Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This is the face of concern...
Why you ask?
Well, said simply my Mom is obsessed. Obsessed with what? Well, she's obsessed with this...
This silly, silly game is just taking over my life. Oh sure, I still get walkies and food and belly rubs and to snuggle...but I am not getting my Mom's 100% undivided attention and that is just not acceptable. All she's worried about is making sure she collects fruit and finds bells ($$$) and fixes up her little house. Oh and fishing...she just can't get enough of the fishing...here's the proof:
And OMD, do you see what she is wearing? A cowprint dress and orange ski cap! Clearly her fashion sense hasn't improved in Rubyville (yes, her town is called Rubyvill)!

I'm not quite sure what to do! She plays all the time. She even plays with Auntie Kelly and her pup David and they talk to each other too! Like, she's TALKING TO THE TV!!!! It's just freaky! Oh, and there is even talk that she is planning on trying to visit Clover's Mom's town! WTF???? What about me and Clover, maybe we might want to visit and play in snow forts (ok, maybe not the snow fort) and in pawson...not on some silly Wii game! This is just so unfair!

Maybe if I read this book, I might learn how make Mom lose all her bells or make the other animals in Rubyvill not like her so she'll just stop playing and only play with me! I mean SERIOUSLY Mom, this is a kids game!!! And you are SO not a kid!


18 Responses to "Obsession"

Gus said... 8:33 AM

Ruby..for once I have no sage advice. My muzzer is so technically challenged she hasn't even bought a wii!


Amber-Mae said... 8:40 AM

My Mommy was hooked with that game some time back too but after a while she was bored with it when she has finished with it. What's a Wii by the way?

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

The WriggleButts said... 10:44 AM

I just insist I neeed to rest my pretty head on her wrist while playing. Sometimes i get my head banged, but it's worth it. She doesn't have that game, though.. But she'd better name her town Bajasville ;)


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said... 12:41 PM

ooooooooooooh Ruby, my Ma has nothing to do with those things, luckily.

However sometimes I wish she would because I would get a nice rest in my comfy bed!

You look so cool reading the manual though!

lotsaluv, Marvin xxxxx

Clover said... 12:45 PM

Hi Ruby!
First of all, why is my mom's town not named Cloverville?!! At least your mom loves you enough to name her town after you.
I know, I so wish we could get together in pawson to play! It is pretty cold here, so maybe we will have to get together in your city. Hehe.
We could do grown up girl things and our moms can play their kid game!
Love Clover xo

Asta said... 1:05 PM

you awe so much mowe impowtant that any Wiii game..stoopid..I know my mommi is an addictive type, so I'm not letting hew neaw anything like that...it's bad enuff she weads all day.

to Ruby's Mom:pleez wub Ruby's tummie and wowwy about what she will do fow Valentine's day and stuff
smoochie kisses

Eduardo said... 1:11 PM

My Mommy loves Animal Crossing! She wants to play the Wii version!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Moco said... 2:41 PM

We do not have one of those things. Grammie would probably end up blowing it up. She can't even beat a 4 year old at Mario Karts.

Lorenza said... 7:15 PM

Hi, Ruby!
Thankfully my mom does not have a clue about how to play those games!
Kisses and hugs

Jen and Suki said... 8:14 PM

OMD! My mom has this game and her town is called Sukitown! Maybe mom will visit Rubyvill soon.

Mack said... 7:06 AM

There's only ONE suolution to this problem pretty Ruby:
Come live with me!!!!


Emily and Ike said... 7:49 AM

She should be obsessed with you!

Duke said... 7:58 AM

Our mom is clueless about wii, Ruby, thank doG!
Mom found the stocking pattern here: http://littlecottonrabbits.typepad.co.uk/free_knitting_patterns/mini_knitted_christmas_stockings/

The little white sweater that's in front of Autumn is one of the Berroco patterns! Too funny! Our moms think alike!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Unknown said... 8:13 AM

oooooh - we got the wii speak for Christmas and have been thinking about getting this game since our friend in NC has it and we could talk to her and her JRT pups while we play!! Now we know we could go see your mom too!! We'll let you know if we cave....

Petra said... 1:37 PM

Hahaha! You have a funny mom, Ruby! Can you ask her to teach you how to play so you can join the fun?

Homer said... 4:47 PM

Ruby, I think it's time for you to pack up bags, get a plane ticket and come to the Netherlands. I'll play with you and we can go ice-skating on the frozen canals.


Bae Bae said... 12:26 AM

Oh dear... that doesn't sound good. I heard Boo's mom does that too

~ Bae

Anonymous said... 9:30 AM

I believe I too have lost my mom to the Wii! They finally got one and it is all she can do. She has that Wii Fit board thing. We tried HARD to help her with it by chewing a bit on it. That didn't make her happy, ha rooo!