Day 1

Friday, December 14, 2007

Inspired by the hard blogging work of Dory and Liza, I decided I wanted to do my very own 12 Posts of Christmas. Each day, until Christmas day, I will post about something Christmas-y. After that, I'll probably need to take a nap - hee hee hee. Here we go...

On the first post of Christmas I'm going to share with thee (so formal, aren't I???)...

My Bootiful DWB Holiday Card Wreath!!!
Can you see your card???

Look at's ginormous!!! It's huge!!! It's really, really, really big (it doesn't really look like a wreath - oops)...AND it doesn't even include all my cards!!! Harry and Jackson you boys were so right...we really needed multiple wreaths! Mom is now crafting a giant bow (like what Sitka and her Mom did) to display the rest of our cards...hopefully she'll have that done before Christmas!

Oh and case you were's how many Holiday cards my Mom has received...
Poor lonely little Holiday card...this is so sad...poor Mom doesn't have any friends.

Yup, 1 and I think that count is really up for debate because the card was addressed to both of us. I contend it should be with all my cards, but I'm feeling kinda sorry for Mom so I'll let her have her one very lonely Holiday card.

Thank you to all my DWB friends. I have loved getting all my bootiful cards. Everyday has been a little surprise wondering from what far off land my next card will come from...I wish I could get cards EVERY day - w00t!

Almost forgot...Mom had to work really, really late at home last night and do you know what? I was SUCH A GOOD GIRL! I just went and slept by the fire place very quietly. Mom was so happy and impressed that she said she was going to call Santa Paws up to tell him what a good girl I was - how about that??? w00t!

And finally...don't forget to keep Maryann, Tucker, Samantha, Dot and Bear in your thoughts today...they really need our love and support at this difficult time!


31 Responses to "Day 1"

Amber-Mae said... 5:27 AM

Woow, soo many cards! I don't see ours there but I hope you will get it soon. Oh, your poor mom. Guess what? My mommy only received one too from her friend from overseas. Now,, don't we have such lonely moms? Sooo pathetic & sad...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Peanut said... 5:39 AM

Hmm I think it says something about all our parents that they have no friends. I wonder what it is though.

Harry said... 6:57 AM

Maybe our parents were all so bust sending out our cards, they forgot to send any of their own?!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Gus said... 7:43 AM

Yeah, hHarry must be right. Otherwsise, almost all the DWB parents are losers. And what is the odds on that one? Hmm...I'm bettin at least one parent in the bunch has lots of cards.

not mine

Par said... 8:13 AM

Your cards are nicely decorated and her card is alone :P

Clover said... 8:38 AM

Hi Ruby!
This is a fun 12 days of Christmas thing! Your wreath is really nice! Please tell your mom not to feel bad about her one card - my mom has NONE!! Haha! Please also tell your mom thanks for doing the tag! Good class choices! Too bad our parents can't get together and do yoga. We could all hang out together while they exercised.

I am sad to hear about your friend Thrawn - I didn't know him but it sounds like he was really great. I will be thinking about his family.

Love Clover xo

Bella the Boxer said... 9:37 AM

Holy mackerel, look at the wreath! You are very popular and your Mom is very Mom, on the other hand, is lame and didn't sign up for this year's DWB Christmas card exchange. I'm still mad at her for that!! I can't wait to compare our "12 Days of Christmas" posts!

xoxo - Bella

Duke said... 9:45 AM

We feel so bad for your mom, Ruby! Maybe we should all send a card to her! We're not surprised that you were a good girl! We can see that halo above your head all the time!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Petra said... 10:10 AM

On the first post day of Christmas....I'm singing along with you, Ruby Bleu!

And what a beautiful wreath.

You are blessed, girl.

