A Tale of Two Sisters...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Well, no park today because it's raining. At least I didn't need to go see Dr. Marcia because my owie stopped bleeding. It's pretty quiet and Mom and I are just hanging out that I thought I'd tell you about my sister Sophia who lives with my Mom's sister.

Sophia is almost 2 years old (her birthday is July 22) and she lives with my Auntie Joey, cousin Danny and real close by my Nanny in New Jersey. Sophia's fur-parents are the same as mine! We were just born in different litters. How cool is that?!?!

Although we've never met, we are very much alike. Our moms say we are both very smart, like to run and snuggle and that our paws smell like Fritos (I know - weird). I guess we also both like to eat the stuffing out of our toys too...but I see absolutely nothing wrong with that! We both have a little Harry Potter thing going with the white marking on our heads...except Sophia's points opposite to mine...that's how we will always know we are sisters. Sophia is black and white and seems to always look angry in her pictures, but she looks really pretty here, don't you think???
Can you see the family resemblance???

I hope one day we'll get to meet and be able to run and play. That would be SO much fun!!!

This is my favorite pix of her...it's because she's all snuggled under the blankie I gave her for Christmas. I love you Sis!!!


4 Responses to "A Tale of Two Sisters..."

Sophie Brador said... 5:50 AM

Sophia is the best name for a sister. Maybe I'm you're sister too!

Balboa said... 10:34 AM

YOu're both absolute cuties. I wish I had a sister.

Frenchie Kisses,

Suki & Joey said... 7:19 AM

Awww...you guys would have a great time playing together, I bet. I hope you get to meet her real soon!

Puggy kisses

Emily and Ike said... 3:56 PM

Your sister is really pretty too and my mom just read your histiocytoma post and she works at a vet clinic and they see them all the time and they do bleed a lot because she said they are highly vascular and that just what they do and they go away and she also said if it doesn't go away, have it tested because there's another tumor that's less common called a mast cell tumor that needs to be removed and you are really young and it probably isn't that, but she said to be sure to have it tested if it doesn't go away.