Fair Oaks Doggie Walk

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Hi Pups, Girl-Girl and Moosie...

WOW! What an exciting weekend. First there was Butchy's Birfday Campout (go to his site for the most pawsome pictures). What an amazing time and I think Marvin coined a new phrase...'what happens at the campout, stays at the campout'! Must have been because of all the cocktails he was drinking - hee hee hee!

No sooner did I arrive home but does Mom and Auntie Yvette harness me up and out the door we go to the 5th Annual Fair Oaks Dog Walk. Woot!
Stanny, see I'm wearing one of the bananas you sent me, don't I look stylish?
OK, so I didn't actually do the walk, which was probably an ok thing since I was just a little bit too excited! The park where the walk's 'after-party' was held was right down the street from where we live. On the way out of the complex I stopped by my friend Bruno's place to get him and his Mom Katie. I know I've never talked about Bruno before, but he is one of my bestest friends and we play bitey face and chase each other all the time. I'll post about him some more later this week so you can get to know him better.

Anyhowl, me, Mom, Auntie Yvette, Katie and Bruno headed down to the park and on the way the two of us were so excited we were just running and chasing and biting each other...it was the bestest fun and just the beginning!!!

I couldn't believe my Boston Terrorist eyes...there were sooo many doggins at the park!!! All different kinds (but no other BTs, hee hee hee). It was amazing. Below are some photos Auntie Yvette took of the event.

Some of the highlights of the morning were...
  • Snackies...EVERYWHERE...at the different vendor tables and even some on the ground. It was like snackie heaven!!! Yay!
  • Miss Cindy, my teacher was there with her brand new puppy Gypsy!!! And Miss Cindy told me I was getting to come to class next week - Woot!
  • Dr. Marcia, my vet was there!!! Oh and so was the really nice nursey who gives me lots of treats - Yum!
  • I met a little(oops I mean BIG) Landseer Newfy girl named Maggie who was just the sweetest, softest little(BIG) girl I've every met. Nanook...she was a beauty and thanks to all the info you and your Mama posts, my Mom could talk very intelligently to Maggie's Mom. In fact Maggie's Mom was so surprised my Mom even knew what a Landseer was!!! Yahoo!
  • Mom bought some very yummy treats for me and we found that a brand new doggie store was opening next month right near where we live!!!! Double Woot!!!
It was such a fun time. I got to see a lot of my friends like Dodger, Zoe & Raven, Bob & Cooper, and of course Bernard. When we got back home, Mom made this very yummy potato soup and you know how I know it was yummy? Well she even gave me a little!!! I know!!! She never shares her food, but she said it was a special day and I deserved it!!! After all the excitement here is what I did...
Oh, but not before I barked to my Nanny. Do you know what she did on Saturday??? She visited Nanook and Pooka!!!!! I'm so jellyfish...she had the bestest time. Nook and Pook were perfect gentlepups (well almost) and she really enjoyed visiting with their pawrents. Thanks Nook and Pook for taking such good care of my Nanny...she's coming to visit me in a few weeks and I can't wait to meet her!!!! Oh and Asta...my Nanny said she wants to come to the big city and visit you next!!!


36 Responses to "Fair Oaks Doggie Walk"

Anonymous said... 11:47 AM


You looked very stylish in your blue banana, Mom told me you had a great day and from the looks of your last pic, you were wiped out.

All those gorgeous dogs you met,I wish I could dognap one when I visit. Just a little one I could put in a tote bag, then I could sneak it on the plane.

Yes Nanook and Pooka are awesome, and now my next trip will be to the big city to meet Asta, I will contact her after I get back from my visit with you and Mom.

Love hugs and bellyrubs


pee-ess only 10 1/2 days

Suki & Joey said... 12:24 PM

WOW! All I can say is wow! That looks pawsome! Oh, I wish I were there. Joey wouldn't be able to take it, hehehe ;)

I can't believe your Nanny is going to go see Asta, now. She's met more dog-bloggers than me, and she doesn't even have a dog! Not fair!

Puggy kisses

Unknown said... 1:10 PM

omdog what a super fantabulously awesome day!!!!!!!!!!

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said... 3:03 PM

Hey Ruby...thanks for all the transporation this weekend. Lacie posted a couple of pix of the restrooms on Aire Ruby, if you'd like to take a gander at them. Also, the invite is out for the PAWTY we are having for Koobus and Amber-Mae...for their Barkdays!! We did put a shout out for you like u said for reservations...Hercules already responded...we'll refer him to your blog. Please make a copy of the invite and display on your blog!!!!!!! You're the best, Ruby!!

Tired and campfire smelling barks,

PEE ESS Lacie is grounded. Check out the pic of her at the campout!

Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said... 3:42 PM

Hi Ruby! You sure are/were a cute pup! What's that enormous creature you're sleeping on?

Duke said... 4:24 PM

What a super fun time you had and OMG check out all the doggies! You're so lucky, Ruby!

Love ya lots,

The Devil Dog said... 5:38 PM

Hi Ruby. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your post just tired me out, it looked like so much fun. That's what our pug meet ups are like,a nd then Lucky and I crash right after. Dad said if he couldn't have a pug he wanted a Boston Terrier. I don't think I will let him see you in case he decides he really does want one. Somehow I don't think mom will let him do away with me, even if I am so naughty.
Nice talking to you.

Luckie Girl said... 6:49 PM

Hey Ruby,
What a busy weekend you had girl...I feel tired just looking at you. hehe..

