A Medical Mystery!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

So over the last few week's my Mom has been noticing that the nails on my left paw were looking weird. Weird how you may ask? Well they were changing colors to icky brown. Oh and I started licking them too. So off to the V.E.T. we go.

Well, leave it to me to stump Dr. Catherine and all the other nice dogtors at Hazel Ridge. All the dogtors came to investigate. They poked, they prodded, they scraped, they ooh'd and ahhh'd and finally the had to break out the dogtor books. And what did they find...

Yup, I have a yeasty in my nails...I have althlete's paw! I know, I know...how did I get that? Well it's not because I'm hanging out in stinky locker rooms--as if! Actually they don't know how I gots it, but I do and I have to get two different kinds of medicines too!!!

First, Mom needs to clean my paw with this 3 times a day...
It's actually angry ear wash, but they said I need to use it on my paw. Also I have another prescription that Mom has to get at a special pharmacy that I have to eat, but they promised to make it in yummy peanut butter flavor for me. What's really bad is that I have to take this for at least 3 months before it will go away!!! I know, can you believe it?

Dr. Catherine even went so far as to say I had to wear booties to go to the park...but I barked "No no no - I don't like clothes or booties" and she finally said I didn't have to as long as I let Mom wash my paws real good after we come home. I guess I can let her do that!

So...I was the medical mystery of the day at my dogtors!!! What can I say, I'm just special!!!



25 Responses to "A Medical Mystery!"

Lizzy said... 6:45 PM

You've got athlete's paw? I hope it gets better soon!

You look kinda grumpy when you were caught in the act!


Lorenza said... 7:31 PM

Hi, Ruby!
Athlete's paw?? My mom says that its not easy to get rid of it. I hope those meds help you!
Kisses and hugs

Gus said... 7:36 PM

Wow Ruby! A pilot and an athlete too. You are really accomplished. We hope the medicine tastes good, and that is cures you fast!


Mack said... 7:38 PM

Oh my poor Wonder Rubes!
Do you need me to come over there & take care of you? I bet I know how you got it. Remember when you went on one of your walkies right after Valentines Day and that stuck up little dog was dissing you and everything? I bet she gave it to you. Tell your mom to send her mom the vet bill.
Healing sugars,

Stanley said... 9:01 PM

Hey, Ruby Bug!

I'm so glad your mama caught it before it got REALLY icky. My angel sissy, Rosie, had really bad yeast on one of her toenails, and it changed so fast and got so weird (it started growing to the side & looked like petrified wood...ewww!), that she had to have the whole toenail taken off. Her dogters were pretty baffled at how fast it grew and that they didn't have time to treat it really.

You are one sly pupgirl... covering the evidence of your paw-licking escapade! Be good to your mama while she's giving you the meds and washing your paws. I'm sure she likes it about as much as you will.

I'm sending loads of goober smooches to help heal your paws! Hope you get them all.

Goober love & smooches,

Noah the Airedale said... 10:09 PM

Hey Ruby
So glad your mum caught it early. It could have gotten really gammie...eeeeooooo. I'm glad you barked no about wearing booties at the park. The other dogs would have snickered at you.
We hope it clears up soon.
Have a great Easter weekend.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

Joe Stains said... 11:14 PM

You are an athlete, eh?? what is your sport?? hehe. If they say booties again you better get in aire ruby and NEVER COME BACK!

Duke said... 2:19 AM

Poor Ruby! We sure hope the meds clear up your athlete's foot pronto! Maybe you can wear nail polish if you and Mack go out on any dates!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Anonymous said... 3:19 AM

I am so sorry you have to take medicine for your athlete's foot but we don't want you sick. Sophia slept over last night with cousin Danny, she slept in the living room and me slept in the big bed hee,hee. But we are getting along real good, I evens kissed her nite nite.
Hugs, bellyrubs, smoochies

Petra said... 8:12 AM

I'm glad those dogsters figured out what was wrong with you, Ruby Bleu, and I hope the medicine takes away your itchies.

I'm glad you barked up for yourself and took a stand agains the booties -- AND that they listened to you!

Amber-Mae said... 9:25 AM

Oh gee, you got athlete's paw? Hmm, now I know why Faith's keep on licking & eating up her own paw paws & feetos. It's becoz she has the same brown stuff growing on her nails & my hoomans just thought that it's just normal & dirt! Faith's nails used to look clean & polished. Her nails has been having these brown stuff for about a year already...I think she needs to go to the vet too.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Moco said... 9:38 AM

Maybe Dawson has that also. He is always licking his feet. It drives us all goofy.
You are really good at hiding your evidence.

Cassidy said... 12:05 PM

Aw, poor Ruby. Me hopes the medecine do be nice and peanut buttery. Good work saying no to silly booties.

Cassidy x

Asta Marie said... 8:43 PM


My goodness, how horrible that you have a bad foot. Sounds terrible....I hope the medicine cures it all up real fast. Are you the Ruby that owns Aire Ruby? Just asking? We are new to blogging and trying to get keep all this information stored in our little terrier minds. When our minds are connected to an aging hooman one, we are in trouble!

Asta Marie

♥Mona + Prissy + Angel Weenie♥ said... 8:55 PM

Hi Ruby,

me so sorry you gots sick toesies. ya better not lick it too much cause if ya do it won't never get well & ya might have to wear one of them stupod lampshads...me hat them things.

Love your Easter bonnett!!


Anonymous said... 10:01 PM

I'm so sorry to hear that you have itchy itchy paws! Your mom is really good to see it and get it taken care of so soon! Get better soon and have a happy Easter.

Asta said... 10:47 PM

Ruby Bug
You poow sweetie
don't look so sad..think of the yummie pemut buttew!!! And you got lucky with a smawt dogtow..I'm suwe it will stop iwwitating you..thewe's all sowts of nasties we can get out thewe..Mommi washes my paws evewytime I come in, cause the stweets awe vewy diwty, andI go oon all the fuwonitoowe..
have a Happy Eastew !!!I love you!!
smoochie kisses

Simba and Jazzi said... 2:42 AM

I hope your nails are better soon and you don't have to wear booties.

Simba x

Simba and Jazzi said... 2:42 AM

I hope your nails are better soon and you don't have to wear booties.

Simba x

Princess Patches said... 10:18 AM

Have a Happy Easter, Ruby! And don't lick your paw or you will have to wear the booties!

Poppy & Penny

Niamh said... 2:43 PM

Hi Ruby

Sorry to hear about your athlete's paw. I'm glad you don't have to wear little booties when you go to the park. I would hate that too.

Your friend,

Martha said... 6:17 AM

Oh my! I hope your feets stop being itchy ASAP. Love, Martha

Peanut said... 10:46 AM

Oh take all your medicine and listen to your doctor so you can get better.

Maya and Kena said... 8:32 PM

Hi Ruby!
We hope the medications help you and that your paws heal quickly!!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

Myeo said... 2:07 AM

We hope your paw is better is not so itchy now.

Boy n Baby