Feeling a little guilty...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

OK, so no doubt you've all seen that we have this 'Rockin' Girl Blogger' thing going and I have to say there have been a lot of comments from my boy blogging pals that they are a little jealous. Well, I guess you guys do have a point...you boys are rockin' too, right? So thanks to Amber and Stormy, we now have this...

Now I know I'm not a rockin' guy, but as a rockin' girl, I think it I have the authority to honor some of my rockin' boy blogging buddies (say THAT 3 times fast). So here are my rockin' guys...

I know, I know...I named more rockin' guys than I did rockin' girls, but I just couldn't resist!!! You guys are so handsome and funny!!! Are you boys (espeically Boo) happy now???


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Boo Casanova said... 9:03 PM


i'm gonna put it up tomorrow. okay?

wet wet licks


jenn said... 10:21 PM

Hey Ruby-

Thanks for donating to Lulu. Isn't that just so sad. She is such a sweet and pretty girl.

It doesn't look like she is going to make it longer than a few more weeks though.

♥ Saidie

PreciOus said... 10:38 PM

Yes yes these boys rock just as much! Way cool!


Kevin said... 10:42 PM

This is great!

Now everyone can ROCK on!

Luckie Girl said... 11:37 PM

Okay..now everydog + Girl Girl can ROCK and ROLL!! :)

Joe Stains said... 12:21 AM

I tell you this is by far the most handsome group of dudes I have ever seen in my life! Thank you RUBY!

Oscar's mummy and daddy said... 1:09 AM

Rock on! Thanks Ruby!

Oscar x

Ume said... 1:24 AM

hi Ruby,
u r definitely 1 rockin' girl blogger! dats a great collage u put together!

Molly the Airedale said... 2:40 AM

Hi Ruby,
It's me, Mitch! I'm so honored that you selected me but I don't have my own bloggy :-(
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Kien said... 4:31 AM

Hi Ruby..

How bout me??... am not your rockin boy??.. am so sad!!...

Golden Rossi

Suki & Joey said... 4:49 AM

Good idea, Ruby! Yeah, we shouldn't leave out the boys, right? What would we do without them? *sigh*

Puggy kisses

Ferndoggle said... 5:59 AM

What a good lookin' bunch of dudes (esp. me & Wally). I guess my Mom is right. You're pretty cool...for a GIRL.


Frasier said... 6:43 AM

I am not happy!Guess which boy doggy is missing from that list!
Unless you were really tired after tying all those names and was planning to continue the list tomorrow with all the boy names you missed out! Or something major happened and you could not type !
Well since some of my buddies are on that list I will be happy for them !

Amber-Mae said... 6:45 AM

Hahaha! Finally... One for boyz too! Woohooo!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

umekotyan said... 6:48 AM

In this, a man and the woman are equal. :9

from loved ume tyan

Emily and Ike said... 8:15 AM

Look at how handsome we are!

Lorenza said... 8:27 AM

Hi, Ruby
Great idea, we all are rockin' bloggers!!
Have a nice day

Anonymous said... 8:51 AM

That was so nice of you to for your friends Ruby!

Tadpole said... 9:09 AM



Balboa said... 9:18 AM

WOW, thanks Ruby you're just not rockin' you're a SUPERSTAR!

Frenchie SNorts

Anonymous said... 9:36 AM

Stormy and Amber are soo cool, aren't they? You are awesome to give the award to all of the guys!!!

Martha said... 9:56 AM

They are all rockin', especially my Ikes. Love, Martha

Sir Chance-Lot said... 10:28 AM

WhoHooooo..thank you So much for including me in the Rocking Boy Blogger thing.
You are the BEST Ruby...did you see the magnets in cafepress (ruby Blue Magnets) Mamma has not figured that cafe press design and the store part out yet..she was up till 2am this morning trying but she doesn't get it...eeeekkkk.It will be a process I bark!!

Nessa Happens said... 10:49 AM

Woo! Thank you Ruby!

Frasier said... 12:43 PM

Thats okay Ruby,You are still one of my best doggy buddies !!

Jessica said... 5:16 PM

It's so cool seeing all our friends together in a picture like that. It's like we are one big happy family!!!

Love, Seadra and Zoe

p.s. We think that's the most handsome group of guys we have ever seen!!

Boo Casanova said... 6:16 PM

hey ruby dear,

i want to tel you that i'm gonna put up the ROCKIN GUY BLOGGER award up tomorrow. my post is rather long today so i want to concentrate on it tomorrow. hope you don't mind if you couldn't find it on my today's post.

wet wet licks


Stanley said... 8:16 PM

Ruby Bug!!

YOU ARE TOO COOL, GIRLIE! I'm on the job (gotta figure out how to post this on my blog - you may think I'm a rockin' blogger but I'm really just a rockin' baby blogger). Baby steps to the post... baby steps to the comments... baby steps to ... you get it.

Goober love, hugs & kisses!

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