Ruby Dislikes

Thursday, August 09, 2007


I don't know why Suki & Suki Sumo like them so much...I don't get it. What's so fun about getting all wet and soapy? I know it's weird, I L*O*V*E hanging in the pool at the park, but just hate baths. It's's water torture. Isn't there an international law prohibiting that? Look at these pictures, do I LOOK happy???

What's worse is I was caught totally off guard with THIS bath. Usually it happens after the park. But nooooooooo, not this time...out of the blue Mom picks me up and puts me in the bathtub prison and starts with the torture. Something about wanting me to smell nice when I go to the vet tomorrow... WHAT!!! The vet? I have to go to the vet? I'm not sick, I feel feel fine.

Ruby: Mom, hey Mom, why am I going to the vet???
Ruby's Mom: Well, it's your first ever annual check up with Dr. Chuck.
Ruby: What? Why wasn't I consulted about this? Don't I have a say?
Ruby's Mom: Actually, no. It's good for you, I want to make sure you stay nice and healthy.
Ruby: But won't they stick that thing up my butt to say how hots I am? I mean I know I'm 'hot', Stanley knows that I'm 'hot', isn't that enough?
Ruby's Mom: Um, no. Ruby I promise Dr. Chuck will be gentle and you'll get to hang out with Nurse know how much she loves you. And since I'm off tomorrow maybe we'll visit PetsMart after.
Ruby: I don't might just be saying that. How do I know for sure we will actually get to go? I mean you tricked me into a false sense of security over this bath thing, how do I know you won't trick me and oh, I don't know drop me at that Wag place again...huh?
Ruby's Mom: Well Ruby about the Wag, I've been meaning...

Excuse me, we interrupt this posting for me to go and have a good talking to with my Mom. Privately...

To Be Continued...


32 Responses to "Ruby Dislikes"

Lorenza said... 2:29 PM

Hi, Ruby.
These are not good news.
First de bath, then the vet now the Wag... Yes, you need to talk seriously with your mom. Let us know what is going on, ok?
Have a nice day

Balboa & Mommy said... 3:06 PM


You let your mom knows whose boss! GO GIRL!!!

Frenchie Snorts

Stanley said... 4:05 PM

Ruby Bug,

Let us know how that talk went with your mama. Anything we can do to help?

As much as you hate baths (and, I'm with you on that - not the same as hanging out in the water on your own terms), you have to be told that you are stinkin' cute in that bathtub - especially when you're being squirted with the torture device. Your tongue comes out just a little bit. Are you taste testing the water or something?

Has your mama actually *LOOKED* at the photos you posted for this? You're cute, no doubt. But c'mon lady!!! You're obviously NOT happy.

Keep us posted on your mom. I'll have a word with her if you like. Why do you have to smell EXTRA nice for Dr. Chuck? Is he not used to the way doggies smell? I'm thinking a natural is better.

Goober love,

Suki said... 4:32 PM

Ruby! I never knew you had those cute little spots on your tummy :)

I really wish you enjoyed the bath more. It's really fun! Maybe you need a couple hooman pups in the tub with you to make it fun. Go find some! Hehehe!

Going to the vet is NEVER cool, I don't care what they say they'll do with you afterwards. Oh, and if you have to go to the Wag, it's not too bad, right? I mean, Mom showed me their site and it looks PAWSOME!!! :)

Puggy kisses

Maggie said... 4:37 PM

You sure don't look happy Ruby and now you find out you have to visit the vet! hummmm
But Petsmart sounds like a nice ending to an awful day, don't ya think?

Love ya lots,

Joe Stains said... 5:18 PM

oof, the double whammy, a bath AND a trip to the vet.

feel free to dump on the floor, I would!

Seadra & Zoe said... 6:03 PM

Hey Girlfriend....We hear you on the bath thing. We both hate our baths but I am the worst. Someday I will post pictures of me in the tub. It's an absolutely traumatic event. I freak out and scream the whole time. And Mom is wetter than I am when it's over.

Love, Seadra

Luckie Girl said... 7:15 PM

Hey Ruby,
I saw that you tagged me...I will work on that soon I promise. How did your visit to the vet go? I can't believe your Mom made you take a shower without bringing you to the park first. YOu should have grabbed her camera for a shower too. hehe...

Bella the Boxer said... 10:28 PM

Oh man, baths are torture! Did your Mom try to clean your ears, too? I HATE having my ears cleaned. Be strong, Ruby, be strong!

xoxo - Bella

Jackson said... 3:56 AM

Poor Ruby, baths are the pits, right? I had one this morning so I'm sympathising with you right now! Hope your check up goes well at the vet and that you get a totally pawsome reward afterwards! J x

Jake of Florida said... 5:47 AM

Isn't it funny how different water can be? Water in a pool or the ocean = Fun. Water in a sink or tub for a bath = Yuck.

But you will be more beautiful than ever when you're done.

Good luck at the vet's!

Jake and JH

umekotyan said... 6:10 AM

The shower in the bathroom looks seem pleasant.
And, it becomes cool.

