Saturday, August 18, 2007

Are you tired of hearing about those silly lolcats? Are you sick of seeing them on tee-shirts or angry that they have their own Wikipedia entry! Well fear no more my doggie friends...

Introducing LOLBOSTONS!!!!

That's right lolcats, 'u pay for dis...'! Alrighty Joey & Tanner, Fig, Ike, Bruin, Seadra, Martha, Saidie, BT, Bentley & Niko, Winston, Oreo...time to get your Boston on and get out there!!!


23 Responses to "Finally!"

Suki said... 6:53 AM

Haha! Yeah, I'm tired of those lolcats. Lolbostons are WAY better! :)

Have a great weekend, Ruby!

Puggy kisses

Katherine and Pippa, said... 7:00 AM

Lolcats? Can I chase them?

What are they?

Pippa - sorry to sound stupid....

Luckie Girl said... 7:26 AM

Hey Ruby,
I have no idea wat are LOLcats too.... :( Bummer....

Jackson said... 8:17 AM

Hehehe! LolBostons is sooooooo much better! J x

Stanley said... 9:36 AM


That's not you in the photo, is it? If so, we need to torture whoever put you into that bumble bee costume. It's cute, but so not you!

If that's not you, I don't feel so strongly about it, then.

Enjoy your California weekend. I just got back from meeting Herc at the park. We played with a puggle girl pup, and man, was she fast!! She kept us running in circles.

Hey, thanks for crashing the pawty with me & Asta. We should all go clubbing more often!

Goober love,
Your Stanny

Joe Stains said... 9:51 AM

oh geez Mom is going to have a great time with this, thanks for the link!!!

Bogart said... 12:55 PM

WOW :)


Frasypoo said... 1:43 PM

Sting would love you

Frasypoo said... 1:43 PM

The fleas guys are back

Sparky said... 4:08 PM

I've actually never heard of lolcats, but I'll bet lolbostons are a lot better!


ROSSI said... 5:36 PM loving it..lolbostons.. whatever sound cat.. lolCATS.. is a no no no..

Golden Rossi

Seadra & Zoe said... 7:41 PM

I hadn't heard of lolcats or lolbostons before but I checked out the websites and you are right!!! Lolbostons rock!!! We need to be on the mission to spread the word for lolbostons!!!

I'll be posting a lolboston picture soon.

Love, Seadra

Asta said... 8:06 PM

Hi Ruby
I never heawd of lolcats, but cleawly lolbostons have to be way better!

Now I know how you keep that twim waistline..wunning after a pawty like that, wow, I'm in awe
smoochie kisses

Ferndoggle said... 10:04 PM

Cats???? Where's da Cat???

I'll get my Boxer on & help out!! Tell me where! Where?? Where??


Bella said... 11:59 PM

The lolcats craze hasn't made it to Australia yet, but lolBostons looks much better.
That's a really great photo of you Ruby. It's gona be hard to beat.

Simba said... 12:48 AM

Lolcats???? Have I slept too long and missed something?

Simba xx

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said... 4:00 AM

I have never heard of Lolcats, but just taken a peek on the website, dog, they are frightening!

Yes, I prefer Lolbostons of course!

love and licks, Marv xxxxx

Anonymous said... 4:58 AM

I've never heard of a Lolcat either - but that Lolboston picture is fantastic!!!


Amber-Mae said... 6:16 AM

Hahahahaha! That's funny but me too have not heard about lolcats either...Who or what are they?

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

ToFFee said... 10:05 AM

what are lolcats? but anything about a cat I don't like..

i love lolbostons definitely one milloin times better!


Sir Chance-Lot said... 4:03 PM

yeah what are they?
I asked mamma but she just said: Dont ask me Im from Norway:...

Gus said... 7:25 PM

Wow! My sissy E.Rabbit showed us lolcats a while ago, but I like lolbostons a whole lot better! I'm gonna send the line to E.Rabbit right now! Thanks a lot Ruby

Anonymous said... 10:42 AM

OMG my mom said she entered me! We'll have to see if I make it!