Jackson's J1 and J2 said... 10:43 AM

Hey Ruby, I can see my card to you in your wreath! Yay! J x

Lacy said... 3:13 PM

woofies Ruby, of course u a good girl, me never doubted dat fur a min..dats a pawsome way to show u carwds....

b safe,

Asta said... 3:24 PM

Hi Ruby
I've been thinking of Maryann,Tucker,Samantha ,Dot and Bear all day...I saw a Thrawn look-a-like on my walkie and got weally happy and then weally sad cause it wasn't him..I hope he runs in lots of bootiful snowy fields with no pain now.
Youw cawds look gowgeous, my pawents only got a vewy few,and I love getting all of's the best!
smoochie kisses

Lizzy said... 3:44 PM

Wow! You really do need more Christmas card wreaths! That one is huge now!

Lizzy's putting all of my cards on a wall in our room. The wall is filled up now though, he he.


Unknown said... 5:49 PM

Ruby!!! you are such a goood goood girl and wayyyyyy popular than your mom hahahah!


Merry Christmas, Michele


Poppy said... 6:58 PM

That is a very big wreath of cards, Ruby! And I like your holiday snowman advent calendar too!


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said... 7:25 PM

Thank you very much for the card you sent us!!

Steve and Kat

Ricky Pepper said... 7:28 PM

Hi Ruby,

Thanks for your sooper cuuuute card! It's perfectly adorable since you're on it.


Lorenza said... 7:42 PM

Hi, Ruby
I can see my card there!
I have not received many cards yet, but sure I have more than my mom.
Your wreath looks great!
Have a good night

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said... 8:10 PM

Ruby...our parents usually get buckets of cards...but this year it's pretty sparse. Like we got one jillion and they mite be up to 10? Pretty pathetic, if ya ask us.

Scruffy and I need to make a very special reservation on Aireruby for the skating pawty. We need one more seat...actually we need a crib. That's all were gonna say. My mouth is CLOSED.

Hammer said... 9:47 PM

Dear Ruby
What a beautiful Christmas wreath. My mum is lagging behind again coz she hasn't put up a Christmas tree yet and she hasn't put up my cards yet and she hasn't helped me with a post yet about my Christmas cards. I'm certain Santa is going to spoil you this year coz you've been such a good girl. I try hard.
Love from Hammer

Joe Stains said... 10:38 PM

your wreath looks great, I can totally see us! I will let my Mom do that tag post soon, probably Sunday when I am sleeping in.

Stanley said... 12:19 AM

Hey, Ruby!

I love your 12 Days of Christmas idea. Very like you... all festive-like.

Your mama's lonely card is a little sad, but you know that we are all her friends too!

Give her some extra smooches from me, okay?

Goober love & juicy smooches,
Your Stanny

Simba and Jazzi said... 1:44 AM

I don't think humans mix well with others. They should try sniffing each others butts.

Simba xx

Anonymous said... 2:23 AM

That sure is a lot of cards - but they look great!


Liza said... 4:43 AM

Ruby - Thanks for the barkday card - we loved it. Also thanks for doing the 12 days of Christmas - we will be stopping by every day.

Also - I hate to say this, I was smug about the cards and then my humans cards started rolling in. She hasn't caught up but it's close!

Love, Dory

2shibas said... 5:42 AM

Ruby, you're so sweet to let your Mom have her one, sad card. BOL!

Looking forward to your 12 Christmas posts! Keep 'em coming!

Wiley & Fievel

Gus, Louie and Callie said... 2:24 PM

Wow that is a lot of cards. Dad is on his way to Wally World to get us a tree. We will keep our fingers crossed that Louie doesn't tip it over... He is such a pest..

Tadpole said... 2:24 PM

That's so nice of you to share with your mom... although she probably DOES deserve it, with all the stuff she does for you. :-)

Anonymous said... 3:30 PM

WOOO! Look at those cards! MOm has cards on the ribbon AND she bought a wreath and we are about out of room. I am amazed at how many keep coming each day!!!


Sophie Brador said... 5:06 PM

Hey Rubes, If you're doing the 12 days of Christmas, does that mean you have a true love?


Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said... 5:34 PM

Hi Ruby! It's great you're so pupular! Too bad you don't get snow like we do!