Gus said... 7:32 PM

Hey Ruby: Teka says AirRuby is even better than business class, so both of us would like a ride to Koobus and Amber's party, please. Just let us know your eta, OK.


Lorenza said... 8:31 PM

Hi, Ruby
Sure you had a great weekend. Meeting all those doggie and human friends. I can understand you are so tired.
Have a good night

Huskee and Hershey said... 8:44 PM

Dear Ruby's Nanny,
Are you also coming to visit me in Singapaw?? I'd love to show you around and bring you to all the nice places!!

Emily and Ike said... 9:05 PM

You get to do the most funnerest stuff! I am jealous. I just get to go to my grandma's and run around.

Koobuss said... 9:10 PM

WOW!! Ruby, how do you do it? All that partying in Iowa, flying your big super jet, which I must say is very beautiful, and then the next day going to the park and seeing all your people and doggie friends. You are amazing!!

And did you say they are going to open a new pet store near you? How lucky can you get!! That's wonderful!!

Thanks again for the ride to iowa. It was very smooth and confortable and a lot better than the greyhounds.

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

Noah the Airedale said... 11:00 PM

Ruby, no wonder you're exhausted. You need some chill out time matie. Take it easy and don't over do it.

Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy

the many Bs said... 11:09 PM

Hey Ruby, it looks like you had a pretty exciting and busy weekend. that party was great. we don't know how you keep up your busy schedule.

Lacy said... 11:10 PM

woofies ruby, hmmm i nots cees how u could do all dat walkin after da pawty....lookie likes u had a lots of funs...heehee but i saws u snoozin in dat chair..

b safe,

pp's fanku's for lettin me rides on air ruby to da pawty....u iz da bestest...

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said... 3:24 AM

oh wasn't the camp out amazing Ruby Bleu......although I think I overdid the cocktails again!

Your walk with all those pretty dogs sounded so good, just the thing you need after a lot of pawtying.

I am lying in a darkened room at the moment just trying to get my Marvin breath back!!

Camp Out Secrets are safe with me!

love and many licks, your friend, Marvin xxxxxxx

Stanley said... 6:50 AM

Hey, Rubinator!

Thanks for being my Ruby snuggle Bug at the campout. There were so many boypups wanting your snuggling attentions, I'm glad you saved some for me!

I know you're a busy girl,and it looks like you had a BLAST at the Doggie Walk after pawty! Did you snarf up loads of treats? I always have to snooze after snarfling up too many treats!

Bruno looks like a good bud, and, you got to see Bernoober again! WooHoo!

Tell Auntie Yvette I love the photos she took. Bet your mama was happy to be off of camera duty for a change.

I have some photos & a video of this little Ruby look-alike I met last week at the park. She's cute, but nowhere NEAR as cute as you, but she was a brindle, which made me feel just a little bit closer to her.

Give some lovin' to your mama for me. I'm sending goober smooches and love to you.

Your Ever-lovin,
Stanny Boy

umekotyan said... 6:57 AM

It is a wonderful weekend.
It is filled with happiness at valuable time with the puppy. :)

from loved ume tyan

Amber-Mae said... 7:33 AM

Wow! You've been busy too just like I did! And we both attended a doggie event on the same day. Sooo incredible!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

FleasGang said... 9:16 AM

What fun you had with the party and getting to meet all those pups at the park! And we're so jealous your nanny got to meet Nan and Pooka! We need some pics :-)

Ralph said... 11:35 AM

WHoA- looks like you had a lot of fun! Sorry I don't have any pictures of me in the taco costume, mom's to blame for not making it.

I tried playing the bitey face game with my friend Pixie, she wasn't much of a fan?!


Toby said... 12:31 PM

Hey Ruby,

Looks like you had an awesome weekend! The park looked like so much and you got to meet all those doggies! Your such a luckie girl!

Love Toby

Pugsley, Buster, Cricket & Daisy said... 3:27 PM

Glad you had a great time at the dog walk. It looks like a lot of fun.

xoxoFour Pugz

Sophie Brador said... 4:40 PM

Wow! Beasties galore. Looks like loads of fun.

Anonymous said... 4:46 PM

Wow, that looked like so much fun!!! I loved your bandana!!!

Kirby said... 6:16 PM


Doggie walks are just the best aren't they? Lot's of dogs and you said there were tons of snackies? Ahhh, doggie heaven. I'm glad you had such a good time.

Your Pal,


Anonymous said... 6:20 PM

Oh my! It looks like you just exhausted yourself. You are too cute sleeping on the couch...looking so cuddly!


Anonymous said... 7:12 PM

That looks like a swell day!

Hey, I wanna book a ticket to the halloween pawty!! meme me!! I stay close to amber so its on the way!!

Girl Girl Hamster said... 1:53 AM

Woh, you sure had a fun weekend going to the park

~ Girl girl

Simba and Jazzi said... 2:27 AM

You did have fun packed weekend. A long nap is just what you need now.

Simba x

Boo Casanova said... 2:28 AM

everydog is wearing a banana, i want mine too!

wet wet licks


Ferndoggle said... 5:29 AM

Well you certainly had an exhausting weekend, with the pawty & the big fun walk! Good times.


Clover said... 6:16 AM

Hey Ruby!
That sounds (and looks!) like a super fun time! Hope you are nice and rested up now! :)
Love Clover xo

Frasier said... 7:29 AM

The terrier in us gets us so excited !!
I always thought that your coloring was brown and black but you look reddish in that picture.

Noah the Airedale said... 11:13 AM

What a packed weekend you had Ruby!! We're looking forward to a restful one this weekend. Butchy's pawty took it out of us.

Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy