I knew it all along...

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

My Mom found this news thingy on one of her most favoritest interwebs sites Mental Floss (I think she reads it to make her smart...BOL! Not working too well now is it?!?!?!). Anyhowl, researchers have found that us doggies may actually prevent asthma in people pups!!!! How great is that!!!!

“Several longitudinal studies have shown that exposure to certain domestic animals, for example, indoor dogs, during a person’s early life (even possibly before he or she is born) is associated with strong protection against asthma and asthma-related conditions later in life,” Serrine Lau, a member of the research team said.
I always knew we were getting a bad rap on that one!!!

Bob and his sissy Maddy (my has she grown!)


15 Responses to "I knew it all along..."

deb said... 7:57 AM

so cute! Ruby, will you come innoculate Hannah and Hayden against asthma? xox aunt deb

Petra said... 8:16 AM

What an adorable picture!!!!!

I'm so happy to hear about ashthma prevention and OUR contribution; that's pretty awesome.

C.l.o.v.e.r. said... 10:08 AM

Aww Maddy is so cute and big now! Bob looks adorable, just accepting the hug. Interesting news story!

Mack said... 11:05 AM

Maddy is such a cutie - I guess good looks run in your family!

Asta said... 3:15 PM

You awe so wight!
We awe excellent fow hoomans in evewy way fwom the vewy stawt of theiw lives till the vewy end
smoochie kisses

Noah the Airedale said... 12:45 AM

Yep we dogs are the greatest.
Lovely photo.

Noah Willow Tess Lucy

Dexter said... 3:48 AM

We read that Mental Floss too! Lots of great news items.


Molly the Airedale said... 6:05 AM

This is awesome news!
What a sweet picture, Ruby!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said... 9:14 AM

Oh Ruby...we knew there was a reason for our doggie dander...we are obviously stimulating some hooman pups immune response and making it STRONGER...we rock don't we...

We just caught up on your bloggie and I have to admit I was shocked at the public pix of you being BATHED...against your will...she said that was going to be a surprise?? Sheesch...it's just so hard to be caught on camera without full makeup for us diva girlies...



Tadpole said... 4:08 PM

Oh my - look at that adorable picture!!! Too sweet :-)

And OMD - your mom TIES YOU UP when you get baths?!?! How in the world are you supposed to escape and run around the house sopping wet when you're RESTRAINED?!?! Totally unfair, dude....

Tadpole said... 4:09 PM

Oh, and yes you can use our picture, but my girl says it's really bad quality because she used her cell phone and it's a REALLY old phone.... Have at it though, if you want it!

Archie and Melissa said... 6:59 AM

hi ruby!
emmitt totally agrees and says he is a petri dish of allergy prevention for the whole population. :)

jsut give him a hug and the world would be cured. heee!

have a great weekend my friends!
m & e

Balboa said... 7:22 AM

See, we doggies are so super cool and beneficial to all humans.

Dogs Rock

Frenchie Snorts

Emily and Ike said... 3:05 PM

That's totes true!

Peanut said... 7:06 PM

Us pets are good for people pups in more then one way.