Awards and Angry Ears

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"You like me, you really like me!"

Sally Field, Academy Awards - 1985
Ruby Bleu, @Home - 2007

Wow! Thank you pups!!! What an honor to be Featured Blog for August and to share it with my beautiful doxie pal Luckie (Congrats - Luckie)! I had totally forgotten about the contest this weekend until Opy sent me a pee-mail! This is so exciting!!! Thanks to everyone who voted for me and for my buddies Nanook and Pooka for nominating me. Also - Congrats to Gussie for winning Awesome Blog and to Ronin for Photo of the Month - Woot!!!

Now on to something a little less pleasant...I have an ANGRY EAR!!! (Ruby's Mom: Ruby has an ear infection). It is all red and hurts and makes me shake my head a lot. Luckily I don't have the yeasties like Suki I still feel all clean and fresh but still this is SO not fun. Every night I have to get these..
Yes, this meant I had to go to the vet. I got to see Dr. Rebecca this time...she's very nice and fortunately I didn't get that thing stuck up my butt. But they did poke something in my ear and that's how they could tell it was ANGRY. So 7 days of this! YUCK!!!! (Ruby's Mom: 7 days of drops which trust me, hurt me more than they hurt you! Ruby: Oh, Mom!!!). Fortunately, I'm not shaking my head as much anymore, so I think it is getting better. I think that is how my Mom figured out I had an ANGRY EAR...I kept shaking my head. Actually, I think she was concerned I would shake so hard my brains would fall out...silly Mom, my brains are much too BIG to do that!!!
Can you see my right ear is a little droopy and not as perky as normal??? Can you? That's because my ear is ANGRY! Yeah, I know I have kinda floppy ears to begin with, but this is just not normal floppy!!!


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The Army of Four said... 7:32 AM

Congrats, Ruby! Sorry to hear about the ear problem, though. Oh ... get it? "Hear"? "Ear"? Hee hee hee.

Anonymous said... 7:38 AM

Congrats Ruby!!! But I'm sorry about your ear.

Balboa said... 7:54 AM

I hate when I have angry ears too. I hope you feel better soom.

on a good note, CONGRATULAIONS!!!!

Ferndoggle said... 9:34 AM

Congrats Ruby & guys totally deserve it!!

Sorry about your ear. I hate, hate, hate having my ears messed with. Especially when they're angry. Feel better soon.


Jackson's J1 and J2 said... 10:06 AM

Congrats, Ruby! Sorry about your angry ear. Don't shake your head too much; you might end up like the Doofus! J x

Unknown said... 10:14 AM

Yahhhhh!!! Congrats Miss Ruby Bleu! Your angry ear is makin' me angry too hmph!!! GRRRRRR Loves Ya! ah, I should def. consider getting board shorts right? Brrrr its cold down there! heehehheheh


Martha said... 10:28 AM

Congrats to both you and Luckie! Love, Martha

Peanut said... 10:33 AM

Oh ruby we hope your ear gets happy again soon.

Stanley said... 10:43 AM

Ruby Bug!

Congratulations, girlie! You and Luckie deserve being featured blog(s).

Sorry about the ear anger. They seem to get a little angrier when you first start using the drops before they start to cool off. Just tell your ear to simmerdownnow! You have a commanding presence - the ear will listen, if it knows what's good for it.

Extra goober kisses to you (they have healing properties),
Your Stanny

Stanley said... 10:44 AM


Forgot to tell you congratulations for your Koi namesake at Butchy & Snickers' house. I already have a photo of my little fella up on my blog, I'm SO proud. Think our Kois will be friends?

Goob kiss,

Clover said... 10:53 AM

Hi Ruby!
I hope your angry ear gets happier soon!! Hopefully the happy drops will work quickly.
And congratulations on sharing the featured blog award!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and calling me cute! I can't hear it enough! Hehe...
Love Clover xo

coco said... 11:42 AM

bow-WOW - talk about your good news/bad news!!! GRRRRRREAT job on the blog award!! but so-sad about that angry ear! it looks so pitiful hanging down all sore and everything. :( hopefully your medisin will make it better in a hurry. you're too beautiful to be hurt - it's just wrong!

PreciOus said... 11:49 AM

Oh my, 7 days of ear drops? I hope your Mom has an easy time putting the drops in. I know my sista will give up after one try. Phew.

