All about my Mom...

Friday, June 29, 2007

Lorenza and Suki and her Mom, Katy tagged me to tell you about my Mom. Mom's kind of a private person and I've only been living with her for a year now so I wasn't sure how to go about this and I really don't like when she takes over my blog (Ruby's Mom: Ruby!). So I figured I'd take what Tad and Wally did and interview her. Then, I wasn't sure what kind of questions to ask her. Now I'm not sure if this breaks the rules of indepth interviews or not, but she provided me with acceptable questions (Is that right? That doesn't sound right!). Anyhowl, the questions she let me ask come from her favorite magazine Vanity Fair (oh, she reads LOTS of magazines) and one of her favorite TV shows Inside the Actor's Studio. Here we go...

Ruby: Thanks for sitting down with me and letting me ask these questions.
Mom: Did I have a choice?
Ruby: Um, no...but it's for Lorenza and love them!

Ruby: What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Mom: Sipping a Starbucks, venti, shaken, black iced tea with 3 pumps of Melon, on a warm day at the beach with you by my side.
Ruby: What's 'the beach', we've never been to the beach. Oh and you really need to work on that Starbucks addiction, I fear it will cut into my treat supply one day soon.
Mom: Ruby! I will refuse to answer questions if you are mean.
Ruby: I'm not mean, I'm just very observant...and it's kinda obvious to anyone who sees all the Starbucks cups in your car!

Ruby: Which living person do you most admire?
Mom: My Sister, Auntie Joey...she's done a really good job taking care of your cousin Danny under some challenging circumstances! Plus, she's really cool.
Ruby: If she's so cool, how come I haven't met her yet?
Mom: She lives far away.
Ruby: have heard of an airplane, haven't you?
Mom: Next question...

Ruby: What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?
Mom: Procrastination
Ruby: What's pro-crap-tin-nation?
Mom: I'll tell you later.

Ruby: What is the trait you most deplore in others?
Mom: Tardiness
Ruby: Is tardiness when people poop a lot?
Mom: Nope you're probably thinking of turdiness, which isn't really a word.

Ruby: What is your greatest extravagance?
Mom: Yarn and Doggie Toys.
Ruby: OK, now we're talking, I take back the earlier Starbucks comment. Oh, and yarn...that's a doggie toy too you know?
Mom: Unfortunately I do!

Ruby: What do you dislike most about your appearance?
Mom: That would be a really long list.
Ruby: Oh, don't be silly, you are bootiful. Like dogter, like mother!
Mom: Don't worry, you'll get a snack after this.

Ruby: What is your greatest regret?
Mom: Working too much.
Ruby: I agree and I've been meaning to talk to you about that.
Mom: Go talk to your Uncle Mark about that.

Ruby: Which talent would you most like to have?
Mom: Playing the piano...your Nanny's gonna love THAT answer!
Ruby: Why will Nanny love that answer?
Mom: Well Ruby, Nanny tried to get me to learn piano and I really didn't want to.
Ruby: Oh, and what's a pee-ah-no? Does it have to do with peepee'ing?
Mom: Um, no. Next question.

Ruby: Will I ever get a Dad?
Mom: Hey! That wasn't on the approved question list!
Ruby: I have a right to know...a lot of my doggie friends have them, why don't I?
Mom: This is not the time.
Ruby: You know Nanny wants to know this too.
Mom: Oh I know she question or no snack!
Ruby: OK, next question.

Ruby: What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Mom: Picking up and moving to CA all by myself - oh and getting you.
Ruby: Good Answer, particulary the last part.

Ruby: What is your favorite word?
Mom: Ramekin
Ruby: What's a ramekin?
Mom: It's a little dish.
Ruby: That's silly to like that as a word.
Mom: I just like the way it sounds.
Ruby: Whatever

Ruby: What is your least favorite word?
Mom: No
Ruby: Wow, that's my least favorite word too.
Mom: Really, I wonder why???

