscar x

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