Get ready to Pawty...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pawty for a Purpose

Pups, don't forget there is a very cool pawty happening on Friday night over at the Brat's place!  It's in honor of the 25th Anniversary of Best Friends!  Me and Mom love BF...they are the coolest organization and do such wonderful things for animals.  Oh and it's also the season premier of DogTown too!!!

So make sure you head on over to RSVP to Sam, Dot-spot, CareBear, Tucker Doodle, Millie-Vanillie and Rulon!!!!  W00t!  It's going to be a blast!!!


7 Responses to "Get ready to Pawty..."

Asta said... 3:19 PM

I'll see you thewe!!!
Wooot! as you say
smoochie kisses
pee esss.Myrna will let you know the datails of hew wedding plans latew..she will of couwse be wesewving aiw Ruby! the Only way to fly

The Brat Pack said... 3:52 PM

Woohooo, we're so excited you're coming! Mom looks stressed though, something about not being prepared.


Moco said... 4:18 PM

Sounds like a great time. Those Brats look like one fun group.

Mack said... 5:46 AM

If you'll be there I can't miss it!!

Petra said... 1:55 PM

A party sure sounds like something I NEED!

wally said... 4:05 PM

I will see you there! I've had a rough week and I'm ready to pawty!

wally t.

Emily and Ike said... 7:46 PM

OMD! Both of my parent's computers were broken so I missed like everything for a week. Thanks for the SS pic! It's always an honor to grace your blog!