Congrats on featured blog award! Yes I really do like you. Hehe.


Duke and Gidget said... 12:00 PM

Hi Ruby, sorry to hear about the angry ear, but congrats on being the DWB featured blog. You definitely deserve it!

~Pug Hugs~
Duke & Gidget

kaui said... 12:14 PM

ruby! I have the same angry ear! and last time at the vet, they gave me the same angry ear medicine! just remember to put in the refridgerator! I hate that stuff too, I shake my head like CRAZY when my human drops those stuffs!!ARRRRG! we should go on strike!

Tadpole said... 12:29 PM

Oooh, angry body part are SO NOT FUN! Poop on them! (that's just an expression... it probably wouldn't really help to literally poop on them....) I'm glad you aren't shaking your brains around quite as much. Of course they wouldn't FALL OUT, but we don't want them scrambled either, you know.

CONGRATS on the Featured Blog!!! Woot!

Suki & Joey said... 12:34 PM

Oh, Ruby, I am so sorry you have to deal with those nasty ear drops. YUCK!!

Congratulations again on your award! You have the awesomest blog ever ;) I hope your ear gets better soon, but it does look cute like that. You have the coolest ears I've ever seen, hehehe!

Puggy kisses

Lorenza said... 1:47 PM

Hi, Ruby.
Congratulations again!
I am so sorry to know about your angry ear! That is not fun. That infection thing has happen to me 2 or 3 times so my mom has to clean my ears every other day and I don't like it! But at least is better than having angry ears!
Take care

Joe Stains said... 2:14 PM

CONGRATS! I had a few ear infections in my day and they SUCKED!

Pugsley, Buster, Cricket & Daisy said... 2:17 PM

Sorry to hear about your angry ear. Hope it gets better soon.

Pugsley, Buster, Cricket and Daisy

MJ's doghouse said... 2:29 PM

all i gotta say is doggy treats fix angry ears...thats it..

Anonymous said... 3:07 PM

Congrats on your big win Ruby!!! And good luck with the ear infection.

Molly the Airedale said... 3:22 PM

Congrats Ruby!
I'm sorry about your ear! I'm sure it hurts and is quite annoying!

Love ya lots,

Jen and Suki said... 4:03 PM

Oooh Ruby, sorry you had ANGRY ear! I hope you feel allll better soon.

And congrats about the blog award! You totally deserve it, lady!

Suki Su

Jessica said... 4:28 PM

We hope your ear is feeling better. Sounds like you are miserable the way you are shaking your head. Be a good doggie and let Mom put those drops in your ears. It will make you feel better.

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Miss Reina said... 5:03 PM

Congrats to you and Luckie! Both of you have done us proud! hehehehe
Oh.. and i hope your ear will be happier by now.


Luckie Girl said... 6:01 PM

Oh Ruby,
How can we make your ear happy again???? Do you want me to erm..lick your angry ear? That'd probably tickle your ear and maybe just maybe it will get happy again!
I am so glad to see our faces side by side! Does my face look fat? LOL!

Urban Smoothie Read said... 7:39 PM

is ur ear ithcy?? do u need my help 4 scratching?

hope ur ear will get well soon...

Lizzy said... 8:55 PM

Congratulations Ruby!

I'm sorry to hear about your ear. I hope you feel better soon!


Ling Ling said... 9:59 PM

Hey Ruby!

I'm glad to meet you! Wow, you must be pretty cool to have a featured blog!

Awh. I'm really sorry to hear about your ear problem... I once had that too =[. I kept shaking my head like no other. Get better okay? :D!

- Ling Ling

Ronin_The_Pug said... 10:03 PM

Congrats RUBY!!! You are so cool! Oh I hate when someone is sticking something in my ears too... I hope your "angry" ear will be ok really soon!
Hugs little Ruby!

Ume said... 10:45 PM

hiya Ruby,
sorry to hear about your angry ears, hope they will happee soon!
Congrats on being Featured Blog!

Kien said... 10:45 PM

oh.. sorry to hear that you got an angry ear!.. let me help u to lick it.. hey, trust me.. it will cure!..

btw.. CONGRATS for the featured blog award.. u sure deserve it.. and of course we love you!!.. so stop shaking your head.. i dun want to see your head pop out from your body..

