Christmas Recap

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hey Everypup, Hammie & Coyote...

Sorry I've been a little quiet...but it has been quite happening as Casa de Rubinator! With Auntie Kathy being around there has been non-stop belly rubs. W00t! She's pawsome I tell you!!! I can't wait to see her every morning when she gets up and I do a very special dance for her. I wish she'd never go home!!! did I score!!! I got lots of prezzies and snackies! I just couldn't believe it! Not only did Santa bring me stuff, but my sissy Sophia (and my Auntie Joey and Cuzin Danny) and my Nanny sent me the coolest prezzies!!!

Let's see...I got a cool duck from my Nanny...

It makes the bestest quacky-noise!!!

Than from my Auntie Joey, Cuzin Danny and Sissy Sophia, I gots some stuffies (all still alive I'm here to report), some cookies, a really pretty Puppia harness (I'll model it soon) and this...

Would it look good at the Corgie Girls' New Year's Eve Pawty on Dec.31? Yes! Is it stylish and my favorite color? Yes! DO I LIKE CLOTHES? NO!!!!!! H-E-L-L-O...paging dog who likes clothes. Um, not me!!! Sophia, it seems (and I never knew this about her), really only likes to look at the pictures on my blog and saw that I was modeling some clothes and figured I'd like this!!! Ha! Know what I did when Mom tried to put it on me??? Yup, I threw up a little on it - BOL!!!

Sis, it really is cute, and maybe one day...when I'm drugged up for some reason I might decide to wear it, but now...I'll just admire it from afar.

OK, enough about the sweater...what else...oh, got this really fun fuzzy ball and a Christmas tennis ball chew rope...

Oh, oh, oh...I finally got the Canine Genius chew toys!!! Woot!!! Mom stuck snackies in them and I could just play all day...

There were a bunch more things...I got more prezzies than Mom or Auntie Kathy - hee hee hee!! But things were not all snackies and toys here... (dum...dum...dum...)

Meet my nemisis...
OK, riddle me this Mom who is almost 280 years old got one for Christmas! Isn't this supposed to be a kids toy? I mean that's what Peanut said!!! Mom has been possessed!!! And if that isn't bad enough, it has also taken over Auntie Kathy and Auntie Yvette too!!! LOOK...

It's really first I did this when Auntie Kathy was playing...

But after a while with all the running around and flailing of the arms and the yelling at the T.V. the safest place was under a dining room chair...

I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do...I mean, my Mom has the crazy eyes!!! And only I get the crazy eyes!!! Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated!!!


33 Responses to "Christmas Recap"

Noah the Airedale said... 12:17 PM

G'day Ruby,
It is a hectic time of year that's for sure. Looks like you did well this year with the pressies.

We think that pink outfit would look really great for the Corgi gal's New Years eve pawty.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

wally said... 12:58 PM

Ooooh--my ma ape is jealous of your Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! But I'm glad she didn't get one if it takes away from belly rubs! Maybe you should barf on it a little!!! Hee hee.


Mack said... 1:32 PM

You have the most delicate, feminine bark I've ever heard!
At least your Auntie manages to give you belly rubs in between wii sessions, right?
Maybe you should go take a wee on it!! (OK I know bad joke)...
I think you would look outstanding in your pink sweater at the pawty. (of course, how could you not???)
You got some nice stuff for Christmas, girl!
Talk to ya later,

The Brat Pack said... 2:39 PM

Oh yea, we totally get where you're coming from. We hate our Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee too. It's stupid. Just for the record it's not our fault if she trips over one of us.


PS Cool Christmas haul you got!

the Corgi Girls said... 3:00 PM

Prepare the jet ruby girl, its time to shake some bootay!

Duke said... 3:08 PM

We think your new pink top would be just awesome for the new years eve pawty! Wear it, Ruby! Please! It would look so pretty on you!
You're right about those canine genius toys! You were a genius long before they were invented!
See you at the pawty, Ruby!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Anonymous said... 4:18 PM

You sure told Aunt Kathy that you did not approve of what she was doing. Nice work! You are going to look beautiful in your new shirt!

Jen and Suki said... 5:58 PM

Pawsome giftables! But uh, about the crazy eyes... mom says I get those when I have to poop. Did the Wii make your mom have to, you know, go??

Stanley said... 6:21 PM

Ruby Bug!

Congratulations on the presents - you scored, that's for sure. Also, thanks for the video footage. I LOVE to hear you bark.

About the other thing...
Bummer about the crazy-eyed monster your mama has become. It's like that damn Potter kid all over again (except this doesn't end).

I'm with Wally. I think you should throw up just a little bit on it. Maybe if you play up that you're scared of the thing and hide everytime you walk into the same room with it, your mama will get a clue.

I wish you all success in your master plan to de-Wii your mama!

Goober love & sympathetic smooches,

Lorenza said... 8:17 PM

Hi, Ruby
You got very nice presents. As you know I love clothes and I'd like to see you wearing that beautiful pink sweater!
Enjoy your time with your auntie!
Have a good night

Kirby said... 8:33 PM

Hi Ruby,

I'm not a fan of the Wii either. I always think Mom and Dad are trying to play with me when they are playing with the Wii. Grrrr!!

