FINALLY - a good Monday!

Monday, July 02, 2007

So you guys know how much I hate Monday's, right? Well today I'll make an exception. Sure, sure Mom went back to work today, but I made the Big Time this fine Monday...

Big Time Item #1 -
For any Boston in the know, Little Beasts is the most pawsome site. Bergamont and Emrys are my heros and I would just love to hang out with them. Also they have really fun stuff on their Photo of the Week (Ike has been featured there!) and the infamous Puppy Cam. Well today I go there, like I do every Monday to see the latest Photo of the Week and what do I find...I'm a FEATURED LINK on Little Beasts!!! Woot!!! My Mom said she got an email from Bergamont and Emrys Mom, but she never told me...she wanted to surprise me! And dog, what a surprise!!! You should totally go check out their's so much fun. Even if you are not a Boston, you can appreciate it!

Make sure to click on the picture...I did a little, um, annotation. (Ruby's Mom: you mean site defacement!)

Big Time Item #2 -
I got May's Cool Dog Site of the Day - Montly Best Site award!!! Yippee!!! I won the day back on May 7th and forgot all about it. Than last night my Mom got an email saying I had won for the month! That's pretty cool. What's also cool is that today's cool site of the day is none other than Pippa!!! How pawsome is that!

Oh, and I just found out that Mom is going to be home on Wednesday AND Friday this week! It can't get any better than this! Woo Hoo!!!


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Anonymous said... 11:55 AM

Oh Ruby.. Congrats on the awards. That is so cool!! Even better that your mom will be home with you two days this week. Sweet!

Oh yes, mom said her nose really hurt, it was cool of her for never getting mad at me.


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said... 11:57 AM

Congratulations Ruby on your award. You are soooooo coooooool.

love and licks, Marv xxxxx

Oscar's mummy and daddy said... 12:10 PM

Wow Ruby, you deserve those awards and mentions for sure, you go girl!

Oscar x

Suki & Joey said... 1:07 PM

Oh my doG, Ruby! You are so totally famous right now! I'm so happy for you, girlfriend, you have the coolest blog ever and now tons of other doggies will come visit you! Just don't forget your friends, ok? ;)

Puggy kisses

Pugsley, Buster, Cricket & Daisy said... 1:21 PM

Conpugulations!! We glad you having a pawtastic Monday. You deserve it!!!

xoxoPugsley, Buster and Cricket

Lorenza said... 1:46 PM

Hi, Ruby.
Congratulations!! Felicidades!!
Of course you deserve that award and the mention too!!
I am so happy for you!
Have a nice day

Suki & Joey said... 2:01 PM

Hey Ruby, can you help me w/my blog? I want to keep that picture up there on my header, the one of my collar, but I can't get rid of the title. Blogger won't let me. You can't see where it says "Suki Grows Up" right now cuz it's on top and I don't want it there, I want it on the bottom. Do you know how to do that?

Puggy kisses

Molly the Airedale said... 3:09 PM

See Ruby! You have to stop bashing Monday's!!! Congrats! That's just awesome and I'm so glad you get to spend more quality time with your mom!

Love ya lots,

coco said... 7:08 PM

wow! holy dog, ruby!! I can't believe i'm friends with a real live celebrity!! i am so proud to be your friend! gi-normous congratulations!!!!

but i must say, it is really no surprise that you would receive awards, considering how totally pawesome you are & how cool your site is! and extra kudos go to your mommy for doing such a great job helping you become famous!! she's obviuosly an amazing career manager!

wiggly kisses!!! coco

Joe Stains said... 8:10 PM

Oh ruby this is super fantastic news! Mom LOVES the little beasts site, it was one that inspired us to do OUR blog!!! you are soooo lucky!!

Luckie Girl said... 8:13 PM

Hey Ruby,
I'm so proud of you. :) You are a BIG BIG star now..will you still be my friend?

Frasier said... 8:38 PM

Hi Ruby,
Thats cool.Congratulations !

Stanley said... 8:45 PM

Sweet Ruby!

You are such a networker, and so creative (which is why you are constantly being nominated for all these awards)! Do you feel like Meryl Streep during awards season??

I told Suki that after I read her Utah post I was so stinkin' excited at even the *possibility* of living with you guys that I was out the door and almost to the interstate before my girl stopped me and told me that Suki was just jokin'. Seriously. I wish we all lived closer - I'd love to be able to hang with you guys!!

Thanks for the new nickname, too. I'm likin' it!

Your Goober Boy Forever,

Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said... 10:18 PM

Ruby, big congratulations!

Amber-Mae said... 11:33 PM

Oh WOW! Big big congrats to you dear Ruby... I'm proud of ya!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

umekotyan said... 5:44 AM

...prize.. congratulations of the ruby. It is wonderful news.

from loved ume tyan

PreciOus said... 5:54 AM

Oh Ruby, you are famous! Congrats to you! *Grinz*


The Brat Pack said... 7:39 AM

Congrats!! You're famous!!!

The Brat Pack

wally said... 9:02 AM

Well done Ruby! Don't forget the little dogs now that you're big time!


Ferndoggle said... 10:23 AM

Whahoooo! Congrats! That's good stuff.

Sherman, Penny & Lola

Peanut said... 11:20 AM

hey way cool. That is neat.

Duke and Gidget said... 11:48 AM

Congratulations for the cool dog site award. You definitely deserved it!

~Pug Hugs~

Balboa said... 5:10 PM

Congratulations!!!! WOOOOHOOOO

Can I have your autograph???

Frenchie Snorts

Katherine and Pippa said... 6:09 AM

Hi Ruby

Sorry I'm late with this but I've been away.

Lots of congrats. And thanks for letting me know too about the cool dog site of the day for me.

I'm still busy checking out my pals so wouldn't have noticed.



Liza said... 4:20 PM

Wooo hoo Ruby - our 4 billion votes finally paid off!

Love ya - Dory

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