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Friday, August 15, 2008

OK, so my Mom has been obsessed with all that Olympic mumbo-jumbo. B*O*R*I*N*G! She's staying up late, yelling and screaming and carrying on like a crazy person. You know why...it's all because of this guy...

She thinks he's H*O*T!!! Whatever....you are WAY too old and lazy for him! But than I saw this...

Herman...oh Herman...*swoon*...I think I'm in love...I know you're a lazy boy, but I could make you run...I could chase you...we could play bitey face...we could wrassle...*swoon*...and when we are done...we could nap and be lazy together....snoring doesn't bother me...oh Herman...*swoon*

Don't worry Mack or Stanny...I'm still your pup-girl...always. But a girl can dream...I can have a crush, right? Oh Herman...


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Noah the Airedale said... 9:55 PM

Yeah we know that guy. He's pretty darn good. That boring olympics is on our TV all the time too....our pawlimpics is way better.


Lorenza said... 10:09 PM

Hi, Ruby!
My mom loves Michael Phelps too! And I love Herman! I was trying to find a picture of him to post it but I could not find it!
Did you see the competition tonight?? Amazing!
Have a good night
Kisses and hugs

Faya said... 10:14 PM

You know what my Mom just said ?
- What ? He also loves dog ? OMG he is the perfection !
....pffff those humans.....
Herman is handsome you are right Ruby. He would be perfect for you !
Kisses, Faya

Charlie Daniels said... 3:04 AM

Michael who? ;-)



Gus said... 6:08 AM

OMD, I gotta send this to my sissie. This is one way she could have a dog! (in our family, we think it is very good that the women are older than the men in long term relationships. Muzzer says it means you aren't a widow for quite so long.)


Mack said... 9:38 AM

Ok I'll have to admit I am a little jellyish, but since my mom absolutely LOVES bulldogs I guess I am okay with it.....

Clover said... 10:26 AM

Hi Ruby!
Wow - Herman is CUTE!! Who cares if he doesn't have any medals? We saw today that Phelps won ANOTHER gold medal! Wow!! Go USA! Canada FINALLY won some medals today (last night...) - we have 3 now! Woo! Now to catch up to the USA's 54...hahahah.
Love Clover xo

Moco said... 11:04 AM

You both have very good taste in men.

Joe Stains said... 12:33 PM

oh dog Mom loooooves that Phelps dude too. I wish I could have muscles like him but there is NO WAY I would ever swim. Herman looks like an AWESOME dude, I'd love to hang out with him.

Duke said... 1:19 PM

Herman is such a cutie! We sure wouldn't have linked Michael Phelps with a Bulldog!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Anonymous said... 2:10 PM

Hee! My girl saw that special on Phelps and Herman and she couldn't stop giggling at Herman. But she thinks Fig's snoring might give Herman's some competition....

Anonymous said... 8:57 PM

Sometimes I think our moms are related because my mom has been swooning over him all week AND she makes me stay up late and watch him too!! I think he's weird looking with big ears but she loves him!

wally said... 6:38 AM

Whoa. Herman rocks! now if only I could have Michael's 10,000 calorie/day eating habits!

wally t.

Bella the Boxer said... 3:49 PM

I'm with you Ruby, that Herman is one good lookin' fella! My Mom likes watching Michael swim, too. Something about all those toned muscles and stuff.... (Dad's kind of jealous, says he swims too but Mom doesn't swoon over him at the pool...)

xoxo - Bella

Peanut said... 4:42 PM

That guy is part dolphin. Mom likes that he refers to herman as somebody not some dog when he talks about his snoring.

Stanley said... 9:35 AM

Hey, Ruby...

I'm not sure what to say. I mean, I think Herman looks like a pretty cool pup, and he's got his boy whipped into shape. But, if you're crushin' on Herms, maybe you'd like to pursue your dream?

Basically, if you ever need to say it, just say it. If I'm not enough dog for you, just tell me straight up. Promise me that, okay?

Goob love,

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