Ruby: What turns you on?
Mom: George Clooney
Ruby: Who's that?
Mom: Nevermind

Ruby: What turns you off?
Mom: Misbehaving doggies named Ruby.
Ruby: OK, lets move on to the next question.

Ruby: What sound or noise do you love?
Mom: Rain, ocean waves, babbling brook, anything water.
Ruby: I don't like the rain, especially because you make me wear that stoopid raincoat.

Ruby: What sound or noise do you hate?
Mom: Car alarms and loud barking doggies named Ruby.
Ruby: OK, next question.

Ruby: What is your favorite curse word?
Mom: Ruby, your site is rated 'G' and I'd like to keep it that way.

Ruby: What is your profession?
Mom: I am a software development manager for a health insurance company. We build web sites.
Ruby: Well that explains why you are always doing things to my blog.
Mom: Yes...and I have lots more I want to do too.
Ruby: Oh know, that's cutting into my dog park time.
Mom: Remember what I said about being mean????

Ruby: OK, what profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
Mom: I'd like to be a writer.
Ruby: Why?
Mom: I like to tell stories.
Ruby: Would they be about me?
Mom: Let's move on.

Ruby: What profession would you not like to do?
Mom: Hmmm, there are a lot, but I don't think I'd like to be a doctor. Too much pressure.
Ruby: Yeah, and it's not nice to stick things up doggies butts or poke them with needles either.
Mom: Right.

Ruby: What is your motto?
Mom: When asked what I want I always say...
"Five million dollars, a good looking guy and a puppy!" One out of 3 ain't bad!
Ruby: What's my motto?
Mom: I would say 'Rub my Belly' or 'Show me the Snackie'
Ruby: OK, how about a snackie then?
Mom: Are we finished with this interview yet?
Ruby: Um...yes, now 'Show me the Snackie'!

I'd like to thank my Mom for letting me interview her, even if she DID provide me with the questions. Now I'm tagging Dory, Joe & Tanner and Fei. Tell me and my Mom all about your hoomans!


27 Responses to "All about my Mom..."

Tadpole said... 3:04 PM

Oh Ruby - this might be my favorite on yet! You brought in pooping AND pee-peeing!!! Woot!

Oh - and I think she meant to put "loud barking doggies named Ruby" in the sounds she LIKES catagory.... You might have slipped up on the typing on that one.

Balboa said... 3:36 PM

Those are such great questions, where did you come up with them? What a nice mommy to let you sit and interview her.

Mommy is addicted to coffee too, but Dunkin Donuts coffee.

I don't know George Clooney is but mommy says she thinks SKeet Ulricha and Joaquin Phoenix are so hot.... Don't they have AC??

Frenchie Snorts

Toby said... 6:03 PM

Ruby, that waz an pawsome interview!!! It seems like there are quite a few pups out there wondering when they're gonna get a Daddy. Don't worry, your mom seems super cool, I'm sure a Daddy will come along before you know it!

PS: My mom is a Starbucks addict too. Never thought of that cutting into my treat fund. Thanks for the heads up!


Stanley said... 6:11 PM

Ruby Ruby Ba-Booby!

You are a WAY better interviewer than that Oprah chic! You got it over on her any day of the week.

I loved your question about when you're going to get a Dad. (I don't have one yet either, but I'm wanting one).

My girl loved your mama's answer about pro-crap-tin-ation! She's still giggling about it. (She's a pro-crap-tin-ator like your mama).

Give mama a kiss from your big goober pal!

Goob love & happiness,

Suki & Joey said... 6:26 PM

Pawsome interview, Ruby! I love your Mom's answers.

Turdiness! LOL! So funny :) And my Mom hates tardiness, too. She says she is a pro-crap-tinator, too.

I know what you mean about that Starbucks junk. What is up with that? There's always a latte cup in my Suki-mobile and that's wasted snack money to me!

Puggy kisses

Jessica said... 6:36 PM

That was great. We laughed through the whole interview!! It's so fun visiting your blog.

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Gwyn Valentine said... 6:51 PM

Wow Ruby,

That is a very good interview! Nice questions!
Building websites is a very cool job!

