Rockin' Ruby

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My BFF Suki started this really rockin' tag to tell everydoggie which rock star they thought they were most like. It took a while for me to come up with someone. This person had to be hip and sophisticated and fun and cute and sassy and Beautiful and have a HUGE voice...just like me. So who did I come up with...

That's right Christina Aguilera!

What do you pups think?

Does it work?

Can you see it???

Remember, I'm a Fighter...and I like to get Dirrty, you know, from playing in the mud. I can sometimes be Impossible and I really love my Mother, which is totally Obvious. Sometimes my Mom tells me to Slow Down Baby, but when I'm at the park I just want to Soar because that is What a Girl Wants! Oh and Stanny, don't you ever worry...there Ain't No Other Man!


32 Responses to "Rockin' Ruby"

Boo said... 7:20 AM

ruby, you could easily be the princess of ROCK!

wet wet licks


Balboa & Mommy said... 8:04 AM

Wow, I think if Christina Aguilara sees this she just might be jealous of your rock starness!

Frenchie Snorts

Peanut said... 8:17 AM

Oh I can so see it.

Maggie said... 8:56 AM

We screwed it up Ruby. Check out this link:

Love ya lots,

Maggie said... 8:57 AM

Awesome choice Ruby! Hey, you can clean up pretty good too, ya know!

Love ya lots,

Clover said... 9:02 AM

Ruby - that is definitely a good comparison. I can see it!! I love the picture of you in the white fluff. You are so cute!
Bye for now!
Love Clover xo

Tadpole said... 9:48 AM

Oh Ruby - how PERFECT!!! You look JUST like her (or she looks like YOU?!) in your rhinestone ROCKER outfit!

Momo :) said... 9:50 AM

oh my dog, Ruby! You're stunning!! You look sooo gorgeous with the white fluffy one! :)

Momo xoxo

Bernard Hinault Lilje said... 10:48 AM

It si so nice to see you have both tamed yourselves a bit--from dirrty girls to haute mama's. Maybe we need a 'Dogstarsupernova' search?


Tofu Burger said... 12:19 PM

Oh Ruby... I totally see you in a different light now, especially from that great pose with the white feathers!! HEllllllloooo Ruby.


Jake of Florida said... 12:29 PM

Ruby Baby,

The comparison is so obvious, I can't imagine why we didn't see it before! Christina should be really flattered that you have chosen her to be your look alike!!

Terriers rock!!!

Jake and just Harry

Asta said... 2:04 PM

It absolutely wowks, you're a hot rocker chick, only much pwettier than could maybe sing with Stanley...biut don't wun off with him, cause I love him too
smoochie kisses

Sparky said... 2:07 PM

Wow! Ruby, you could really rock the world!


Stanley said... 2:48 PM

Rock Star Rubinator!!

I want to hear that BIG VOICE of yours! See if your mama will get us a copy of one of your latest music videos. I have to say, you DO clean up *very* well. YOWZA!

Christina should be flattered, and will be once I peemail her and tell her to keep her eye out for you! She may even want to do a duet album with you!

Thanks for taking it public that there "Ain't No Other Man." (Not even Dr. Chuck??)

Goober love! I'm now a groupie!
Your Stanny

Suki said... 5:14 PM

Oh, Ruby! That is PERFECT! So totally you. And I love how you got all those titles into that last part...very clever ;)

Puggy kisses

Luckie Girl said... 6:10 PM

Hey Ruby,
You are matter what they say.... :)
You are wayyyy hotter than Christina....
PS : When are you going to dye your hair all blonde?

Lorenza said... 6:13 PM

Hi, Ruby.
You had the perfect choice. We all know you are very sophisticated... and sometimes dirty!

Anonymous said... 6:51 PM

We should sooooo go on tour together!

Frasypoo said... 7:52 PM

Ruby you need some ass-less chaps too!
Thats a cute picture of you with a boa!

Pacco de Mongrel said... 8:25 PM

oh ruby...u totally ROCKS!

Amber-Mae said... 8:33 PM

Ruby, you are soooo Christina! You totally rock like her!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Joe Stains said... 9:27 PM

Now that you brought it up I totally see the resemblance, it is uncanny!!!

Simba said... 12:47 AM

Seperated at birth I'd say.

Simba x

Oscar's mummy and daddy said... 2:50 AM

Well apart from the fact that you're way prettier than Christina, I can see what you're saying.

Katy x

umekotyan said... 7:21 AM

In rock, it is good of ruby.
Sing loudly. :)

from loved ume tyan

Sir Chance-Lot said... 7:51 AM

Yeah I am with Oscars mamma, WAY WAY prettier and WAY more talented too.
I have missed you too My little Ruby Bleu:O))
Love and Tailwaggins
Sir Chancelot

PreciOus said... 12:00 PM

Hi Ruby! You overshine Christina Aguilera anytime, you rockin' babe!


wally said... 2:34 PM

Ruby in a bottle! (Rub her belly the right way)


Ike said... 5:48 PM

Christina ain't got nothin' on you!

Reina the Doxie said... 7:12 PM

She is hot, and not only is she hot, she sure can sing!

Didn know you like to get dirty!~ hehehehe


Maya and Kena said... 9:55 PM

Hi Ruby! Great page! Thanks for stopping by our page! See ya!

Suki Sumo said... 8:49 AM

Oooh! You go, girl! Ain't no other RUBY! That was so good!

Man, I gotta think of my inner rocker chick now.