I get all the way to the park...

Friday, April 13, 2007

So I finally made it to the park today...Mom got home early, was feeling better, it wasn't raining...everything going according to plan. Then it happens...the owie on my left paw starts to bleed and I have to go home! Let me explain...

A couple of weeks ago my Mom noticed a little red bump on my paw. She told me she'd keep an eye on it and not rush to call the vet (Mom is ALWAYS calling the vet). After a few days she noticed it got bigger and started to worry so we went to see Dr. Marcia. Dr. Marcia (who I like because she gives me lots of yummy treats) said it was a hesosigh-sompthin-sompthin (Ruby's Mom: Histiocytoma, Ruby. Ruby: Mom, I'm only 1, how am I supposed to know that?).

Anywho, Dr. Marcia said not to worry it will probably get a little bigger, but would go away in a few months and I could keep going to the park. So Mom has been watching it and noticed it WAS getting bigger, but it wasn't bugging me or anything. But today, at the park after I ran for a little bit it started to bleed!!!! And of course, Mom was REALLY worried. So she called Dr. Marcia who said a little bleeding was normal (Ruby's Mom: How could any bleeding be normal???), to put a bandage on it when we go out and it should be ok.

So there is the story... Mom said we might go see Dr. Marcia tomorrow, just in case. Which means we might not be able to go to the BT meetup...that would make me sad. But my Mom knows what's best and is just looking out for me. That's why I love her.

PS - My Mom kept trying to take a picture of my owie, but I think it is too icky to show. I'm a little shy when it comes to things like that.


1 Response to "I get all the way to the park..."

Anonymous said... 1:10 AM

owie! :(

I hope your paws are alright! make sure your mummy gives you lots of food to make you feel better (: hehes

love floss