Bits 'n' Pieces

Monday, October 29, 2007

Oh Pups...what a weekend! So much fun at the pawty. I hope you made it over to Asta's bloggy today to see the pictures she took!!! Silly me, forgot my camera...I better not do that for the Ike & Martha's Mom will just kill me if I don't get pictures!

So by now I think you've heard about Scruffy & Koobie's escapades!!! My Mom was SO not pleased with how Aire Ruby looked on its return. I was worried I was going to get grounded, but she saw everything!!! Did you know those fun little pink glow lights all around the plane...well, there are little cameras in there! Yes, that's right 'Big Mother is watching us'!!! We need to be careful next time!!! Fortunately, I think Mom is still kinda guilty from my prison stint last week that she happily cleaned up Aire Ruby and just said that I have to get her permission if I want to let somepup borrow the plane. What a drag...oh well...guess that is better than being grounded, huh?

I have to apologize for being absent on everypups & hammies bloggies the last week or so...I've been sooooo busy lately. Hopefully things will calm down over the next few days and I promise to visit everypup...ok? Still love me?

Not only was I neglecting my poor bloggy, but I also neglected to post this:
My dear pupfriends Clover and Marvin gave me this!!! Now I want to pass it on to my BFF Suki, my Howl-o-weenie Barkday Diva pal Lola (and the rest of the Jackman Ave clan) and to my Stanny and his new sissy Princess Stella! Pass on the sweets, my sweets!!!

Few more items...Blue is having her Howl-o-weenie graveyard pawty...go help her pick a location and let me know if you need a lift. Oh and there is still room for Ike & Martha's Wedding in France...we probably should just go from Blue's Pawty to the wedding so make sure you pack appropriately!

I have so much to do yet...I need to write little Stella a welcome rhyme, I want to play the name game, I need to send in an entry picture for the DWB 2008 calendar, I need to get going on my Holiday card picture, and I need to decide what to wear for the big wedding. And most important, I need to get Aire Ruby all set for this weeks events. Oh and let me know what you's my BFF Suki's barkday coming up...what do you pups & hammies think about a trip to FL and going to Disney World to celebrate???


24 Responses to "Bits 'n' Pieces"

Suki & Joey said... 2:10 PM

I'm so excited about my barkday party at Disney, Ruby! I already posted about it :)

Sorry for the mess on Aire Ruby. Tell your Mom that I'll make it up to her with TONS of puggy kisses when I meet her one day, ok? hee-hee!

Puggy kisses (for Michele this time)

Lorenza said... 3:31 PM

Hi, Ruby
What a weekend, right? Too many activities and so little time!
I am ready for the next events!
Suki's party at Disney sounds great! Thankfully no more scary places!
Have a nice day

Lacy said... 3:37 PM

woofies Ruby, may me plez have a seat on aire ruby for blues pawty and Ike and Martha's will b a good now me gots to find sumthin to ware...fank u...

b safe,

Duke said... 4:22 PM

Wow! You are one busy girlfren, Ruby! I think a pawty at Disney World for Suki sounds like fun! Can Mitch and I please book reservations for that too? Thank you in advance!

Love ya lots,

Harry said... 4:30 PM

I'm pleased you worked your magic on mum so that she wasn't to angry about the state of Air Ruby!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Randi said... 4:33 PM

Hi Ruby!

I'd like to book a reservation on Aire Ruby for Ike & Martha's wedding...

That Halloween Pawty was fun!

Love & Licks,

Anonymous said... 5:16 PM


Glad to hear you had a great time at the pawty.

Now, I must tell you I read Suki's blog and I was so angry that someone could be so mean to her family and especially to Katy. I even told Katy that if she really must give up Joey that I would gladly adopt him.

Remember I want to attend Ike & Martha's wedding, so please pick me up, and I also would like a ride to Suki's Barkday Pawty at Disney World. Tell Mom not to forget her Gold Ears!

Love, hugs and belly rubs


Luckie Girl said... 8:01 PM

That's like way too much action going on need to breathe!! :) hehe

Anonymous said... 8:25 PM

Hi Ruby, just stopped by to say hi! Can we be friends?


Toby said... 9:44 PM

Wow your one busy pup Ruby! Sounds like you've got so many things going on. I'd love to go to Disney to celebrate Sukis barkday! That would be soo much fun!

Love Toby

Asta said... 10:01 PM

You suwe wewe bootiful at the pawty,sowwy about the plane,but can I pleez have a wesewvation fow Blue's and the wedding??
I love you

Joe Stains said... 10:53 PM

Its always good to get the humans feeling guilty, you can get away with so much more! Our Mom gets so buys sometimes too and we have to practically bite her bum to get her to give our blog the attention it deserves

Girl Girl Hamster said... 1:01 AM

There sure is lots of activities going on. Oh the wedding will be pawsome. Please reserve a place for me on aire ruby. I think Disney world is hamsterrific

~ Girl girl

Anonymous said... 1:11 AM

Hey Ruby! Oh The Pawty was so cool amd we had a lot of fun! :P

Amber-Mae said... 4:49 AM

Ohew! More pawties? I think I can handle it, hehehehe...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Clover said... 6:02 AM

Hi Ruby,

Wow, it does sound like you are crazy busy! Looking forward to Suki's barkday celebration at Walt Disney World! I have never been before! Woohoo!

Love Clover xo

Jessica said... 6:35 AM

I know, Mom should have sent Seadra's picture into the costume contest but honestly Mom liked Zoe's better and Seadra is very uncooperative trying to get a decent picture of her. So Mom just let me join in the fun this time.

Love, Zoe

umekotyan said... 6:37 AM

Hay Ruby
I came back from the travel of the flower.
The flower was welcomed.

It is a party on the weekend.
A lot of parties are wonderful.:)

It sleeps so, and the flower arrangement of Halloween has been made.

Because it .... gives it.

from loved ume tyan

Emily and Ike said... 8:47 AM

Your post made me nervous! I haven't started anything either! AAAAAAAHHHH!

Ozzie, Rocky and Lola said... 9:06 AM

Wow, so many fun and crazy times seem to have been had via Air Ruby! We respectfully request reservations for Miss Martha's wedding to Ike! We know it is going to be a blast!

Ozzie & Rocky

Simba and Jazzi said... 9:16 AM

There is so much going on, its hard to keep up.

Simba xx

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said... 11:20 AM

Er Ruby...u know how u said ur Mom's got cameras on her name Michelle?? She might be posting comments on other's blogs as you!!!!! Scruffy and I were stunned. We figured this out by master detective work; plus she signed a comment on our blog and signed it Lots of Licks, Michelle. Scruff and I can barely get any hooman to give us smmochie licks...we think she might be trying to pull the fur over ur eyes, so to speak.

Um...Sruffy will probably be emailing u a formal apology. Mumsie found out about it and grounded him and made him write, "I must not "borrow" Ruby's plane 100 times." He whined, but to no avail. Hey, can we book flights for Blue's pawty, the wedding and Florida for both of us. I promise that he will behave. Plus, I heard he and Koob have to clean the plane this week.



Juno said... 1:21 PM

Ruby, can I make a reservation on the flight to Blue's pawty???
Thank you!!

Momo xoxo

Stanley said... 11:13 AM

Ruby Bug!

I have been gone from a lot of pups blogs this week too, sweetie. Sorry about that.

I've missed you, and hopefully won't be absent any longer. We're starting to get into a routine here in GooberStan with Stella, and it's not quite so hectic as it was.

Goober love & smooches,
Your Stanny

Pee Ess
Thanks for the sweet treat award! Stella & I are honored.