I've been had...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Duped. Tricked. Fooled. Bamboozled. Misled. Outfoxed. Outdogged and Outcatted.

Why you ask...well tonight Mom came home with a surprise. She said...

Ruby's Mom: Ruby, I have a surprise for you!
Ruby: You do! Woo Hoo...what is it? Huh, come on, show me...
Ruby's Mom: It's corn!
Ruby: Corn?
Ruby's Mom: Yep, corn!

So I started thinking...corn...
Corn like this?
Or corn like this?

You see a long time ago my Mom stopped giving me stuff (aka my kibble) with corn in it because she said it made me crazy. (Ruby's Mom: Corn = Sugar = Crazy Ruby! Ruby: Thanks for that odd math lesson Mom)

Anyhowl, imagine my surprise when all of a sudden she said I'm getting some corn. But instead of this corn...I get this corn...

This doesn't smell anything like corn! *Snif, snif, snif*...I know that smell, what is it, um it's *snif*...B*A*C*O*N!!!! OMdOG it's bacon corn...this smells wonderful. Let me try it out...
Ahhhh...a nice smokey bacony corny flavor all rolled into one. Hey wait a minute, this looks familiar...where have I seen this before...
That's right, Joe! That's his special corn. The one he hides from Tanner with...oh, wait...no, Mom...did you take Joe's corn? Oh, he won't like that...it's bad enough Tanner takes it. What's that Mom...it's MY corn. Yay, my very own smokey bacony cornycob that I can have all to myself??? Yipee!!! OK, sometimes it's ok to be fooled by an imitation.

I love my corn...


26 Responses to "I've been had..."

coco said... 8:00 PM

dog, that corn sounds so dang good my tongue is hanging out and the drool is relentless. how tricksy of your mom, though, to give you bacon disguised as corn. I think she's been getting ideas from tad's massah and might be up to something. better keep your sniffing in top form!

and by the way, your pictures are cuter than ever!!!!! that chewy sideways glance is classic!!!!

wiggles and licks, coco

Luckie Girl said... 8:13 PM

Hey Ruby,
Are you going to make it into a corn shank too? It does look yummy...Mom saw it at a petshop but she says it's too expensive. Sheesh.

Stanley said... 8:34 PM

Ruby Bug!

You look like you're wrasslin' a corn snake (and it looks like the snake is going to be swallowed whole).

That's a very fine photo of you at the end. I love the way your whispy whiskers fan out from your snout, the pinkish hue around your nose, and the fierce look of concentration that shows you mean business. (*sigh*) Wish I could nibble your corn from the other end and meet in the middle.

Your goober,

Ferndoggle said... 9:16 PM

Enjoy your Corn Ruby...just don't make it into a corn shank like Tanner did! Your Mom might get scared of what you may do with it in the night & take it away!!!

Chew both sides equally!

your chewing coach,

ROSSI said... 9:28 PM

Nice corn u have there .. Ruby..
Hope it last longer than it suppose to be...

Golden Rossi

Boo said... 10:59 PM

oh ruby, do u think u can make that joey face??

wet wet licks


Girl Girl Hamster said... 11:02 PM

Does that corn have any corn taste? It looks fun to chew.

~ girl girl

Joe Stains said... 11:44 PM

omdog ruby isnt that the best chewy toy EVER! please dont make it into a shank, just eat it like a normal boston would. Tanner doesnt know that mom just bought us a new corn too, its in the closet waiting until he eats the heck out of the old one.

Simba said... 1:11 AM

The pretend corn looks much tastier then the stuff ff daddy eats.

Simba xx

Oscar Airedale said... 1:17 AM

Wow, you're really giving that corn a workout Rubes! It does sound really good I have to say!

Oscar x

Maggie said... 2:40 AM

We have one of those corn cobs too! Aren't they just so tasty!

Love ya lots,

Peanut said... 3:53 AM

I want one of those corn but my mom says she doesn't think it would hold up well. You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Lucky

Suki said... 4:26 AM

OK, I SO need one of those, now. I've checked it out at Petsmart before, but since I'm not a huge fan of chewy stuff, Mom hasn't bought it for me.

But since my BFF likes it, I know I will, too :)

Puggy kisses

Seadra & Zoe said... 6:14 AM

Our Mom saw Joey's corn on his blog too and bought us one. It fast became our favorite chew toy. We have never liked chew toys before we got our corn but we sure love that corn cob. Looks like you are enjoying yours too.

Have fun. Love, Seadra and Zoe

umekotyan said... 6:42 AM

Corn and bacon are good each other. And, the thing to add butter is my favorite dish. :)

from loved ume tyan and corning.

wally said... 6:51 AM

Yay corn! I have one of those but it is only used for football photo-ops (for the Cornhuskers) because I've never liked chewing on anything that wasn't previously alive. True story. Well, except for Greenies but I would barf those up. Oops--too much info.

Enjoy your corn! Are you a Cornhuskers fan like me now?


fig said... 7:28 AM

Oh we LOVE ours! Except IT is making a corn shank too. I think he secretly idolizes Tanner. *sigh* I'm in trouble.

Duke & Gidget said... 8:02 AM

Yum! We love corn. We didn't realize that was what was making us all crazy though. Now that we know, our parents will probably have to get us one of those bacon corn thingies too.

~Pug Hugs~
Duke & Gidget

Amber-Mae said... 8:55 AM

Mmmm, I bet it tasted soooooo goooood! I want one too!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Reina the Doxie said... 8:56 AM

Joe and you has got the bacon smelling corn!
You get to have the corn ALL TO YOURSELF! How cool is that!
I want a corn too!!!
Anyway, thats a really nice collar u got there!


Marvin The Dog said... 9:05 AM

oh my Dog! I thought I recognised it !!!!

It looks fun though! I hope you enjoy it and don't drool tooooooo much!

And yes, of course you are welcome to my house party, Jeannie says one more small one wont make any difference!

lova and laughing licks, Marv xxxxxx

Martha said... 10:46 AM

I'm glad you're enjoying your bacon corn, Ruby. Mom & Dad bought me one for my birthday and it was yum! yum! yummy!

Frasypoo said... 12:34 PM

I want one of those....I was drooling looking at you Ruby

Sophie Brador said... 12:43 PM

What's with all the corn shanks? Are you guys planning a prison break?

Lorenza said... 7:42 PM

Hi, Ruby.
Looks like you really are enjoying your corn! Is it tasty??
Your mom is great!
Have a good night

Balboa & Mommy said... 4:58 PM

What a wonderful treat, and you don't have to share it or hide it!

Frenchie Snorts

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