I'm no baby...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

But I can sure crawl...

Oh, and I've been nominated for an Awesome Blog Award from DWB!!! Thanks to my BFF Suki for nominating me. This is going to be a tough decision because I also nominated Suki! We really need to work on our timing girlfriend!!!! Also some of my bestest blogging pals like Tadpole, Oscar and Pippa have been nominated too! Decisions, decisions - what's a girl to do??? While I'm trying to make up my mind, don't forget to head over to the BoneZone to vote!


24 Responses to "I'm no baby..."

Suki & Joey said... 8:04 AM

That is so COOL! I love it! You are such a smart girl, Ruby.

Yeah, I guess it was pretty silly of me to nominate you at the same time, huh? Actually, I forgot all about how they were carrying the nominations over from last month, and right after I did it, I remembered! LOL! Oh, well, it's all for fun, so it's ok :)

By the way, how did you learn to crawl on command like that? My mom wants to teach me the same thing now!

Puggy kisses

Luckie Girl said... 8:38 AM

Hiya Ruby,
I wanna learn to crawl too! That's so COOL!!
Gee, who should I vote for? I like reading all your bloggies....hmm, I really need to think about this.

Molly the Airedale said... 9:03 AM

OMG Ruby! That's so cool that you crawl! How did you ever learn to do that?
Voting this month is sure tough! Good luck to you!

Love ya lots,

Katherine and Pippa said... 9:14 AM

Wow, you are so fast. You even crawl fast.

You are right about the award thingy. There are just too many of us friends this month.

We don't know who to vote for on the photos either. :(

But what matters most is we have lots of DWB pals.


Lorenza said... 9:52 AM

Hi, Ruby.
Yes, you are a very smart girl. How you learnt to crawl?? I'd love to do that but I don't know if I can do it with my short legs!!
I'd like to vote for all of you!!
Have a nice day

Anonymous said... 10:11 AM


That is adorable you are so sure of yourself when you crawl, Mom took a great video.

Do you know any other cute tricks?



Gwyn Valentine said... 10:35 AM

Hi Ruby,

Congrats on your nomination!!!


Toby said... 10:39 AM

Woo Hoo!! That was an awesome crawl!! You can sure work it girl!!!

Congrats on the nomination!~


Jackson's J1 and J2 said... 12:10 PM

Hey Rubes, congrats on the nomination!
Did your Mum teach you how to crawl, or did you learn that all by yourself? J x

Pinot and Angel Momo said... 1:24 PM

Hello Ruby, what a cool trick!! How did you learn it!!

Congrats on the nomination!!

Momo xoxo

Wet-nosed said... 1:41 PM

** Your crawl is effortless**

I have a Mac and don't know how to post videos on my blog, do you have any tips?

Scuba the Muscle Boy said... 12:53 AM

Wow you are like me, I can crawl to. Have to find videos of it. Ohhhh won't that be cool to start a tag on crawling

ToFFee said... 3:04 AM

Wowf! you got nominated! how kewl is that ei?

crawling? please tech me that trick! maybe I could crawl out of my playpen and back to my old room!!!


Amber-Mae said... 5:19 AM

Oh that's VERY good!!! I'm impressed... I can't do that coz my mommy never bothered to teach me that. She did try a few attempts but she said forget it coz she said I look like I'm havning difficulties doing that due to my weight & hip prob. Whatever mom! My hips are fine! I think so...

Hey yeah, I think we all need to start a tag game where we doggies have to show off our Best Trick. What do you think Ruby?

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

e said... 6:49 AM

Hi Ruby!!
I LOVED that trick! you rock. Eve has been trying to teach me to crawl but it's not really working out...
We're kinda stuck in the frisbee phase now.


Avery said... 9:14 AM

That was awesome! You are much better at crawling than I am. Mom still has to coax me with a treat to get me to do it.


Jessica said... 9:23 AM

Awe Ruby....That's the cutest crawl we've ever seen. We hope you got a treat for that.

Love, Seadra and Zoe

wally said... 10:03 AM

Wow--that is an awesome trick! Everyone is posting videos of themselves doing awesome stuff. I mostly just eat and kill stuffies.

This is a tough month. I love you AND Suki. And also Oscar and Tad. What to do? Of course, I owe ya since you nominated my lovely mug for picture of the month.


Pugsley, Buster, Cricket & Daisy said... 10:07 AM

Wow, Rudy, you be one talented girl!! One of us around here is still working on sit. LOL.

Pugsley, Buster and Cricket

Duke and Gidget said... 10:20 AM

Wow Ruby, that's great. We could never do anything like that.

Good luck in the voting for the awesome blog award. I wanted to vote for you, but my stupid brother Duke made us vote for Suki. I think he's got a thing for her. Sorry.

~Pug Hugs ~

Stanley said... 11:41 AM


Do you do parties??? I'm totally serious.

Love you, girl!

Your goob,

Anonymous said... 1:13 PM

Ruby.. Has the Army of 4 seen this footage? You know, this would come in handy for some our field work! You should ask them to check it out! Congrats on being nominated from Suki for the Awesome Blog Award! I am super excited for you!

Frasier said... 3:23 PM

You can crawl really good....I need to do that too.It may mean more treats!

Joe Stains said... 7:24 PM

congrats! Why in the world do you crawl like that? I only crawl like that if I have been bad!