Golden Rossi

fee said... 10:48 PM

whoa, that ear sure looks angry! let us know when it is happy again!

congratulations on your award!!!


Ben & Darling said... 11:26 PM

Congrat RUby and I hope your ear ia not angry anymore....

Girl Girl Hamster said... 12:08 AM

Congrates on the award Ruby... Ouch.. I hope your ear is ok and not angry now

~ girl girl

Amber-Mae said... 1:01 AM

Oh Ruby & Luckie, congrats to you both! So so so proud of you both...But I'm so sorry to hear about your ear infection. Lucky I haven't had any infection in my ear before, phew! Hope your itchy droopy ear will get well soon.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said... 1:44 AM

Congratulations Ruby!

ooooh your poorly ear though, I feel sooooo sorry for you. Hope it "perks" up very soon......

I have been poorly too with a very sore tum, and even worse, we have ugly floor coverings because of it!!!!!! love from your friend Marvinxxxxxxx

love from the Chief Carpet Shampoo and Floor Washer Jeannie xxxx

Anonymous said... 7:39 AM

That ear really does look angry!

Liza said... 11:22 AM

Oh Ruby -

So so sorry to hear about the angry ear. I have two angry ears pretty much all the time.

I am not jealous about that but I have to admit that I am envious of you and Luckie being featured bloggers - WAY TO GO!!!

Gotta go deal with the new do - he's eating my toys.

Have a happy day - Dory

Coco said... 12:53 PM

you're been tagged (if you want to play along :-) see my blog for info!

I am sorry to hear about
your ear :(
I hope you are feeling better real soon!!

Coco said... 12:54 PM

and...major are a STAR!!!!!!!!

wally said... 5:37 PM

Congrats Ruby! Your blog is a fave of mine so you totally deserve it.

Sorry about the angry ear. I had one earlier this summer. I try to shake my brains out but, like yours, mine are WAY to big.


Juno said... 7:05 PM

Pawsome Ruby! Congrats on the award. I always enjoy your blog. You deserve it! :)

Angry ear... Hope you feel better soon!

Ruby, I just tagged you. :) Please come by by blog when you have a coment. You're STAR! You might be busy..

Momo xoxo

ps. Seems like you were tagged by coco as well!

Huskee and Hershey said... 8:33 PM

Congrats Ruby!!
Aww... I hope ur ear is less angry now.. =)

L said... 8:38 PM

Hi ya Ruby Bleu,
So nice to make your acquaintance. I hope your angry ear cheers up soon. It looks so sad just hangin' there. Hope you are not in any pain or anything. Major congrats to you for the featured blog acknowledgement. I gotta go now and read all about ya. You are very cute!!!! Mom loves Boston's.


ToFFee said... 9:18 PM

Hey Ruby!

Congratulations! you and Luckie deserve it..

'Ear 'Ear for the great Wonder Ruby!

ohh! I made a funny.. (mom: that's a pathetic joke)

hmph! at least I tried!


Frasier said... 9:20 AM

I hope your earsies get to feeling better.
I also wanted to say thankyou for letting us know about new doggies joining dogs with blogs.

Jake of Florida said... 3:00 PM

Congrats on your Featured Blog award Ruby, and sorry about your angry ear...

We (actually I mean me)could come whisper sweet nothings in your other ear so at least that one would be happy!!


wonder dog rescue said... 1:24 AM

Rubyyyyyy!!! We're all so sorry about that angry ear of yours! Tell your momma to give you a little cream cheese before she gives you the drops... you MIGHT not mind as much.

Keep being a good girlie too!

Linda and the wonder dogs!

Unknown said... 5:35 AM

Ok- angry ear sis? You can't make this stuff up! Now I have heard everything. Dear God! Yes I do not read this blog as much as I should. Yes I should consult some doctor for you and maybe need to visit more to see your stability. And to think I am the cause of all this. I LOVE RUBY YES! She is a direct reflection of my Sophia hahahaha. Gotta love ya sis you do amuse me!

Deanna said... 12:42 PM

Poor Ruby! I hope your ear is better now!

Anonymous said... 11:28 AM

Ruby, I am sorry that your ears are not well right now. I hope they are getting better!

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