Shhhhh it's a Surprise Pawty!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

So I know there are TONS of pawty stuff going around. Aire Ruby is very, very busy these days. But today I have a VERY special pawty to talk about...

It's not every day you turn 15, right? Well Tia, Sitka's big sister kitty is turning 15! W00t!!! Sitka and I have been barking about what we could do to celebrate this very special occassion and Sitka came up with the most pawsome idea...lets go tropical...let's go to Jamaica!!!

We can surf and eat jerk chicken and build sand castles and play beach volleyball, para-sail and drink pina coladas...oh my I could just go on and on!!!

So Aire Ruby is pleased to announce it is now taking reservations for Tia's SURPRISE Barkday (or is it Meowday) Pawty in Jamaica January 25-27th (27th is actually Tia's special day). We'll be spending the entire weekend in Jamaica at the Sandals Dog & Cat Resort in Montego Bay. You'll notice on their site they don't mention anything about there being a doggie/kittie resort because it's so exclusive. But don't worry, they are ready for us! Just look at how bootiful this place is...

I can just see it now...Sitka and Zimmy lying in the shade sipping a frosty beverage. Tia and Wilbur playing volleyball, Joe and Sophie lounging on a raft...oh, what fun we will have.

So I know this kind of last minute but we want everyone to come!!! So just leave me a comment and also visit Sitka's blog and let her know! It is going to be a blast - W00T!!!


31 Responses to "Shhhhh it's a Surprise Pawty!!!"

Mack said... 3:37 PM

Wow - 15 is really something to celebrate!
If I promise not to bark at kitty can I go?
Happy Friday My WONDER Rubes!

Ferndoggle said... 4:03 PM

Lola & I are SO there!! We're gonna dig out our teeny weeny bikini's right now! Book us on the flight please.


Peanut said... 4:10 PM

is this next weekend? Flash and I are so coming.

Anonymous said... 5:05 PM

Well, you know we will be there. I LOVE your post. I am going to work on mine right now.


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said... 5:07 PM

Meow Ruby, I will be there. I have been practicing my batting stuff around skills for volleyball!

Woo Ruby, we want to come too!
Steve and Kat

The Army of Four said... 5:13 PM

This is so cool! I hate to give up the sub-zero weather and the snow ... but I HAVE to help Sitka celebrate Tia's big day! Ha ROO!
Play bows,

Anonymous said... 6:13 PM

What an amazing place for a party - can't wait!!


Anonymous said... 8:03 PM

Sounds like a lot of fun! I would like to make a reservation! I'll get my friend Dallas the cat to help me pick out a present.

Lorenza said... 8:32 PM

Hi, Ruby!
A weekend in Jamaica celebrating Tia's birthday?? Sounds great! Its very cold here so I guess I need some hot weather!
Would you please book me a place??
Have a good night

Randi said... 8:53 PM

Hi Ruby! I'd love to confirm my reservations for Tia's 15th BDay! that will be so much fun!

I wonder what I should bring..& I bikini is a must!

Love & Licks,

Joe Stains said... 10:00 PM

omdog JAMAICA!?!?!?!!! We are so so excited, and Mom is SOO jealous!! Mom wants to say that she saw your comment on Jen's blog and she LOVES Agave Nectar!!

Snowball said... 12:15 AM

wow... a party in Jamaica? How cool is that. I want to go!!! Please remember to pick me up, Ruby.


umekotyan said... 12:43 AM

Yes, Ruby
...envying warm sunlight...
It is cold winter in Japan.
It is a wonderful beach.
...wanting go to a warm place.. now.
Let's spend a wonderful weekend together on the beach. :)

from loved ume tyan

Noah the Airedale said... 12:51 AM

Ruby could you book us on Aire-ruby please. We'd love to help celebrate Tia's 15th birthday even though we've never met before.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

Simba and Jazzi said... 12:59 AM

I want to go to Jamacia, so I can see where Mummy and Fat fat Daddy were when I was stuck in kennels.

Simba xx

Jackson's J1 and J2 said... 5:31 AM

Hey Ruby, sounds pawsome! Just a quick question. Can Tia still run? I thought she might like a game of chase on her special day. J x

Gus said... 7:52 AM

I must send my regrets, as muzzer says I will be busy cleaning up the yard for the Sooper Pawty Bowl the next weekend. Please tell that venerable cat happy meow day for me and Teka.


Asta said... 10:42 AM

I will cewtainly be thewe to help celebwate Tia's special day!!!
I'd like a wesewvation please..Mommi is still sick, but i'll dwag hew to the pootew to make suwe I can go
smoochie kisses

Harry said... 11:12 AM

I really want to come, but Sitka shares her birthday with ma, so I need to check what we're doing here. I'll let you know!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Princess Patches said... 12:17 PM

Oh, Ruby, we'd like two tickets, please! How pawsome to go to Jamaica in the wintertime!

Poppy & Penny

Molly the Airedale said... 12:36 PM

We'd love to fly with you to Jamaica, Ruby! Two tickets, please!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Comet said... 5:11 PM

We'd love to help surprise Tia. Two tickets please (oh, and seat Comet near the bathroom)
Comet and BLU

Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said... 5:21 PM

Can we come? We Love the ocean! Hope there's air conditioning!

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said... 5:35 PM

Please confirm us a resevation of 4 on Ruby....we reaallllly wanna go to the dog kittie sandals we have to wear flip flops???? Um...cats usually hate us, but we'll be soooooooooo good and not chase the bark er meowday girl....

Lacie, Scruffy, and Stan...!!!

Hammer said... 5:28 AM

Is it okay if I come too, Ruby ? I've never been on the Aire Ruby before and I've never been to a resort before either.
Love from Hammer

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said... 6:26 AM

I've only been to hooman pawty's lately, can I go Ruby?

xxx Asta down under

Anonymous said... 10:37 AM

count me in Ruby! ooooh one question for you, I have never been to a resort I have to wear SANDALS to this gig?

I am not very good in shoes, but very good at sipping a frosted Jeannie says, practice always makes pawfect!

Trying on my Sandals cool Rubes Dudes Babe!

Your Ruby Aire just rocks you know!

Sandalled Up Marvin xxxxxxx

Anonymous said... 10:40 AM

ooops Jeannie said to tell your Mama - in the light of the "Chandler from Friends" Love In......

Can Marvin BE any more enthusiastic about this forthcoming Sandals trip!!!!!!!

He just SO wants to BE there, in his sandals........LOL!!

love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

Anonymous said... 10:40 AM

ooops Jeannie said to tell your Mama - in the light of the "Chandler from Friends" Love In......

Can Marvin BE any more enthusiastic about this forthcoming Sandals trip!!!!!!!

He just SO wants to BE there, in his sandals........LOL!!

love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

Johann The Dog said... 5:19 PM

Oh my that's quite a pawty you have planned, you all should have loads of fun!!!! And 15, that's great, a senior citizen cat with loads of doggie friends. Couldn't ask for more!

Woofs, Johann

Balboa said... 3:51 PM

I know I'm late in responding, can we book a seat on the flight too, it sounds like so much fun!!!!!

Frenchie Snorts