Sleepy Sunday #44

Sunday, October 04, 2009

One last nappy's starting to get chilly!!!


Sorry to be MIA this week...Mom had a very stressful week at work. Rally was fun, but we didn't get any pictures...maybe next week. Hope you all have a very nice sleepy Sunday!


11 Responses to "Sleepy Sunday #44"

Murphy Dogg said... 9:25 AM

Oh, Ruby, you look so comfy and shiny in the sunshine!

Mack said... 3:42 PM

I know you are just the pupgirl to give your momma lots of kisses and cuddles to help her feel better!
My mom had a very crappy week at work last week and I have been really forcing myself to give her sugars.

You look so glamorous poolside.

Molly the Airedale said... 4:26 PM

Enjoy snoozing by your pool for the last couple of times, Ruby! You look content laying in the sun!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

wally said... 5:22 PM

I do love a good nap while sunbathing! What a great sleepy Sunday.

wally t.

Lorenza said... 5:48 PM

Happy Sleepy Sunday, Ruby!
Here is still very hot!
Kisses and hugs

Asta said... 9:01 PM

Hi Rubikins

You look lovely sneeping in the sunshine..I hope you awe having lovely dweams
smoochie kisses

Kelly said... 6:46 AM

Have a nice nappie, Ruby! You look adorable!

Emily and Ike said... 9:21 PM

I had a chaotic Sunday, but I'm back to sleepy!

Archie and Melissa said... 1:50 PM

hi ruby!

we always love seeing photos of you! they make our day!

m & e

Audrey the Photographer Dog said... 5:12 PM

Outside naps are the best! Hope things calm down for mom.

Moco said... 10:15 AM

Naps are the best and you do them so well.