Day 7

Thursday, December 20, 2007

On the seventh post of Christmas I'm going to share with thee...

Finally a Decorated Tree!!!

Well, it only took 20 days - the tree went up on December 1st! Is there a world record for slowest Christmas tree decorating??? it is...W00t!

Hey, where's the star??? And isn't the tree just a little crooked???

Isn't it pretty??? I think I did a great job! (Ruby's Mom: You did a great job??? Ruby, you sat on the couch napping!!! Ruby: Oh no I didn't...I was supervising with my eyes closed...I'm very skilled that way!!!)

Anyhowl, I thought I would finally get to show you some of Mom's special hornaments (Ruby's Mom: Ruby, that's oranments not hornaments! Ruby: Whatever!!)

Venti-Non Fat-Extra Hot-Chai Tea Latte anypup??? Starbucks - That woman just can't get enough of this place. I really hope she has stock in the company!

Oh, and here's little Bumble and a bigger Bumble! I love Bumble...I mean I really love Bumble...I wish I could love the stuffing right out of Bumble.

Why are you hiding Bumble??? Come out and play Bumble - hee, hee, hee
Oh hi there little Power Puff Girls. Didn't see you sleeping...just saying hi...oh don't worry I won't hurt Bumble, no, not me!

Here's a cute wooden Santa...he came to live with us all the way from Germany...and he's got a bunch of friends living in the tree with him too.

Frohe Weihnachten

Hey you recognize this little guy? It's a little furry wooden Highland Coo all the way from Marvin-land, oops I mean Scotland!!! Mom got it when she visited Scotland 90 million quadrillion years ago! (Ruby's Mom: Ruby, be nice! Remember I have Santa Paws on speed dial? Ruby: OK, OK...)

Wait a did this get in here???

Do you notice something missing??? Yep, I don't see any Boston hornaments, oops, I mean ornaments do you??? Hey Mom, don't you have a Boston ornament somewhere??? Could you please go find it? Preferably before Christmas.

Oh, last but not least...our stockings have been hung by the chimney (actually, gas fireplace) with care...

I have to say, Mom does have some very interesting and fun ornaments. She tells all her friends and family who travel places to bring her ornaments back, so she has quite a collection. Now that they are living happily on our tree, I can share some more over the next few days if you are interested.


27 Responses to "Day 7"

Harry said... 6:25 AM

Aw, the tree looks pretty, and is so much better than our non existant tree!

I like your paw stocking!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Anonymous said... 6:35 AM

Oh the tree looks pawsome. Oh, my tree leans a bit too. Don't worry. I love some of your ornaments. The Starbucks Latte is cracking me up!!! Your PAW stocking is sooo cute. Ok, your mom's pooh is pretty pawsome too.

I have been enjoying your day posts!!! I know I have not commented yet on all of them, but I have been reading ;)


Mack said... 7:20 AM

Oh Ruby,
That is the most beautiful tree ever!
I think you make a great supervisor - You can supervise me anytime - eyes open or shut!
Have a great day my sweet!

Anonymous said... 7:27 AM

*rubs your belly bunches* XD

Seems like all Bostons love belly rubs, ya?

I just wanted to drop by and say hi, pretty little Rubes. =3 I'm Mack's cousin, Katie. Enjoy your christmas!

~Cousin Katie

Gus said... 7:53 AM

Ruby...I love YOUR stocking! How neat.

She doesn't need a boston orneryment - she gots you

Clover said... 8:03 AM

Hi Ruby!
Your tree looks beautiful!! And I love all your ornaments (we have a bumble on our tree too! I really want to "play" with him, but he is hiding at the top.) What a coincidence again, we also have some Starbucks ornaments, where my mom should also have stock. Our trees are twins!
Love Clover xo
P.S. You look like such a good supervisor! I like to help by grabbing things and running away with them, or jumping into my parents laps when they are trying to do something. I like digging on their legs too.

Ferndoggle said... 8:34 AM

You should see our tree! It looks like the leaning tower of pisa! Your tree looks great.

