Day 3

Sunday, December 16, 2007

On the 3rd post of Christmas I'm going to share with thee...

Butchy & Snickers' Ice Skating Party!

Well the weather outside was totally frightful, but my friends are quite delightful!!! Iowa's the place to go...skating in the snow, in the snow, in the snow!!! Well we're off to Butchy & Snickers' Ice Skating pawty. I'm kinda worried it will be really cold... I sure hope you pups will not only help me skate, but also keep me warm!!!

Do you notice something different about Aire Ruby??? She's got red snow skis!!!! All thanks to Gussie and his Muzzer. They wanted us to be safe. I think they look pretty good, don't you? Now we should have no problems landing in the snow!

Aire Ruby is stocked to the brim with cookies and carob hot cocoa and I even managed to get a mini-fireplace installed for Joe to keep warm...even tho' I think sitting next to Sophie will be will do the trick! So we are off..can't wait to see you all!!!


6 Responses to "Day 3"

Mack said... 6:02 PM

Dangit, I forgot to reserve a seat-- sounds like you guys are having a great time though. That hot carob sounds so yummy. Hope you are staying warm. Bye!

Myeo said... 9:53 PM

Thank you for bringins us there!

Boy n Baby

Joe Stains said... 10:37 PM

ruby you are a true friend, I can count on you for sure!

Luna "The Scruffy Yacht Dog" said... 4:21 AM

Thanks Ruby for getting us all there safe and sound!! Those ski was a great idea! And that hot cocoa!!!yummmmmmmm
Luna -tic

Jake of Florida said... 5:26 AM

What fun!! That screeching sound when those red skis landed on our snowless street was a bit scary, but then you took off like a bird and we landed perfectly.

Butt sliding was a bit chilly on the posterior, but all those goodies and hot toddies you had on board to keep us warm on the way back did the trick.

Ruby, you're the best!! Have you thought about frequent flyer miles???

Love ya'

Jake and Just Harry

Asta said... 7:26 AM

You look pawsome as can land next to my house on the West side Hwy..I'm so vewy excited! Woot!
smoochie kisses