Day 1

Monday, December 14, 2009


On the 1st post of Christmas I'm going to share with thee...
What's been going on with ME!!!!

Greetings all my wonderful blogging friends and welcome to my 3rd annual 12 Posts of Christmas - W00t! It's the one time of year I am successful at making my Mom feel sooooooo guilty that she posts 12 straight days in a row - W00t, W00t, Woot!!!

Well, I hate to admit, life at Chez Ruby Bleu has been kinda boring lately. No big adventures, no excitering vistors. Just me and Mom hanging out. And Mom working lots and lots :(

Actually the last few weeks or so, have been a flurry of activities (and speaking of flurries...we gots a little snow in Sac-of-Tomatos last week)! I've been very busy supervising the making of the Christmas gifties!!! We've been making scarves and sweaters and blankies and monkeys - W00t. I asked Mom to let me post some pictures of what we have made, but she said I needed to wait so I wouldn't spoil any Christmas giftie surprises...sorry.

Next we are gearing up to decorate (I know, I know...December 14th and still no tree up...not sure WHAT Mom is waiting for) and we are going to be baking soon too - W00t!!! That means some major taste testing for me - W00t-W00t!!!

Also, I'm very excitered because this is Mom's last week of work for the rest of the year...actually she says she still needs to work, but she's just going to do it at home...with me!!! That's a pretty nice thing to look forward to, huh?

As you can see...things have been pretty low key for us...but that's OK, anytime I get to snuggle with my Mom (even if she is sitting on the couch reading her work email or knitting) is time well spent for me!!!

Anyhowl...that's about it...Mom is getting ready to knit some more which means there's some yarn for me to munch on!!!! See ya tomorrow for Day 2!!!

day1 photo

Oh, I almost forgots...I've got a Bob update...he's at home and feeling better. Whatever was stuck in his tummy and making him sick managed to escape the 'natural way' if you know what I mean. He's home and resting comfortably! Thanks for the healing we just need to keep sending them to Wally, ok?


10 Responses to "Day 1"

Lizzy said... 9:32 AM


I'm so excited to read your 12 days of Christmas posts! I still can't believe it's this close to Christmas already. How the time flies!

Have fun munching yarn my friend!
That is a brilliant picture of you!

I hope you have a GRRRReat weekend,


Peanut said... 9:53 AM

Glad Bob is doing better and your mom is going to be home with you. Our tree only went up yesterday. You are making monkeys? How cool.

Mack said... 9:58 AM

What a sweet pic of my Rubykins!

I just love the 12 days of I mean Christmas!

C.l.o.v.e.r. said... 1:52 PM

Hi Ruby!
That is just the cutest picture of you, and I love your snowman blankie!!
You are helping your mom to make monkeys? My mom tried making a sock monkey the other day and failed miserably. :(

Lois Stankowski said... 2:13 PM

Thanks for the holiday card. Enjoy your time with Mom

Love, hugs and bellyrubs


Life With Dogs said... 5:17 PM

This is a fun idea for a countdown! :)

Lorenza said... 7:01 PM

Hi, Ruby!
Sounds like you and your mom have been very busy!
It is pawesome she is going to be with you at home all these days!
Glad to know Bob is doing well!
Kisses and hugs

Molly the Airedale said... 2:18 AM

We're so glad to hear that Bob is doing better, Ruby!
Enjoy chewing on your yarn!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Asta said... 1:19 PM


I htink being wif youw Mom is pwetty eventful, and the two of you suwe have the Chwissmuss spiwit..I love youw pictoowe!
Whatevew youw mom nits ow bakes , I know it will be lots bettew wif youw help.
I'm so happy Bob is bettew and didn't need "help" getting stuff out of his tummie..I'm so wowwied about Wally, and now Gwaham too.
Youw Mackie is a love and I'm going ovew to wish him a happy Biwfday
smoochie kisses

Joe Stains said... 6:12 PM

omdog we got your card today, you are so stinkin cute!! Good to hear an update from you.