Why did Ruby Cross the Road...

Monday, April 16, 2007

To see the chickens of course!!!

So since my little owie incident and the rain, I haven't gone back to the park yet. It's a bummer, but instead, to get my exercise my Mom has been taking me on walks around our neighborhood.

Usually we just walk around our complex, but last few days we'be been walking to the downtown area of where we live...Fair Oaks. I know I haven't travelled a lot, but Fair Oaks is a little odd. There are chickens EVERYWHERE! Crazy, I know, but chickens...EVERYWHERE - just roaming the streets, hanging in the parks, EVERYWHERE! It's totally crazy!!! I get so excited!!!

These chickens make a lot of noise. I've always wondered what that noise was that would wake me up, and now I know...it's the CHICKENS!!! They are actually quite pretty , but I still think it is a little weird that they just wander around...is that safe? What about avian flu?

I tried to get close to them, but they kept running away from me. Maybe next time I need to bring them some snackies?


2 Responses to "Why did Ruby Cross the Road..."

Balboa said... 5:37 AM

Bringing them snacks sounds like a great idea, but what treats would a chicken like????

Frenchie Kisses,

Ferndoggle said... 7:48 AM

Ruby you are so cute! My Mom thought you were a Boxer, just like me. You're probably just my size as I'm a mini-Boxer.

Thanks for signing my guest book. We'll be back soon to visit

Lola the little white Boxer
(with Sherman & Penny too).