I think when your Mom is not looking, you should take that kitty ornament and bury it in the backyard!


Duke said... 9:41 AM

What a beautiful tree but it definitely needs a Boston Terrier ornament! That's a MUST!!!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Anonymous said... 9:46 AM

Ask Mom were the Boston ornament is that I sent her last year.

Hugs and belly rubs


Peanut said... 9:56 AM

The cat in the bag is the best looking ornament on your tree.

Shelby the cat

FleasGang said... 12:16 PM

Good works come only from Great supervision. Well done, Ruby. And we too have a Bumble! Plus the misfit toys and Hermy(sp?) the elf.

Thank you for our Christmas Card. We love it!

Merry Christmas
The FleasGang

Anonymous said... 12:31 PM

Ruby the Christmas tree looks great! I really loved the Starbucks ornament!


Lenny said... 1:05 PM

Your tree looks great, and your fireplace looks so pretty! Fun hornaments! What's with the kitty, though?

Your friend, Lenny

Lizzy said... 1:24 PM

Your tree is beautiful, Ruby! I think you did a great job at the supervising.


Petra said... 1:41 PM

Supervising is very hard work, so I hope you got your rest after the decorations were done. And they sure look pretty!

Motch likes the Starbuck's hornament cause that's one of her favoritest places, too.

I'm waiting to see Boston one. Will it be a picture of YOU little Ruby?

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said... 2:06 PM

oh my Ruby, I just love the Highland Cooooo!

What a sweetheart!

thank you so much for putting him on your tree!

I have mentioned you in my Oscar Christmas post today.....

jusst to thank you for all the wonderful Air ruby trips

sorry I have been quiet, my Jeannie says Christmas has bitten her on the "bum"......

Happy Howladays and love you lots and lots my sweet Ruby Ruby Ruby!

Marvin xxxxxxxxxxx

Par said... 3:59 PM

I like the way you decorate your tree, it looks nice!

Jen and Suki said... 6:20 PM

Please share the horn... I mean orn-aments with us! We don't have a tree at our place but gma and gpa do but they don't have any from around the world! And no pugs OR bostons now what I think of it.

Bella the Boxer said... 6:38 PM

Oh, the Bumble ornament is awesome!! Have you eaten any ornaments yet? If you are tempted, I highly recommend the wooden ones from Germany. They have a very nice "mouth feel" to far, I've been able to sink my teeth into 4 ornaments, but the one from Germany was the best!

xoxo - BElla

Joe Stains said... 7:13 PM

dont worry we have a STUPID cat ornament on our tree too! BUT we have 3 boston ornaments, your Mom needs to catch up!

Luckie Girl said... 7:22 PM

Hey Ruby,
Actually, those ornaments are very unique. their own special way. :)

Girl Girl Hamster said... 7:49 PM

Your tree looks pawsome. I think you did a great job supervising. Love the starbucks ornament. hee hee

~ Girl girl

Lorenza said... 8:07 PM

Hi, Ruby
Your tree is beautiful. And has lots of ornaments... and a kittie too!
I did the same supervising thing! Just like you! Sure we are good on that, right?
Have a good night

Noah the Airedale said... 12:07 AM

Hey Ruby,
You've got a great selection of ornaments, at least they're interesting not cheapy ones like we've got!!!!!! AND you've got your own stocking...way to go!! Hope it gets filled with good stuff.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah, Willow, Tess & Lucy

Emily and Ike said... 5:25 AM

My mom said cute boston hornaments are really hard to find.

Lacy said... 10:31 PM

woofies Ruby, dat tree iz bute ti ful...and me likies all the hornaments on it too...i likes ur way of supervising....

b safe,

Stanley said... 9:14 PM

It's the 22nd and our tree is not up yet. At least you have one to look at, and it's mighty perty and twinkly!

Love to hear the background on each of the hornaments. Where IS that Boston Terrier hornament? Hmm?

Goober love,