Have a very happy and healthy new year!

Your pal,

Bentley and Niko said... 9:29 PM

our humans have one of those wii thingys too. They played it a lot at first but lately we've been very demanding of their attention and maybe its coincidence that the holidays brings guests over so they haven't played as much, but they do play Karaoke and I think after all their howling into that microphone I would prefer more wii tennis.

Luckie Girl said... 9:50 PM

Hey Ruby,
Just wanted to wish you and your Mom (if she tears herself away from her new toy) a very Happy New Year!!

Amber-Mae said... 12:25 AM

Great X'mas pressies you got Ruby! Oh, the video is not working right now. Will come back again to watch it. Happee New Year to you girl!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Simba and Jazzi said... 12:36 AM

Happy new year. Wishing all the best in 2008

love Simba

Maya and Kena said... 8:26 AM

Hey Ruby,
OMD! That white toy looks exactly the same as the one our human siblings got fur Christmas!! And you are so right, it's really SCARY!! But, you gotta admit, humans look kinda funny when they shake it around and look at the big box with moving pictures (humans call that box something like a teevee?? No idea...). At first I thought they were trying to hit me! Wheww...what a fright! Just stay out of that room when they are doing that, you'll be safe that way!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

Martha said... 11:13 AM

Ruby!! I had the same shirt!! I gave it away a few months ago when I cleaned out my closet but I think it's perfect for any party! My 'rents are wii fanatics too. They're so weird. Love, Martha

Gus, Louie and Callie said... 12:27 PM

We do NOT like clothes either. What do humans think? "Dah Mom fur!"
You have a very Happy New Year and be very safe....

Ozzie, Rocky and Lola said... 12:50 PM

A Wii Ruby! Maybe she'll teach you how to play along. Looks like you've got all the moves! Glad that you had such and Merry Christmas girl! Hope you have a Happy New Year too!

Asta said... 1:26 PM

I hope you have success in de wii-ing youw Mom..I have no idea how..if it doesn't wowk, come move in with me...BTW, can I please have a wide to the corgilounge tonight?? I hope it's ot too late
I think that's a weally cool top, too bad you hate clothes, I think you would look pawsome in it
smoochie kisses and puw best wishes fow a healthy happy New Yeaw

Maya and Kena said... 1:52 PM

Happy New Year!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

Simba said... 1:58 PM

OMD Ruby!! I know how you feel! My humans have the PS2 and some of their friends have that Wii thingy...I do the same thing as you! It's crazy!

Have a great New Year!!



Petra said... 2:35 PM

Oh, Ruby, you look so cute hiding under the chair. I can just imagine how scary your mom's new toy was. Leah started playing the piano when she was here one day and I ran away & hid, too. It was much too noisy for my tender little ears.

At least your mom didn't try to put that new pink outfit on you. Yet. Better look for another place to hide!

Joe Stains said... 3:23 PM

Humans are wacky, tell them to act their age and go eat some metamucil. The sweater is cute, but I understand about not wanting to wear clothes.

Happy New Year!!!

Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said... 4:44 PM

Hi Ruby! You did grat for Christmas! Hope you enjoy New Years, too! If we ever get to CA we'll look you up!

Balboa said... 4:49 PM

what cool pressies looks you had a wonderful Christmas!

We just loved your 12 Days of Christmas, we had so much fun reading them.

Happy New Year to you & your family

Frenchie Snorts

kaui said... 6:01 PM

have a happy happy new year ruby! and ur momma!

Koobuss said... 10:23 PM


What is that thing that your mom got? I never saw one of them before. It looks like some sort of computer thing, but with a remote? I am confused. It was a good idea for you to hide under the chair. Maybe it will just go away and you will be able to come out of hiding.

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

Jackson's J1 and J2 said... 1:27 AM

Hehehhe! J1 & J2 don't have any computer game thingies cos they KNOW they'd never leave the house ever again. Besides, I provide all the fun they can handle and much more! Hehe! Happy New Year! J x

Ivy said... 4:39 AM

oh poor ruby! i am sorry about the fuzzy pink sweater. maybe it will serve you better as a pull toy? it looks like fun to tug on! very soft for your mouth.

my peepol haf one of those wee-wee things and let me tell you it is the devil! i used to be able to guilt them into putting down the xbox controller and taking me for a walk cuz gaming wuzent good exercise... but now wif the wee-wee they don't believe that anymore!

the only piece of advice i can give you is to stay far away from that swinging shiny box-in-hand. playing those games seems to make peepol totally spaced-out and they will hit your head wifout even noticing, then blame you for getting in the way! ouch. two hurts in one.

Putter said... 6:02 AM



Putter ...:)

Gus, Louie and Callie said... 6:56 AM

Happy New Year!!!

Big Sloppy Kisses and Hugs,
Gus and Louie

Peanut said... 8:53 AM

Did I say it was a kid's toy? hmm I don't know what I was thinking. ours was bought for the mom and she plays it. She loves it. it is just the kids who play it more. Mom likes bowling the best and says to tell your mom to get rayman raving rabbids. They are the coolest. :)