Lorenza said... 7:18 PM

Hi, Ruby
Thanks for that interview with your mom even if there were many Next questions!!
Sorry Ruby, no dads for us!! But surewe are happy being with our moms right now. All the atention is for us!!
My mom doesn't like coffee but looks like everyone around her enjoys having one... or two!!
Have a good night

Frasier said... 8:01 PM

That was a great interview Ruby!Maybe all of us doggies need to round up some daddies for some of the mommies and maybe a baby for my mommy(my gramma wants one more than she does !)
Good job Rube!

e said... 9:07 PM

Ruby darlin
I loved this post and the interviewing style. I'm going to attempt this too!

We're getting ready something for you but it might take a while. Probably sending it off next week.
Stay tuned!

e said... 9:07 PM

Ruby darlin
I loved this post and the interviewing style. I'm going to attempt this too!

We're getting ready something for you but it might take a while. Probably sending it off next week.
Stay tuned!

Amber-Mae said... 12:06 AM

Hey hey hey! I like the interview between you & your mom... Thanks for sharing those lovely informations abt your mom Ruby.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Simba and Jazzi said... 1:16 AM

Loved that Ruby, well done. I hope you got your snackie and maybe one day a Dad. lol.

Simba xx

ToFFee said... 2:03 AM

wowf! oprah move over.. here come Ruby!

great interview! As long as your mum have you.. who needs men right?

did you got a good snackie?


Duke said... 2:11 AM

Awesome interview Ruby! I like your mom's favorite word - ramekin! She just pulled it out of the clear blue sky!

Love ya lots,

Anonymous said... 7:02 AM

Your interview of your Mom was pawsome. Yes, Nanny wants to see you get a daddy and even maybe a hooman brother or sister. LOL I am so happy that Mom admires Auntie Joey because so do I she is doing an awesome (not pawsome) job of raising your cousin Danny.

Now to that other subject, WRITING, I repeatedly tell your Mom to put your blog in a book, tell her it would be fantastic, she writes ( and so do you ) so great. Maybe Auntie Joey would do the illustrations for a book, she is an awesome artist.

Don't tell your friend Suki, but I want to go and dog nap her, she is so cute. I know she is somewhere in Florida and that is on the East Coast and I could drive there

Love ya


Luckie Girl said... 7:15 AM

Hey Ruby,
You want a Dad too??? :) I wonder if there's any blogging doggy around with Dads only looking for Moms! Hmmm...

coco said... 7:54 AM

great job, ruby! i loved reading about your mommy - my mommy's favorite answre was your mommy's idea of a perfect day drinking her very-high-maintenance starbucks concoction on a beach!!! my mom likes to drink iced mochas on the beach and she is a beach-aholic, too.

thanks so much for sharing the fun interview! you have the coolest blog.

wiggly licks, coco

Bailey said... 1:21 PM

Good interview. Did you get a treat at the end?

Anonymous said... 3:15 PM

Hahahah... Ruby really did a good interview :P

Emily and Ike said... 4:35 PM


Peanut said... 5:25 PM

That was a great interview. I learned a ton about your mom.

Anonymous said... 6:01 PM

Ruby... Very insightful!! Thank you for conducting this interview! Humm.. My mom loves starbucks too. She is interested in this drink your mom likes...

wally said... 5:26 AM

Ruby--well done with the interviewing! I'm quite impressed, I must say. My mum is a great pro-crap-inator as well! She takes her sweet time and still comes up with crap!

When is your new dad, George Clooney, moving in?


Oscar's mummy and daddy said... 4:54 AM

Wow, you did great at the interview Ruby, you managed to get a great scoop on your mum.

Oscar x

Bella the Boxer said... 9:46 PM

Ruby, you are an EXCELLENT interviewer and I think you should lobby for that Katie Couric's job!

xoxo - Bella

PreciOus said... 5:53 AM

'Show me the Snackie!' is a wonderful motto! I lurve the interview and the way it ends. Hehe.