Spend a happy weekend. :)

from loved ume tyan

Amber-Mae said... 6:19 AM

Oh Ruby, who likes baths? I don't understand both Sukis too...Maybe puggies were born to like baths, I don't know! Hmmm, to me you look like you're sick of it. Or maybe you're tired of it. Well, let's just say you are sick & tired of it! LOL! I am too! But I love the lake & pool.

Hope everything goes well tomorrow at the vet's.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Peanut said... 7:32 AM

Ah Ruby I'm so sorry. Mom said something about a bath before we go for a long ride in the car to grammie's house. I think I just might stay here.

Reina the Doxie said... 8:31 AM

Hi Ruby,
Nice blog skin!

I love my baths too, am i considered weird too? :p


Frasypoo said... 9:32 AM

Hi Ruby,
What a co-incidence!We both had bath posts today!

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said... 1:23 PM

Ruby, I hope you told your mom who was boss!!! How did your vet visit go??? Did they have to take your blood???

Katherine and Pippa, said... 1:47 PM

Hi ruby
I thought I posted on here yesterday.
Mistress needs to wake up or go to sleep.
I would talk to your mom too.
I don't get this whole wet thing.

Anonymous said... 2:04 PM

Hi, Ruby!

It's lovely to meet you! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment. And no, I'm not scary at all -- I'm a very laid-back cat. My great big (almost twenty pounds!) sister Brainball can be kind of scary when she wants to be because she's the Alpha Cat around here, but I'm super-easygoing and snuggle a lot and take many, many naps.

And you know what? You and I have something in common! We both hate water. I know beyond any shadow of doubt that I wouldn't look any happier about a bath than you do in your picture, *giggle*!

You're a very cute doggie!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

wally said... 2:26 PM

Hi Ruby! Don't be jelly fish. I don't want your boy, I'm just a kissing bandit.

I HATE baths but love the vet (until he tries to put things in my bum and even then I just sit down). I'm a weirdo that way. I've found that if I'm really good and I look totally sad, they give me loads of snacks. You gotta work it!


leah said... 4:06 PM

ok, that picture of you with your tongue out and head hanging to one side (3rd from the bottom) made me laugh SO HARD.

(sorry, i know that the torture of a bath should not evoke laughter, but i can't help it!)

Cubby said... 5:30 PM

Baths are evil! I'm sure you smelled better before the bath!

Nanny said... 5:50 PM


How did your vet visit go? Did mom take you to Pet-Smart like she promised. Don't be silly you know you like the Wag who are you trying to kid.

Your tubby pics are cute when I get to Californi I will let you take a tubby with me then maybe you will like it better. Suki did say to get a hooman so you might get to like tubby's more.

Hugs and belly rubs


coco said... 6:42 PM

oh but you look so cute all wet and soapy!! i don't actually take baths myself. i take showers. and i hate them, too. mom's got this big hand-held shower head thing she thinks is so awesome. i think it sucks. she puts the water on pretty gentle, i'll give her that, but still! spraying water in my face and ears and up my butt? gimme a break.

sympathetically, coco

Asta said... 9:54 PM

Hi Ruby
I totally agwee with you about bathses..yuck..though you do look awful cute with your tongue sticking out.
I hope the vet guy was gentle..just close your eyes and think of our Stanley..the time will go fast and befowe you know it you'll be at the pet stowe getting tweats
smoochie kisses

ToFFee said... 4:38 AM

yuck yuck yuck!

I just hate baths too.. but I be quiet so it would finish up faster.. but it never did..

did you get a good towel massage after?

and did they attacked you with that hot windy thing?

vets are no fun place to go.. especially after that you'll smell medicated.. THEN you'll have bath AGAIN!

have a good talk to your mom.. and oh.. since you've done your bit of share over those measly bath and wag hotel.. bend your mommy's card a bit.. endulge with shopping!


Boo said... 5:57 AM

but ruby u look extremely good in wet! u should shower more often.

wet wet licks


Pugsley, Buster, Cricket & Daisy said... 10:43 AM

We not like baths either. It always a clue for a vet appointment. Hope you have a great weekend.

Pugsley, Buster, Cricket and Daisy Mae

Koobuss said... 6:03 PM

Oh Ruby,

What a terrible thing to happen to you. Baths can be traumatic enough without being sprung on you like that. And just to go to the vets? Can't you just use deodorant?

Lots of Koobuss Kisses,

ROSSI said... 6:08 AM

oh ruby.. sorry for dropping in late.. i've been sick.. but am ok now..

Bath is good.. bath is fun.. but u sure dun see so fun with it! and vets.. oh, i hate it!.. i hate it.. and i hate it.. good luck for yr visit to vet..

Golden Rossi

Suki Sumo said... 8:16 PM

You are really cute in the bathtub! I don't know what it is about baths, but I beg mommy and daddy to come in the shower. I also love to get the zoomies after the bath and to attack the towel!

e said... 7:17 AM

Oh ruby
Im so in love with you!!! That's one cute pic of you.
OK Fei is jealous..

Eve (Fei's Eve)