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Monday, July 16, 2007

So guess what I had today???? Come on, be creative...look at that can do it...

Yep...I had Wallymelon!!!

Ruby's Mom: Honey, that's watermelon.
Ruby: But I like to call it Wallymelon, ok? Deal with it!

Ruby's Mom: You do know it isn't really made from Wally, right?
Ruby: Duh, of course I know it's not made from Wally, why would I want to eat Wally anyway? Silly woman!

Yep, the delicious summertime treat of Wallymelon! It is the yummiest thing in the world...
And you know what else? Thanks to Dave of the AO4, my Mom even shared with me the Wallymelon slushie she made for herself at lunch today! Today was just a Wallymelon-eriffic kinda day!!! Woo hoo!!!


38 Responses to "Summer-ific Snackie"

Lorenza said... 7:03 PM

Hi, Ruby.
Yes, your Wallymelon looks delicious! Very refreshing, right?
You really made us laugh with your pictures... pretty please???
Have a good night

Joe Stains said... 9:24 PM

you are sooo lucky, we love wallymelon here too, but we haven't had any in a bit.

Ben & Darling said... 10:59 PM

hahaha wallymelon!!! Nice name for the melon.

fee said... 11:24 PM

hi ruby, if your wallymelon doesn't bite, can i have some please? looks yummy...

Oscar's mummy and daddy said... 12:51 AM

I must nag mum to get me some watermelon, it looks so delicious.

Oscar x

Simba and Jazzi said... 1:24 AM

That looks yummy.

Simba xx

PreciOus said... 2:05 AM

Wally~,erm, watermelon is great! I lurve to eat it too. I'm glad it's available all year round over my side. How about yours? Mom would buy it once in a while. And there's yellow flesh watermelon too! Just as quenching!


Duke said... 2:45 AM

I'll have to have mom pick us up a wally-melon at the grocery store. Did yours come with Wally in it?

Love ya lots,

Peanut said... 4:16 AM

You know we had wally-melon in the house and my kids ate it all and didn't give me any.

Anonymous said... 4:33 AM

Yum wallymelon - I never knew what it was called before!! I haven't had any since last summer but it's soooo tasty!!

Ferndoggle said... 5:13 AM

We've never had Wallymelon. I bet we'd like it. Well maybe not Penny because she's a princess & very picky. But Sherman & I eat everything!!


Pugsley, Buster, Cricket & Daisy said... 5:20 AM

The wallymelon look delicious. We not have it before. Maybe we sent mommy to the sotre.

Your pals, Pugsley, Buster and Cricket

Luckie Girl said... 5:47 AM

Hey Ruby,
Wallymelons are awesome..they are really cheap here in Singapore! I wish I could send you lots....hehe..

Frasier said... 5:47 AM

That looks deelish !!!
Did you see the pictures of the freezedried ones on wallys blog !My mommy laughed so much !!
We love wally melons here too !!
Mommy said she would get so used to saying wallymelon that she is capable of using that word with a stranger and they may think she has an undeveloped tongue!!!

Katherine and Pippa said... 6:01 AM

Hi Ruby

We don't buy wallymelon here.

Master doesn't like it. But sometimes the neighbours buy it and don't eat it so give it to us.

But I haven't tried it. I will tell mistress to give me some next time.



umekotyan said... 6:48 AM

The watermelon is delicious. However, it is too large. Though I may get a little. :)

from loved ume tyan

wally said... 7:28 AM

Wallymelon is the greaterest! That's not bad grammar, it's just it's greater and greatest!

I do love the picture of me AS melon. Though if that were real I'm afraid I'd start snacking on myself. Though if anyone else tried it, I could just roll away!


Amber-Mae said... 8:50 AM

I don't really like watermelons but i bet the Wallymelons taste good, hehehehe!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Tadpole said... 9:36 AM

Oh - my girl had one of those the other day and she didn't share ANY of it! You lucky girl, you....

Liza said... 10:44 AM

Don't worry Ruby we call it wally melon here in Beantown too!!

I must confess it looked yummy, but can it compare to ice cream??

Oh and BTW - I have no control over my humans music selections for LabraDory videos!! She is incorragable (SP?)

Anyhow - ciao for now - Dory

coco said... 4:56 PM

mmmmmmmmm i am all a-drool listening to all that wallymelon talk! gotta love summer!

slurp, coco

Anonymous said... 5:02 PM

Oh Ruby... you are so funny! I have had watermelon before, but not wallymelon. Is it better than the real stuff?? ha rooo!

Anonymous said... 5:54 PM


Urban Smoothie Read said... 7:42 PM

oh ruby, u can really make me laugh..

hope wallymelon is delicious

Lizzy said... 7:45 PM

I love watermelon too! It tastes so good. :D


Bernard Hinault Lilje said... 8:10 PM

My mom just thru some out--- I didn't know it was soo tasty!! I will have to have mom buy some Wallymellon tonight!


Ume said... 8:44 PM

u made me laugh, Ruby!
wallymelon muz taste reali good!

Ronin_The_Pug said... 11:57 PM

Hahahahha! Wallymellon! Hihihihi!! I love it too! You should see me! Acting like a maniac... actually I act like a maniac when it comes to fruits. Oh yup!
Have a super nice day Ruby!

Huskee and Hershey said... 2:45 AM

OMG Ruby, your Wallymelon looks delicious.. LOL...

Gwyn Valentine said... 5:33 AM

OH MY DOG! You are so funny!~
Wallmelon is hiliarious!
Wally looks good!


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said... 6:42 AM

the best bit of the wally melon is Wally! (I have never eaten Wally melon, or water melon!)
love and licks, Marv xxxx

Clover said... 8:52 AM

Hi Ruby! Thanks for warning me about kitties... I am going to have to be more careful. I had no idea they were so mean!! I tasted some wally-melon last night,and it was delicious. I can understand why you were asking for more. I hope you did get were so polite!
Love Clover xo

Duke said... 10:45 AM

Hey Ruby!
We tagged you to post about your 5 favorite books. Check out my blog for details!

Love ya lots,

Jessica said... 10:55 AM

Hey, we love it. From now on we are going to csll it Wallymelon too.

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Duke said... 2:32 PM

OMG Ruby! We got your box in today's mail! Mom has pictures and will post about it tomorrow! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! You're too sweet and much too generous!

Love ya lots,

Tupac Da Dogg said... 4:06 PM

Ruby, How in the world did you get hold of dat Wallymelon? You have mad skillz, dawg. Love the photo. I told me dad to put you on our page 'cause you are one cool dog, yo.


Duke and Gidget said... 12:10 PM

That looks delicious! We want some Wallymelon too!

~Pug Hugs~
Duke & Gidget

Juno said... 12:50 PM

Hi Ruby, you're in the comic! That's cool!! :)

Momo xoxo

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